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Powell and the Sharks do the business! Pitbike Speedway 4 Team Challenge – Race Report

Powell and the Sharks do the business! Pitbike Speedway 4 Team Challenge – Race Report

by adminMarch 20, 2018

Pitbike speedway 4TT proved to be a great success and a thrilling end to the winter series.

Images courtesy of Garry Shorter

Team Sharks led by captain Charley Powell were the winners by a single point in the crunch final from Edward Kennett’s Team Pinch. The Sharks top scored after the qualifying heats and headed directly to the grand final and awaited the outcome of the race off.

This was contested between Teams Pinch & Eagles. The vipers lost out narrowly by a couple of points and their day was done. Poor tyre choice by the vipers no1 & captain Rob Mear was mostly to blame and an obsession for fencing Eagles No.1 Tom Brennan, the vipers lost valuable points and a shot at glory. Rob although sitting pretty as 2018 world champion needed to up his game in this fiercely contested speedway team showdown.

Brennan had a hard day at the office after winning the final GP in February his cards were marked from the off, and a bad start in the race-off saw him literally fall to pieces. Dropping the bike on lap 4 of 6 Brennan appealed to the race officials for a red flag but it stayed firmly down as he rolled around turn1 in a classic Klinsman style with his machine obviously too heavy to pick up. Pinch went on to out score the Eagles 13-2 with Chad Wirtzfeld picking up the only Eagles points in 4th.

The grand final approached. With the sharks taking gates 1&2 on both rows team Pinch had it all to do. Powell and Mitchel Godden gated from the front row and made a clean brake but Kennett from gate 3 leaned it in on Godden going into turn1. Godden straight lined Kennett and the pair smashed into the back wheel of Powell. Godden went down hard with Kennett as neither gave an inch. With Plenty of skin left on the track the boys shook themselves down to do it again.

The re-run saw all 8 back in and Powell made the brake as Godden stuffed Kennett and Charlie G Gates once again in turn1. The effects from the earlier smash was starting to show as both Gates and Kennett passed Godden. But with Sharks Benny Read making great progress from row2 the Sharks managed 1,4,5 (8) point scoring positions to the Pinch 2,3 (7) and took the overall 4TT victory

A great day was had by all and our thanks go out to all the team at Iwade speedway, with out who’s help none of this would be possible.

Thank you also to all the guys n girls that braved it out on track to make this event as exciting and explosive as possible.

Keep em peeled for next seasons dates starting in October.

The winning Team Sharks
Charley Powell
Mitchel Godden
Benny Read
Josh Russell
Ron Steward
Trevor Steward