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Racer Profile: Lucas Moncrieff

Racer Profile: Lucas Moncrieff

by adminSeptember 14, 2018

The Racer Profiles are back and today’s is with… 

Name: Lucas Moncrieff

Age: 7

Occupation: full time Kid/Annoying parents and winding up my two brothers

What type of off-road do you race? Motocross

Your machine: TC50 Husqvarna

What’s your biggest race achievement to date? 3rd in my first ever national event (BYN) at Preston Docks for a 6th overall

What are your future goals? To be the best I can (hopefully get paid to ride) and hopefully learn lots in the next few years on geared bikes

Where are you racing this season? I haven’t concentrated on any one championship as it’s my first year of competing but I’ve taken part in the BYN and lie in 7th at present and race for 90’s Racing MXC and Lynsey Hamer.

Who is your biggest racing idol? Jeffrey Herlings

Who is your biggest on track rival? Joel Winstanley Dawson

What’s your pre race routine? Playing on my bike (with Joel) and having fun until it’s time to qualify/race then hit the track fast no matter what I’m doing either practicing or qualifying

Any superstitions? Yes don’t use rip and rolls in a race

Who’s been your biggest inspiration? My mum, as she was a top class British athlete

Who’s the biggest goon you race with? Everyone’s a goon at 7

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for there suppport? My Mum, Dad, my brothers, Unique X, CEF & Patrick Major

Where how can we follow you? Instagram @lucasM310