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Pompey Party time! Portsmouth MX Club Annual Presentation 2019 – Report and Award Winners

Pompey Party time! Portsmouth MX Club Annual Presentation 2019 – Report and Award Winners


Wow, what a night! Celebrating the club’s 46th year, 500 guests arrived at the grand Southampton Guildhall for the Portsmouth MX Club Annual Presentation and Awards Ceremony. Spectacular silver and blue trophies awaited the winners, the silverware glistening on stage ready to be handed out to the club’s riders.

Report by Kay Kennedy –  Images courtesy of Click466 and Kay Kennedy

A brilliant reception as always was given to GP rider Shaun Simpson who is now one of the huge PMXC Family, handing out the trophies, and was a massive hit with all the guests.

2019 Portsmouth MXC Presentation
Perpetual trophies were awarded, with some very surprised riders being awarded shields and cups; Marley Alder, Alfie Payne and Nicky Watts picking up two awards each, all receiving the Consistency Award, with Alfie & Nicky coming away with the Swanmore Triple Crown award and Marley also receiving the Most Consistent Rider of the Year award.

Then it was time to hand out 200 championship trophies, and celebrate all the riders, including the newly crowned champions! Congratulations to Marley Alder, Alfie Payne, Tyler Kirby, Oliver Ruddock, Jesse Wren, Nicky Watts, Charlie Razzell and Mark Morris for all being crowned Champions in their respective classes.2019 Portsmouth MXC Presentation

But it was Small Wheel 85cc rider Gino Taffurelli who was the star of the night. A talented rider who has come on leaps and bounds over the past year, so much so he was recognised and presented with the Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting award at Swanmore in September. Gino’s riding not only awarded him the title of the Mervyn Anstie Most Improved Rider of the Year award, he was also commended by the club riders who chose him as the Rider of the Year, the most prestigious award of the evening.
Praise must go to the organisers of the event, Kay Kennedy, who emotionally watched her son Ryan Turner claim third step on the MX2 podium, Chairman Martin Bradbury, Sherry & Steve Rogers, Debbie Upton, Phil & Jackie, the Milsted Family and the rest of the Committee and Officials who helped organise such an amazing night! Here’s to year 47, undoubtedly 2020 will be another great year for the club.


Club Champions:
Auto – Marley Alder, Junior – Alfie Payne, SW85 – Tyler Kirby, BW85 – Oliver Ruddock, Rookie – Jesse Wren, MX1 – Nicky Watts, MX2 – Charlie Razzell, VMX – Mark Morris.
Consistency Trophy– Marley Alder, Alfie Payne, Jack Parker, Cody Spacagna, Liam Brosnan, Nicky Watts, Charlie Razzell, Mark Morris.
Triers Shield – Dottie Hopwood, Frankie Stacey, Jimmy Holloway, Kori Higgs, Samuel Upton, Callum Allison, Nick Tull, Dave Benfield.

Swanmore Triple Crown – Ryan Clift, Alfie Payne, Finley Yorke-Williams, Max Brazier, Jesse Wren, Nicky Watts, Charlie Razzell, Wildman Willis.
Most Improved Rider – Gino Taffurelli
Most Improved Auto – Arthur Pozzoli
Most Promising Newcomer – Will Kremer
Most Consistent Rider – Marley Alder
Girl Trier– Maisie Goodwin

Girl Rider – Sienna Farmer
Holeshot Award – Oliver Ruddock
Most Improved Rookie – Luke Southern

Sportsman of the Year – Alex Griffiths
Worker of the Year– James Hopwood & Family

Parent & Child– Paul & Cody Spacagna
Rider of the Year– Gino Taffurelli