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Sansom and Murray focus on Quadcross of Nations!

Sansom and Murray focus on Quadcross of Nations!


With the 2019 Quadcross of Nations getting ready to take place in Germany next month, two of the Team GB competitors, namely Oli Sansom and Murray Graham, have been putting in the laps to boost their chances of team success.

Murray travelled from Scotland down to Sansom’s all-new practice and training track in the West Midlands and they both put in some solid stints.

They were, of course, missing the third player Harry Walker who was flying the GB flag out in the European Championship. “We’re pulling out all the stops to make our team as strong and as tight as possible,” said Sansom. “We’ve got the best facility here at the MX Academy and, as long as Murray doesn’t mind the travelling, we can use it as often to work on honing our skills and team tactics. Harry doesn’t live that far away so, now the Europeans are over – and we all congratulate him on his brilliant podium finish, we can invest more time in training for the QXoN.”