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Racer Profile – Odgie Danaan

Racer Profile – Odgie Danaan

by adminJanuary 11, 2019

Today’s Motoking Racer Profile is with…

Images courtesy of by Ian Rispin and Billy Parker at Scipspics

Name: Odgie Danaan

Age: 64 and a half

Occupation: Fannying about with old two-wheeled junk down the shed (and writing about funky stuff in bike magazines to pay for it)

What type of off-road do you race? Flat Track (with an occasional stab at grass track)

Your machine? 1966 BSA 750 twin and a Rotax 604 single framer

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? Beating Guy Martin to win the final at Dirt Quake, and winning two out of three finals (and coming second in the third) at the very first Dirt Diggers

What are your future goals? To eventually win a blinkin’ flat track final at Scunthorpe Raceway. Close so far but no cigar

Where are you racing this season? Er, Scunthorpe Raceway. And Pickering grass track. And of course Dirt Diggers!!!

Who is your biggest racing idol? Rossi – who else?

Who is your biggest on track rival? Aaron Tuttlebee. But also Jack Bell, Luke Gardner, Terry Pyewell, and a certain ex-BSB rider called Ben Godfrey. Too damn fast all these youngsters…

What’s your pre race routine? Singing ‘racing socks and undies’ to myself and doing a little dance as I put on my chequered socks and undies. True.
Any superstitions? Right glove on first. Always.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Our kid bought me an entry for Dirt Quake in 2015. First time ever on a dirt track and I’ve never looked back since. Or Dick Mann – read Ed Youngblood’s book, ‘Mann Of His Time’.

Whose the biggest goon you race with? I race at Scunthorpe, we don’t have goons, just groovy people

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? The Delightful Miss P

Where can we follow you? My Facebook page (if you can put up with all the politics…)