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Portsmouth sweep the MCF Team Event & League

Portsmouth sweep the MCF Team Event & League

by adminSeptember 14, 2017

Culham Motocross Park was host to the 2017 MCF Team Event and Grand Slam weekend with riders and supporters

Thomas Casbeard

out in force. The perfectly prepped track held up to generate some fantastic racing over both days despite weather challenges. Six MCF Club Teams attended, all with the aim to take the Team crown, with a bumper 200 plus riders battling it out for individual and 2 Stroke honours.

The format for the event was that four riders from five competed in each block from the six teams, giving each rider the chance to score four scores towards their Grand Slam total and the chance to pick up some great prizes with Fatree5, Mitas Tyres and Nils Oils.

The Big Wheel class were out on track first off and it was Olly Davidson, riding for Portsmouth MX, that set out his

Open rider Nicky Watts Sm

stall early on taking the first victory of the day. The Moto turned out to be a Portsmouth 1,2,3 with Tom Casbeard in second followed by Robert Storer. Moto two saw Davidson take his second win but this time it was South West MX’s Harvey James in second ahead of Casbeard. Davidson made it a hattrick of wins in Moto three in the heaviest rain on Saturday afternoon ahead of the South West duo of James and Jason Down. Davidson completed his maximum on Sunday morning as he needed to sit out Moto five with Down taking second and 90 Racing’s Adam Wells in third. With Davidson watching it was James that took full advantage to take the Moto five victory ahead of Casbeard and Down.  Portsmouth MX took the highest points tally towards the Team overall in the Big Wheel with 812 points with South West on 750 and South Somerset MX on 664.

Jude Morris – Small Wheel 85 Winner

Next up it was the turn of the Small Wheel class and it was Jude Morris, racing under the South Somerset MX banner, that started the weekend off with top points taking the win ahead of team mate Shay Arnold and 90 Racing MX rider Jason Bancroft in third. Morris made it two from two next time out ahead of Team 90 rider Arai Elcock with Arnold taking third. Morris again crossed the line at the front in Moto three this time ahead of Bancroft with Elcock taking third place.  Sunday morning saw Morris make it another maximum points haul with Elcock and Bancroft again completing the top three. With Morris not in Moto five the win went this time to Bancroft with Elcock and Arnold completing the top three.  South Somerset came out on top with 764 with South West on 758 and 90 Racing on 736, the closest points score from all of the classes.

The Junior 65cc riders had a perfect track for Moto one with the other classes starting to create some ruts and lines

The Portsmouth Team

and Jake Walker took the chequered flag to make it a 90 Racing top three with Joshua Vail and Jake Davies crossing the line in his wake. Having sat out Moto one it was South West MXC’s Finley Evans that raced to victory second time out with Walker and Davies completing the top three. Evans was to go on to take four race Motos for a maximum with Walker and Davies regularly in the top three. Portsmouth’s Mckenzie Saunders and Charlie Richmond taking third in Motos three and five. South West came out on top with 761 points with one point separating Portsmouth and 90 on 657 and 656 respectively.

The Auto class were given the chance to race the full track without a cut through and showed how capable they were with an early win going to Kenzie Cole racing for South West. Team Mate Reuben Alway crossed the line in second ahead of Portsmouth’s Fabian Morrison. Fresh off from finishing fourth in the MCF World 50cc Championship it was Harlow Green taking the win in his first race and Moto two of the autos for South West with Alway and Cole in second and third. Moto three saw win number two for Green ahead of Alway and this time it was Portsmouth rider Jacob Collins in third. Green completed his maximum on Sunday with Alway and Cole each taking a second with Collins and Morrison each taking a third place. South West took the Auto class on 852 points. Portsmouth were on 785 with Ringwood MX on 624.

The Rookie class was the first to be won on a score other than a maximum 200. Todd Leadbitter from Portsmouth taking the first Moto from Team 90’s Luke Goodwin with another Pompey rider Lewis King London in third. Leadbitter took the win once again in Moto two, this time from 90’s Denny Rapson who hadn’t competed in M1 and Portsmouth’s Charlie Razzell. Rapson took the last Rookie Moto of Saturday from London with Leadbitter in third. Leadbitter and Rapson each won a Moto on Sunday with Razzell and London filling the other top three positions. Portsmouth took a strong Rookie overall on 819 points from Team 90 on 743 and South Somerset on 676.

Portsmouth had an early injury in the AMX class leaving their four remaining riders to compete in each Moto but with only their designated four counting towards the Grand Slam Individual overall. George Clarke took victory in his first two scoring Motos but an issue on Sunday morning kept him off of top spot. Jordan Bachelor, riding for Portsmouth, was top points scorer in the second Moto and three seconds and a win gave him the overall with Luke Kennett, over from the Isle of Wight, riding to a solid second. Portsmouth took the group on 872 points with South West second on 706 ahead of Ringwood in third on 627.

The final group of the Team Event was the Open Adult group and the Motos threw up three different winners over the weekend.  Two wins went to Lee Harrison from 90 Racing MXC who secured the overall from Kyle Lane of Portsmouth whose consistent riding bagged him second. Ringwood’s George Purchase picked up two wins on Sunday to secure third ahead of South Somerset rider Luke Williams who took the flag in Moto two. Portsmouth narrowly took the group on 697 wit South West hot on their heels in second on 682 with Ringwood one point adrift in third.

