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Pitbike Speedway Championship goes multi-venue for 2019/2020 season – Event Dates and info

Pitbike Speedway Championship goes multi-venue for 2019/2020 season – Event Dates and info


The 2019-2020 race Calendar for the Pitbike Speedway Championships has gone multi-venue with 9 awesome events lined up during the winter months. As well as taking in their usual Iwade haunt in Kent, the Eastbourne Speedway venue at Arlington has been added into the mix.

Images courtesy of Amanda Morrison

All of the events at Iwade will be run by Pitbike Speedway supremo Mitch Godden, but the Dugard family will take the reigns at the Eastbourne events.

* Rules and regs for open/fun events may change and differ depending on numbers, themes, and organiser event stipulations.

* Rules and Regulations for all GP events:

Will be run on the 3 tier system with all points counting for the world championship.

Tier 1 (Elite) – Maximum 140cc / 2V EnginesTier 2 (PRO-AM) –  Any Engines

Tier 2 (PRO-AM) – Any Engines

Tier 3 (Clubman) – Any Engines

Each tier will consist of 15 riders with mixed finals.GP 1st + 50 points – GP 2nd + 49 points etc

* Stop button or kill switch must be fitted and in working condition.

* Brennan Fork Launch control Banned

* Variable ignition systems Banned

* Bolt-on mods only.

* Pump fuel only

* If you’ve got something too fast (Edward) we will ban it.

The full schedule is as follows…

Arlington Nov 3rd – Open Warm up event
Iwade Nov 10th – Open International Warm up
Iwade Nov 24th – WC GP1
Arlington Dec 15th – WC GP2
Iwade Dec 29th – Xmas “King of the Ring”
Arlington Jan 6th – Xmas “Sussex Super”
Iwade Jan 12th – WC GP3
Iwade Feb 2nd – WC GP4
Arlington Feb 16th – WC GP5
Iwade March 1st – Spare / Rain Off
Arlington March 15th – Spare / Rain Off

So can the current world champion Charley Powell hold his nerve under the new rules or can Team GB star Edward Kennett finally clinch the only trophy missing from his illustrious motorcycling career trophy cabinet? Is the pocket rocket Rob Mear back in the game after ditching a speedway career to concentrate on summer flat track racing or can World sidecar no.3 Mitchel Godden be competitive for the entire series without any winter operations planned?