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Poole and Parkstone MXC going back to their Roots and doing it for the Kids in 2019!

Poole and Parkstone MXC going back to their Roots and doing it for the Kids in 2019!

by adminAugust 27, 2018

The famous Poole and Parkstone Motocross Club are going back to their roots in 2019 by having a wholesale focus on Youth Motocross and in turn are providing more racing for their members.

The club are going against the grain, and rather than filling their meetings with more adult classes, they have gone the other way and will only run one Adult class.  In doing so they can give the Youth classes 4 blocks of racing, which, those of you who are too young to remember, is what we used to get back in the day.

A club statement read:

“We are going to turn the club into a kids club with 4 blocks of racing !! Yes that right 4 races !! There will be prizes to be won at each event and we already have some great sponsors onboard.

We will have 1 supporting adult group for all those dads, mums, brother, sisters and currant members etc which will have 3 races with slightly longer race times, to give a little extra for you guys to.

As a committee we really want to make PPMC grow into the club it use to be, and hopefully by offering something different and fun you will come and support the club and turn it into something great.

Roll on 2019 hope to see you all there !! 
And as a friend of ours would say Bbaarrrpppp.

Ps if there is anyone out there that would like to become a sponsor for any of these rounds we would much appreciate it, please get in touch.”

Its fantastic for a club to make a bold decision such as this, and we fully support Poole and Parkstone as it looks to grow the youth element of the sport down in the South.  Good luck guys, we are right behind you.