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RIP ‘N’ ROLL AT HAZELEY. Warley Wasps Club Championship Round 8 – Race Report and Results

RIP ‘N’ ROLL AT HAZELEY. Warley Wasps Club Championship Round 8 – Race Report and Results

by adminAugust 21, 2017

The venue for the 8th round of the Warley Wasps Motocross Club Championship was hosted at the fabulous Hazeley Grange track just outside the pretty little village of Cleobury Mortimer.

Report by Claire Reynolds.  Images courtesy of Shutter MX

With the sun shining down on the track, the prep was pure quality with good rain showers in the week and ploughed and harrowed Saturday evening; this was going to be a feast for everyone’s eyes once the racers got out of the gate.

With the tension high and adrenalin pumping, the gate dropped to signal the start of the race meeting.  Only one more club championship left and the points are very close in some groups and it will go down to the wire at Clifton, finger biting stuff!

Seniors  this was an epic group to watch,  these guys really did put on a show with some fantastic battles going on.    In the mix for the first race we saw Owen Woodhouse take the win and set the fastest lap time, Owen Taylor having a brilliant first race with a second closely followed by Pip Davies, Ryan Manley and Marshall Smith.  Second race it changed with Woodhouse taking the win and the fastest lap time but behind him this time was Marshall Smith, Pip Davies, Kieran Ryan and Fin Smith.    Third race we had a new race winner Ryan Manley, Owen Woodhouse close behind and Fin Smith, Kieran Ryan and Pip Davies.

VETS  this race we saw the number 61 machine Rob Clark take the wins in race 1 and 3 but  set the fastest lap times in every race.   Behind Clark we saw Marchant who took the race win in the 2nd race and taking the second spot on the day and then tough battles going on between Deley,  Senter, Seldon and Gaunt.

SW85’s. Ethan Sills walking away with three race wins and three very comfortable leads and setting the fastest  lap times.  Tyler Smith also putting on a fantastic show taking 3 3 2 and Keelan Hope who has just gone up into this group also putting on a great show with some fast lap times.   Matt Tolley, Ben Humphries, Will Hyett, Jacob Harley, Brook Jenner and Jake O’Gorman fighting and fighting in each race proved some good battles.

Autos  these little pocket rockets were on fire today.  Ben Casey taking all three race wins and setting the fastest lap times.   2nd place on the day went to Harley Prickett.  With Alfie Casburn and Zane Sibley Deakin, closing in behind.

BW85’s very fast and intense watching this group especially with Charlie and Harvey fighting for the club championship points.  James Hyett took all three race wins on the day along with setting the fastest lap times.   Charlie Griffiths, Harvey Matthews and Tom Garness all having some very close battles.

NOVICE  Jim Park taking the overall on the day with two race wins.  Jordan Whitehouse setting the fastest lap times in all three races.  Jack Robbins coming in second and Tamara Morgan taking that third spot.

Juniors  these three races were pure class from these pilotsRace one we saw the green machine of Ben Mustoe power out of that start gate to lead with a very comfortable gap and setting the fastest lap time in race one, however something happened to his bike in race two and we didn’t see Ben again unfortunately.   Race two saw Harvey Jackson take the win with Lincoln Hastead, Zack Lewis and Oliver Rigby battling it out for that 2nd spot.  Race three Harvey took the race win with a complete change behind with Zack Lewis, Oliver Rigby and Lincoln Hastead.

AMX   saw James Bates putting in the fasted lap times in every race, and taking the chequered flag in all races.   Karl Haycock and Craig Perks finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The next Warley Wasps meeting will be Sunday 24th September at Clifton on Teme.


AUTOS: 1st Ben Casey 2nd Harley Prickett 3rd Alfie Casburn 4th Zane Sibley Deakin 5th Mckenzie Smith 6th Jayden Meredith 7th Jenson Severn 8th Reece Phillips 9th Harri Farrell 10th George Pitts

JUNIORS:  1st Harvey Jackson 2nd Lincoln Hastead 3rd Zack Lewis 4th Oliver Rigby 5th Hayden Yeend 6th Harry Beach 7th Ashton Bubb 8th Cameron Chell 9th Ben Spurr 10th Seb Moore

SW85’s:  1st Ethan Sills 2nd Tyler Smith 3rd Matt Tolley 4th Keelan Hope 5th Ben Humphries 6th Will Hyett 7th Jacob Harley 8th Jake O’Gorman 9th Brook Jenner 10th Dylan Williams

BW85’s:  1st James Hyett 2nd  Charlie Griffiths 3rd Harvey Matthews 4th Tom Garness 5th Daniel Lowe 6th Sam Bishop 7th Chris Thornton 8th Taylor Johnson 9th Bailey Daniels 10th Tyler Matthews

SENIORS:  1st Owen Woodhouse 2nd Ryan Manley 3rd Pip Davies 4th Kieran Ryan 5th Owen Tayler 6th Fin Smith  7th Marshall Smith 8th Adam Crump 9th Aaron Checketts 10th Jack Jordan

AMX:  1st James Bates 2nd Karl Haycock 3rd Craig Perks 4th Gareth Hughes 5th Stephen Plant 6th David Jolliffe 7th Tom Wall  8th Michael Horry 9th Jay Crump 10th Alex Harvey

NOVICE:  1st Jim Park 2nd Jack Robbins 3rd Tamara Morgan 4th Paul Day 5th RJ Howard 6th Matthew Allen 7th Matti Mills 8th Michael Deegan 9th Chris Worrall 10th Mark Caudle

VETS:  1st Rob Clark 2nd Andy Marchant 3rd Scott Senter 4th Ade Deley 5th Christian Seldon 6th Andy Woodhouse 7th Jonathan Gaunt 8th Colin Yeend 9th Richard Evans 10th Chris Gaunt