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Racer Profile: Ethan Georgiou

Racer Profile: Ethan Georgiou


Today’s Racer Profile is with…

Name: Ethan Georgiou

Age: 7

Occupation: Student

What type of Offroad do you race? Motocross and Minibikes

Your machine? KTM SX50

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? 3rd in the British Minibike Championship 2018

What are your future goals? To have my own house with a track in America

Where are you racing this season? All over the UK with Minibike Champs and some local clubs

Who is your biggest racing idol? James Stewart

Who is your biggest on track rival? Otto ?

What’s your pre race routine? Playing on my bmx till I need to go to the line. Sometimes Dad has to quickly get my helmet on and go quick!

Any superstitions? Nah

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Uncle TJ

Whose the biggest goon you race with? Mason my cousin

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? Mum, Dad, my sisters, uncle Tj and Mason. After my bad crash I was scared to pull the full throttle and Mason told me it was ok and to try and sing when riding so I don’t think about it.

Where can we follow you?
Facebook: Ethan Georgiou #275
Instagram: #ethan275

Images courtesy of Picturebike