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Racer Profile: Mark Hillier-Rees

Racer Profile: Mark Hillier-Rees


Today’s Racer Profile is with..

Name: Mark Hillier-Rees

Age: 29

Occupation: Gas Engineer + MMCC Club Coach

What type of Offroad do you race? Enduro

Your machine? Gas Gas EC Racing 300 2019

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? Silver Medal at The ISDE What are your future goals? Gold Medal at the ISDE

Where are you racing this season? For 2019 The BEC, Welsh Enduro Championship and The ISDE again hopefully
Who is your biggest racing idol? Stefan Everts (The Real GOAT)

Who is your biggest on track rival? Haven’t really had an on track rival where I’ve been battling at every race with the same person throughout the season since 2013 and that was Lee Stretch Green.

What’s your pre race routine? Just to be prepared, so make sure my time-cards filled in, bikes ready, kits all on and I’m ready to race.

Any superstitions? Loads too many to list can sometimes do my own head in.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Travis Pastrana the guy is amazing. He keeps on getting back
on a bike not to beat the next guy but because he enjoys it. He seems like a guy that’s just as happy when someone else is pushing the limits. He epitomises what bikes should be about.

Whose the biggest goon you race with? Biggest Goon I’ve ever raced with has got to be Sean O’Neill, he’s like Ronnie Mac and Larry Enticer’s love child. I’m sure he was made in a shed deep in the Alabama wilderness and dragged through a Liverpool thrift shop and that’s how he’s turned out.

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? Steve Plain Motorcycles and Maesteg Motorcycle Club and its sponsors

Where can we follow you? Facebook Mark Hillier-Rees Instagram @markhillierrees Maesteg Motorcycle Club on Facebook and Insta or www.maestegmotorcycleclub.com