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Rat up a Drainpipe! Portmsouth MXC Club Championships Round 8 – Race Report and Results

Rat up a Drainpipe! Portmsouth MXC Club Championships Round 8 – Race Report and Results

by adminAugust 28, 2018

Everyone looked at the weather forecast for Sunday and envisaged either an extreme mudder or another cancelled meeting, but Portsmouth MX Club took the initiative to move their latest summer club championship round to the Bank Holiday Monday, and what a brilliant decision that was!! With all the rain the previous day, the popular Grittenham circuit was in prime condition with all riders chomping at the bit to get to the start line.

Race Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Click466 Event Photography

Rookies were first to grace the track, and what a great set of races!! Michael Eggett was on fire, blasting out the gate to get into the lead early on, but a spill denied him keeping first place. Tobias Sammut and Ben White kept their sights on top spot, reeling Eggett in each lap. Sammut stole his glory and romped home with two first places to take the overall. White secured the second race win with ease, going 3-1-2 to take second overall. Eggett was definitely at the top of his game and rode superbly despite his crash to secure third overall.

Another rider who wasn’t going to disappoint by not being in the lead was Auto rider Fabian Junior Morrison. Despite not being able to get out the gate, he soon found himself in the lead and didn’t shut off for one minute, making sure the rest of the pack stayed behind him. An impressive set of wins rewarded the talented rider with first overall. Jack Dugmore was still on a high from representing Portsmouth the weekend before at the MCF Team Event, and rode solidly once again to prove his selection was the right one. Going 2-4-3 he secured second overall. Marley Alder was again in the running for a top spot, just missing out on three straight top three positions, but having to work hard to come back through the field in the opening moto denied him a higher position. Still going 5-3-2 he secured third overall.

There was no denying the overall Junior 65 rider, once again Charlie Richmond had the ride of his life, and left the rest of the field far behind him. Straight into the lead from the drop of the gate, he didn’t let anyone else get a look in on first place, grabbing all three to take the overall win. Noel Brooks put in everything he had to try to snatch Richmond’s lead away, a brilliant performance rewarding him with second overall, going 2-2-3. Mitchell Woodward was fully over his nasty crash at Culham, he pushed himself to the limit, working his way up the leader board as the day went on. Finishing in a brilliant second place in race three, he ended the day in third overall.

The smaller wheeled machines weren’t holding back either and Tommy Smith and Tye Jones went all guns blazing and battled it out for the small wheel crown. Smith was on the gas, and was set for three straight wins but a nasty crash just before the finish line in the final moto denied him. But he’s one tough cookie and bounced right back up, remounted and despite losing the lead to Jones, he finished second but grabbed the overall win. Jones had to keep a rampaging Max Brazier from taking over his positions, and did just enough to go 2-2-1 to take second overall. Brazier was once again outstanding on the track, and didn’t put a wheel wrong, a consistent day going 3-3-3 to grab third overall.

Action was thick and fast in the big wheel 85 class, as the Portsmouth team event boys went head to head for supremacy. No team orders this weekend so it was each man for his own! Jamie Watson had a nasty tangle with Sid Cox in race one, but fought gallantly to come from the back of the pack to secure second spot. Taking back his usual spot in the lead for the remaining motos, he gave mum and dad a great anniversary present – first overall!! Riding through the pain barrier, Luke Southern put in an amazing performance throughout the day, securing a brilliant race win in the first moto, and stayed up with the front runners as the day wore on. Clearly showing some discomfort as each lap went on, he bravely ended the day in second place to take home second overall. Domonic Newbury was hot on the heels of the leading duo, narrowly missing out on a top spot. A nasty crash in the final moto denied him grabbing second spot, but a commendable third place overall was awarded, going 3-2-9.

With the MX1 going in with the VMX, the MX2 riders were out next, and it was a pleasure to have Adam Collings joining the club after so many years, and what a show he put on! Testing his new 250, he soon took the lead, although not having it all his own way as Lee Rat Foyle was quick out the gate to get into the lead initially. Collings in the end managed to secure all three race wins for the overall. Rat was on fire, despite his age, he was like a spring chicken on the track, despite his gruelling two day adventure in Nottingham the previous weekend, he held his own, and followed Collings home in each moto. A brilliant ride and result for Rat, which also earned him the Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting award! Rat’s team mate Luke Kennett wasn’t far off the leaders, and had a battle of his own to contend with, as Charlie Razzell returned to the track following bike gremlins at Culham. A brilliant one-on-one battle between the two saw both riders fighting for the last podium spot, but Kennett just secured it going 4-3-3 to get third overall ahead of Razzell in fourth.

Last out were the MX1 riders joining the premier class, the VMX. Despite George Smith’s continual holeshots, he couldn’t keep Nicky Watts from finding his usual position out front, where he held a very impressive lead in all three motos to take an easy overall victory. Smith was on fire on the red hot Honda, blistering pace out of the gate, and remained comfortable in front of the remaining pack to secure three second places for second overall. Andrew Walker was another rider who wasn’t holding back, and brilliant starts ensured he stayed at the front of the pack. Despite a bit of bad luck in race three, he still went 3-3-6 to secured third overall.

The VMX were dominant in the combined classes, the top ten being inundated with no less than six premier riders battling it out amongst the youngsters. Despite ending up in a&e with a few crack ribs last weekend, Wildman Willis shunned the pain and despite not managing to grab a first in his class, his consistent finishes in second rewarded him with the overall win. Tony Hale didn’t show his age as he pushed the leaders to the max in each moto. A slight slip up on the final corner denied him from possibly taking the overall, but two thirds and second race moto win gave him second overall. Back after a long absence, Brad Aspden carried on where he left off, at the front of the pack, gradually working his way up the field. Even with the added pressure of his son competing in his first auto race, Aspden stayed focused on the job in hand, going 5-3-1 to grab third overall.

VMX: 1 Wildman Willis, 2 Tony Hale, 3 Brad Aspden, 4 Rob Topp, 5 Daniel Cavanagh, 6 Lee Morton.
MX2: 1 Adam Collings, 2 Lee Rat Foyle, 3 Luke Kennett, 4 Charlie Razzell, 5 Tallon Aspden, 6 Brodie Rogers.
MX1: 1 Nicky Watts, 2 George Smith, 3 Andrew Walker, 4 Steven Holmes, 5 Liam Manchip, 6 Damien Saunders.
Rookies: 1 Tobias Sammut, 2 Ben White, 3 Michael Eggett, 4 Jesse Wren, 5 Joe Leyland, 6 Liam Brosnan.
BW85: 1 Jamie Watson, 2 Luke Southern, 3 Dominic Newbury, 4 Josh Jones, 5 Jamie Garvin, 6 Max Aspden.
SW85: 1 Tommy Smith, 2 Tye Jones, 3 Max Brazier, 4 Riley Saunders, 5 Archie Pocock, 6 Aidan Brooks.
Juniors: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Noel Brooks, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Scott Harris, 5 Ellis Milkins, 6 Kieran Paget.
Autos: 1 Fabian Junior Morrison, 2 Jack Dugmore, 3 Marley Alder, 4 Troy Kennett, 5 Toby Bond, 6 Theo Percy.