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No Payne, No Gain! Portsmouth MXC Swanmore Charity Two Dayer – Race Report and Results

No Payne, No Gain! Portsmouth MXC Swanmore Charity Two Dayer – Race Report and Results


MXGP were claiming Assen in a few weeks was going to be “the biggest race of the season” but little did they know that the GP of Swanmore was going to top it, and be the greatest races of the year! Portsmouth MX Club’s annual Cancer Charity Fundraiser crashed into Corhampton for the weekend, a brilliant two days of sunshine, spectacular racing and silliness.

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Jed Hassell

Saturday saw the fundraiser going off with a bang, holeshot awards sitting ready for those who shot to the corner first! Ryan Taylor sped out the gate in the Auto class to claim the prize but it was to be Marley Alder who crossed the finish line first. The Junior class was totally dominated by Alfie Payne who had a cracking weekend, leading from start to finish and claimed the holeshot award and first place. Tyler Kirby did the same in the SW85 class, an easy day for him claiming both first place and the holeshot trophy. BW85 rider Oliver Ruddock roared into first spot at both the first corner and at the finish line to claim the award, with Liam Brosnan making it look easy in the Rookies, leading from start to finish to win and pick up his award. Despite not having the best of days, Ben Harrison shot to victory in the MX1 class, blasting to the first corner to claim his holeshot prize. MX2 saw Ryan Turner not only grab the holeshot in race one but also two and three, brilliant riding!! The VMX rode in with the MX1 but Tony Hale still got in front of the youngsters to grab the VMX holeshot award.

Race two was all about pride and dignity – or lack of it!! The fancy dress race with a Le Mans start is always a popular one, with riders appearing as Goofy, Oompa Loompa’s, Mr Potato Head, superheroes and even a teletubby!! Congratulations to Arthur Pozzoli for winning the fancy dress prize, he was picked out of a number of outstanding costumes, something different seeing a crocodile riding a 50cc!!

Race three saw ridings eagerly awaiting the ten minute mark as that was when the flag would be waved! Some interesting race winners, but was great to see some not normally at the top claim a bit of glory! Congratulations to Milly Cox (Autos), Bobby Hale (Juniors), Jacob Collins (SW85), Joe Brooker (BW85), Jesse Wren (Rookies), Dan Lawler (MX1), Ben Richards (MX2), and Roger Hanley (VMX).

With the “normal” racing out of the way it was down to the “adults” to have a go, with hilarious racing in the 50/65cc, 85 classes and Open classes. Brad Wheeler had a busy day after winning the Fancy Dress race, then hopped onto not only the 65 but the 85 too and won both races! Fabian Morrison nearly lost the lead in the Open to Nicky Watts, but after Watts did his good deed of the day to help a fellow rider, Morrison roared into first place!

A brilliant day, with riders and families settling down to a well-earned rest in the evening, with a massive thank you to Andy Reynolds opening up his “bar”, with proceeds all going to charity 😍😍

Day two and the sun was shining down again, and it was back down to normal business on the track. With the track prepped to run the opposite way, the day started off with the MX1. Jamie Tempest made a welcome return, and soon found himself in the lead, going 1-2-1 to claim the overall. Nicky Watts was on fire despite having a shoulder injury, and was looking to grab the overall. A brilliant race win in race two pushed him toward the top but a small off in the last race denied him going higher, so second overall was his reward, going 2-1-2. Jake Hassell returned to his old club and blasted out the gate like he hadn’t been away. Keeping his eyes set on the top, he finished in third overall, going 3-3-5.

Big Wheels were out next, and it was a ding dong battle for the win between Oliver Ruddock and Max Brazier. Both riders claimed a first place in the opening motos, but Ruddock just did enough to take the overall away from Max, brilliant performances from both lads, Ruddock finishing in first with Brazier in second. Joe Beaumont kept the leaders well within his grasp, and worked hard for his positions. Going 5-3-5 he finished in third overall.

Small Wheels followed next with Tyler Kirby having a lonely day on the track, so far out front he was on his own for most of the day! Three straight wins rewarded him with first overall, ahead of Tyler Jones. This rider continues to improve and saw him moving further up the leader board, with a win in his sights for the future. Going 4-3-3 Jones finished in second. Gino Taffurelli had an outstanding day on the track, with a brilliant second place in race one starting his day off perfectly. Going 2-4-4 he finished up third overall. Another rider to watch will be Jack Ranner who rode superbly well all day. Despite his crash in the second moto he worked his way up into the top flight and just narrowly missed out on a top six overall. Keep it going Jack, you’ll be up there soon!!

