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Racer Profile with Daniel Broughton

Racer Profile with Daniel Broughton

Our latest Racer Profile is with…

Name: Daniel Broughton

Age: 26

Occupation: Carriage and Wagon (Heritage Railways)

What type of Offroad do you race? Grasstrack

Your machine? 500 solos and 350solos

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? Finishing 9th in the grading list 2019 in the 350s. Youth, (back in the day) Norwich new stars champion

What are your future goals? Carry on and ride in the British final

Where are you racing this season? All over the UK (hopefully)

Who is your biggest racing idol? Tough one really but as a kid, Shaun Tacey was a big influence and he also helped me out when he retired with his race gear and boots

Who is your biggest on-track rival? Ahaha no there is a group of us Guy Pacey, Tom Rowlett and Will Thurlby and most recently entered the group Simon Field

What’s your pre-race routine? Chill out as much as possible, but in the evening before have a BBQ and relax with everyone

Any superstitions? If the supermarket doesn’t have my sausage rolls I don’t race. Every time they have been sold out I’ve crashed

Who has been your biggest inspiration? This has changed massively in recent months but it’s got to be Danny Ayres. The man was so focused and he was just great to be around in the pits and off the track.

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? I’d like to obviously thank my family and partner and my sponsors too

Bumblebee e-liquid
STS(Stakeford Tyre Services )
151s (Rob Cameron)
Blackbird Media (Graham Watkinson)
Owkay clothing
North Norfolk railway
Dave (the Rozza)
Rhino goo south
Halls Power Equipment
Trevor Hedge

Where can we follow you?
On facebook Daniel Broughton Racing
On Instagram broughton_daniel

Image courtesy of Scrips Pics