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Racer Profile – James Maybury

Racer Profile – James Maybury

by adminJanuary 23, 2019

Today’s Motoking Racer Profile is with.. 

Name: James Maybury

Age: 10

Occupation: School kid

What type of off road do you race?  Quad XC Enduro and a bit of MX

Your Machine? Yamaha Raptor 250cc

Biggest racing achievement to date?  125cc DQR British Championship 2017 & 2018

What are your future goals? 2019 250cc XC British Champion and do well at NETT Quad 2019.

Where are you racing this season? DQR XC British Championship, NETT Quad MX Championship, Great 8, Barmouth & Weston if Hockey will do a youth race.

Who’s your biggest racing idol? Iestyn Rowlands and Ronnie Mac.

Biggest track rival?  Cai Evans

Pre – race routine? Have my breakfast and put my gear on.

Any superstitions? My lucky R’N’R goggles

Who’s your biggest inspiration? Danger boy Deegan

Who’s your biggest goon you race with?   Frank, Cai and me.

Who would you like to thank?   Dad, Mum, GML-ATV and JRC Racing.

Where can we follow you? ​Instagram @spud_maybury_16  You-tube James Maybury