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Racer Profile with Cameron Baker Haste

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Racer Profile with Cameron Baker Haste



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Images courtesy of J W Forysth Photography

Name: Cameron Baker Haste

Age: 15

Occupation: Have fun and smile!

What type of offroad do you race? Enduro and Cross Country.

Your Machine? KTM 125

What’s your biggest racing achievement to today’s date? That I was able to complete and finish within top 20 in my new adult class in my first round at ACU British Extreme, earlier this year.

What are your future goals? To keep improving and developing as a rider and become a professional rider.

Where are you racing this season? Go all over the country racing at all Edge Offroad events and ACU British Extreme will attend other events that do not clash with these.

Who is your biggest racing idol? Josef Garcia, Billy Bolt, Nathan Watson and Jonny Walker etc.

Who is your biggest on-track rival? Alex Leadbetter.

What is your pre-race routine? To practice regularly with my brothers. Keeping myself and the bike fit for purpose.

Any superstitions? To not being able to ride my bike.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker and all the other factory riders. I learn so much from all of them. They have inspired me to ride, race and strive to become a professional enduro rider.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for your support? Yes, quite a few! Especially my mum who is so devoted to support me, drive me all over and organise everything. Also to my brothers as we work together to make racing possible. A big thank you especially goes to Sonya Jarvis at Edge Offroad for getting me onboard as a team rider this year, after I starting racing 16 months ago. Thank you to all other sponsors this year to mention Motul UK, Eurotekktm and other sponsors. Also thank you to the people helping me last year to get me to this point Moto Connection, Langver, Tennant Construction Ltd and Star MX.

Where can we follow you? On Instagram 285_bakerhaste
FB teambakerhaste