Sunday saw the introduction of a 2 Stroke class and it was Nev Bradshaw and Corey Hockey ripping up the Culham track in the Open class with Bradshaw eventually taking the three wins for the overall with Chris Nuttall in third. Adam Collings on his return from injury secured two 125cc wins to take the overall ahead of James Rutter with Jay Bean picking up third spot.

Fatree5 Grand Slam Individual Results

Big Wheel

1st – 48, Olly Davidson, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 50+50+50+50=200

2nd – 5, Harvey James, South West MXC, Husqvarna, 47+47+43+50=187

3rd – 333, Thomas Casbeard, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 47+45+43+47=182

4th – 29, Jason Down, South West MXC, Husqvarna, 33+45+47+45=170

5th – 814, Adam Wells, 90 Racing MXC, 43+39+45+41=168

6th – 108, Robert Storer, Portsmouth MX, 45+41+37+43=166

Small Wheel

1st – 101, Jude Morris, South Somerset MXC, Husqvarna, 50+50+50+50=200

2nd – 123, Jason Bancroft, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 45+47+45+50=187

3rd – 171, Arai Elcock, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 47+45+47+47=186

4th – 440, Shay Arnold, South Somerset MXC, Husqvarna, 47+45+41+45=178

5th – 42, Alfie Calvert, South West MXC, KTM, 39+41+43+43=166

6th – 55, Charlie Nightingale, KTM, 43+37+36+41=157

Junior 65cc

1st – 12, Finley Evans, South West MXC, KTM, 50+50+50+50=200

2nd – 99, Jake Walker, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 50+47+41+47=185

3rd – 7, Jake Davies, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 45+45+47+47=184

4th – 79, Joshua Vail, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 47+39+36+45=167

5th – 30, Charlie Richmond, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 41+43+33+45=162

6th – 516, Brandon Buckley, 90 Racing MXC, KTM, 33+41+43+43=160


1st – 10, Harlow Green, South West MXC, KTM, 50+50+50+50=200

2nd – 12, Reuben Alway, South West MXC, Husqvarna, 47+47+47+47=188

3rd – 89, Kenzie Cole, South West MXC, KTM, 50+45+43+47=185

4th – 294, Jacob Collins, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 43+43+45+454=176

5th – 4, Declan Miller, South West MXC, KTM, 41+39+43+39=162

6th – 259, Fabian Junior Morrison, Portsmouth MX, Husqvarna, 45+41+30+45=161


1st – 22, Todd Leadbitter, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 50+50+45+50=195

2nd – 448, Denny Rapson, 90 Racing MXC, Husqvarna, 47+50+47+50=194

3rd – 74, Lewis King London, Portsmouth MX, Yamaha, 45+43+47+45=180

4th – 42, Charlie Razzell, Portsmouth MX, KTM, 39+45+45+47=176

5th – 3, Luke Goodwin, 90 Racing MXC, Husqvarna, 47+37+43+43=170

6th – 25, Thomas Shutler, Ringwood MXC, Kawasaki, 41+41+39+43=164


1st – 711 , Jordan Bachelor, Portsmouth MX, Yamaha, 47+47+47+50=191

2nd – 101, Luke Kennett, Portsmouth MX, Honda, 45+43+43+45=176

3rd – 161, George Clarke, Portsmouth MX, Yamaha, 50+50+23+47=170


1st – 18, Lee Harrison, 90 Racing MXC, 50+45+50+45=190

2nd – 40, Kyle Lane, Portsmouth MX, 47+47+43+47=184

3rd – 222, George Purchase, Ringwood MXC, 43+39+50+50=182

125cc 2 Stroke

1st – 48, Adam Collings, KTM, 25+22+25=72

2nd – 10, James Rutter, Honda, 20+25+22=67

3rd – 127, Jay Bean, KTM, 22+20+20=62

Open 2 Stroke

1st – 272, Nev Bradshaw, Honda, 25+25+25=75

2nd – 54, Corey Hockey, KTM, 22+22+20=64

3rd – 30, Chris Nuttall, KTM, 20+20+22=62

Team Green League

Rookie – Thomas Shutler, 42+37+42+37+45=203

Big Wheel – Shea Wylie, 28+35+19+30+35=147

Small Wheel – Fletcher Ridout, 31+29+31+26+33+28=178

Junior 65cc – Riley Saunders, 30+30+31+26+28+36=181

Fatree5 MCF Team Event

1st – Portsmouth MXC, 785+657+629+812+819+872+697=5271

2nd – South West MXC, 852+761+758+750+623+706+682=5132

3rd – 90 Racing MXC, 616+656+736+638+743+636+727=4752

4th – South Somerset MXC, 621+543+764+664+676+543+657=4468

5th – Ringwood MXC, 624+605+589+618+658+627+681=4402

6th – Poole & Parkstone, 244+488+220+260+355+286+319=2172


1st – Portsmouth MX, 1294+1203+1080+1186+1068+61099+882=7812

2nd – South West MXC, 1151+1196+1220+11523+1103+1119+829=7771

3rd – Ringwood MXC, 1128+967+1133+1150+1030+1097+551=7056