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Racer Profile – Terry Pyewell

Racer Profile – Terry Pyewell

by adminMarch 6, 2019
Our Motoking Racer Profile today is with…
Name: Terry Pyewell

Age: 47

Occupation: Electrical contractor.

What type of Offroad do you race? Flat track

Your machine? 2014 Honda CRF450R with lowered suspension and a 19″ front wheel.

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? Finishing 3rd in the 2018 DTRA rookie class.
What are your future goals? I’m aiming to qualify for the pro class with DTRA and win a winter or summer series at Scunthorpe Amateur track racing. I suspect this may take a few seasons.

Where are you racing this season? DTRA flat track national rounds and as many races at Scunthorpe amateur speedway and track racing as I can fit in.

Who is your biggest racing idol?
Wayne Rainey (bikes) Ari Vatanen (rally)

Who is your biggest on-track rival?
Too many to mention. Both the DTRA and Scunthorpe are home to some very talented racers.

What’s your pre-race routine?
A few gentle exercises. 47-year-old joints need looking after.

Any superstitions? No.  Although I’m slightly OCD about packing my kit bag.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? The folks at Champions Flat Track School. The Scunthorpe and DTRA racers. All are super helpful, friendly and enthusiastic.

Whose the biggest goon you race with? I fear I am the biggest goon I race with.

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? My Wife Nicola Pyewell. She patiently follows me around the country and puts up with my slightly too obsessive nature.

Where can we follow you?
My Facebook page Terry Pyewell Flat Track Racer @terrypyewellracer