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Racer Profile with Charlie Heal

Racer Profile with Charlie Heal

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Images courtesy of Dale Baldwin Photography & Amanda Morrison

Name: Charlie Heal

Age: 19

Occupation: Race Mechanic @ IDP Moto, Silverstone.

What type of Offroad do you race? Pitbike Speedway.

Your machine? CW 140R.

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? A few wins in Pitbike Speedway. Nothing particularly achieved… Yet? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

What are your future goals? Keep enjoying racing, and hopefully win a few more races! 😬

Where are you racing this season? Pitbike Speedway – Eastbourne Eagles Mini Trackers.

Who is your biggest racing idol?Β In Pitbike Speedway? Edward Kennett… &*Β£! me can he lay a bike on its side into a corner and somehow come out sunny side up?!

Who is your biggest on-track rival? Jesse Moore, but don’t tell him that. 😬

What’s your pre-race routine? Cup of Coffee and maybe a KitKat if I’m feeling generous… Might touch my toes if I’m feeling especially enthusiastic. 😁

Any superstitions? Failure to Prepare is Preparation for Failure. Poor bike prep equals a poor days riding – bike is always mint and prepped to perfection beforehand.

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? My Dad, Dave, as he bashed himself up a few rounds back so he’s been cleaning goggles and fueling bikes between cups of tea since then. πŸ‘Œ

Where can we follow you? Instagram – @charlieheal123