Alfie Payne in the Juniors was unstoppable all weekend. Winning all five races, he was untouchable and deserved his overall victory, a brilliant ride from a great rider. Blu Kinch was set to take the runner up spot, a brilliant opening couple of motos but a disastrous crash in race three denied him appearing up the top. It was a three way battle between Fabian Junior Morrison, Arash Deering and Mitchell Woodward to fight it out for the remaining podium positions. Junior was determined to grab the spot, and worked hard to work his way up the leader board, going 5-2-3 to take second, with Arash Deering ending his day on a high to finish in second spot to take third overall. Woodward finished just behind in fourth.

Non-stop action in the Autos, with a trio of riders all vying for top spot. Despite Ryan Clift’s outstanding win in the final moto, Marley Alder was back to his best and grabbed the first two race wins, holding off his rivals challenge to take the overall. Clift worked so hard for his last race win, going 2-3-1 to claim second overall. Jack Dugmore was at the top of his game too, a consistent and hard fought set of races, going 3-2-2 to take home third overall.

Exhilarating action in the Rookies class, with Travis Reynolds coming out on top despite a brilliant effort by Jesse Wren. Wren was out the gate like a scalded cat, and went on to win the opening moto, but Reynolds did the same in race two to clinch the race win. It was all down to race three, and despite a great start by Wren, he couldn’t hold off the challenge from Watson, Brosnan and Reynolds, and with Reynolds finishing in third he took the overall away, with Wren finishing in second. After breaking his leg at the same circuit in round one, Jamie Watson made the best comeback ever in the final moto, absolutely powering his way around the track and managed to grab the race win to grab third overall.

In the VMX it was Wildman Willis who took control, and despite narrowly missing out on a straight set of wins, he screamed his 125 around the track to overall victory. Mark Morris and Tony Hale had their work cut out to catch the leader, but Hale pushed that extra bit harder in the final moto to zip into the lead, grab the win and take second overall. Mark Morris had to work hard to move into fourth in the opening moto, but found himself at the front of the pack in the final two motos, going 4-2-3 he took third overall.

The final race of a long weekend, the MX2 class. On his gleaming new steed, Charlie Razzell definitely showed everyone who was boss and lead from start to finish to annihilate the rest of the field. Three wins and the overall victory – perfect! Lewis King London definitely had his Weetabix as he catapulted himself into second place, holding of the challenge of fellow islander Luke Kennett, until the last race, where Kennett grabbed second for himself. London finished in second overall. Kennett was no doubt still suffering from the challenges of riding a 65cc and 85cc the previous day, but showed no signs of slowing down as he went 3-3-2 to grab third overall.

A brilliant weekend, and hopefully the generous lot from Portsmouth MX have raised tons of money for the Countess Mountbatten Hospice 🎗


VMX: 1 Wildman Willis, 2 Tony Hale, 3 Mark Morris, 4 Paul Spacagna, 5 Daniel Cavanagh, 6 Paul Dunford.
MX2: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Lewis King London, 3 Luke Kennett, 4 Tallon Aspden, 5 Tom Shutler, 6 Ryan Turner.
MX1: 1 Jamie Tempest, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 Jake Hassell, 4 Dan Lawler, 5 Andrew Walker, 6 Callum Allison.
Rookies: 1 Travis Reynolds, 2 Jesse Wren, 3 Jamie Watson, 4 Liam Brosnan, 5 Jack Milsted, 6 Luke Southern.
BW85: 1 Oliver Ruddock, 2 Max Brazier, 3 Joe Beaumont, 4 Callum Jones, 5 Cody Spacagna, 6 Charlie Parrott.
SW85: 1 Tyler Kirby, 2 Tyler Jones, 3 Gino Taffurelli, 4 Connor Williams, 5 Rowan Brock, 6 Jack Parker.
65s: 1 Alfie Payne, 2 Fabian Junior Morrison, 3 Arash Deering, 4 Mitchell Woodward, 5 Billy Alder, 6 Max Beaumont.
50s: 1 Marley Alder, 2 Ryan Clift, 3 Jack Dugmore, 4 Toby Bond, 5 Harry Gay, 6 Bobby Farmer.