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Portsmouth MXC need “no restrictions” to run in 2020!

Portsmouth MXC need “no restrictions” to run in 2020!


One of the biggest Motocross clubs in the south, the Portsmouth Motocross Club, which caters for large line up’s of youth and adult racers have stated that unless they can run in 2020 with no restrictions then there will be no racing with them this year. In a statement on the clubs facebook group Kay Kennedy from the club posted…

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“Further to the announcement from the MCF & ACU that race meetings will commence from July 4th, Portsmouth MX Club has made the difficult decision that, unless we have notification by October 2020 from the Government that we can run race meetings as we did before WITH NO RESTRICTIONS, then we will not be holding any race meetings at all this year.

IF we can run without restrictions, then we will be looking at holding a winter series from October through to early 2021 at Swanmore.

IF we can run any meetings this year, we will offer anyone who has paid 2020 membership, a 50% discount on their 2021 membership.

If we CAN NOT run, we will offer all those who have paid 2020 membership, FREE 2021 membership.

Unfortunately this also means there will be no presentation at the end of the year.

Please understand that these decisions have not been taken lightly, but the announcement made that we will run from 4th July is not as clear cut as it seems. There are so many restrictions that we feel it would not be financially viable or fair to you as a member to run meetings, and with restrictions on mass gatherings, we as a club feel it would not be an easy option to just “run a meeting”.

We totally understand everyone’s need to get back out on their bikes, and we will allow this as and when we feel it is acceptable and safe to do so, but we also need to take into consideration the pressure we may put on the NHS and to those of us who actually deal with running meetings.”