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Nifty Fifty – Bar bashing Moped Style.

Nifty Fifty – Bar bashing Moped Style.

by adminJune 15, 2017

Whilst many of us fawn over our immaculately prepared machines, wrack our brains on how to eke out that extra ounce of performance and generally just drool over the trick bits we have added, there are some crazy dudes out there having just as much fun racing offroad on their bashed together 50cc mopeds.  Yep you heard me right there is a growing scene of Off road mavericks who have been teaming up to compete in the Nifty Fifty Moped Endurance events.

Video by Onyerbikeshow

The brainchild of Shaun Isaac, the concept has grown from its initial inception of one event in 2014 to now 4 events in 2017 with over 65 riders taking part each time.

Shaun told us how it all came about “My Mum sadly passed away in 2012 from Cancer and I wanted to do something in her memory as well as raise some money for the hospice that looked after her.  Myself and 9 friends took to the road all on 50cc mopeds. We dressed them all up as children’s characters, myself on a furry Pink Panther adorned with toys with the other similarly dressed machines such as Tigger, Kermit the Frog and Tweety Pie!. We covered over 480 miles in 5 days from Southampton to Land’s End. After that epic adventure what dawned on me was how interested people were in just riding an old moped round a track and enjoying the craic so we set up our first event in 2014 and it has grown from there.”

The events take place at the Route34 Motopark in Hampshire and consist of a 5 hour enduro race around one of the venue’s two tracks. Don’t go thinking the competition isn’t serious as a full MCF timing set up is in place and competition is fierce with riders and teams coming from all over the country.   Team’s are generally made up of 4 rider’s who can take part and swap round during the event.

There are two classes one for machines with a “Maximum engine size of 50cc ‘twist and go’ automatic moped or step through scooter.”  and the second for bikes with “Maximum engine size of 50cc for a two stroke or up to 90cc for a 4 stroke, semi auto or manual geared machine.”

As of now the rules have been kept pretty simple but as always when it gets competitive boundaries start to be pushed so no off road parts can be added and no minibike/pitbike or offroad chasis’s or motors can be used.

The charity element of the events is huge with each team raising money for their own cause with over £40,000 raised since the since the first event back in 2o14.

So get yourself involved guys in what is fast becoming one of the fastest growing Off Road Revolutions to hit Britain.

Their next event is on the 15th July but it’s filling up fast so don’t hang around.

For more info and how to get involved visit www.niftyfiftyendurance.com or get involved via the clubs friendly Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1385812968307801/