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Moving Forward! Team Green Kawasaki Update

Moving Forward! Team Green Kawasaki Update

by adminMay 13, 2019

It’s been a pretty good few weeks for Team Green MX UK as they took on the second round of the Michelin MX Nationals at Hawkstone Park and then the third round of the Maxxis British MX championship at Canada Heights. Two tough circuits in their own right and the racing reflected that.

Images courtesy of Nuno Laranjeira

Jeff Perrett – Team Manager

“I’m happy. We’ve seen a little shift in results that finally reflect the lads performances and efforts. For Harrison to take his first ever UK National race win in the small wheeled 85cc class at the MX Nationals was fantastic. The kid has got such a good skill set, so much so he doesn’t realise and that’s what we’ve been working on. Just making him realise he’s got the talent to win. He pulled a huge holeshot and rode such a controlled race to go wire to wire. He was almost in shock after he crossed the line. It was great that he backed it up with three other solid motos after not so good starts to get third overall and put it on the box.

“It was good to have Raife back at Hawkstone after his broken foot. He did great. Far better than I expected because he did come back sooner than he should’ve really. He rode solid and put on some good charges to put it in the top 10 for eighth overall in a really competitive class. Hopefully by the next round he’ll be fully fit and will not be coming in cold with no riding.

“I was also pleased to see Kacey get on the podium again at the MX Nationals, because he’s still finding it difficult to find that speed and flair we all know he has. We know there’s no easy fix with that so we’re right behind him and will just keep working until it clicks back and he can get back to challenging for race wins again. He struggled at the Maxxis British championship this past weekend so it’s a bit of a yo-yo affect at the moment.

“After the disappointment of Lewis missing out on his first pro top 10 finish in the Maxxis British championship last time out, it was so good to see him finally nail down an eighth in the second moto at Canada Heights. That’s a bit of a monkey off his back now and the confidence should really start to flow, not that he was really down on confidence before that. He just needs to work more eon his starts to make life easier for himself.

“Our academy riders also made a good account of themselves at Hawkstone. Joe and Ben Clayton both decided to do an outdoor race and take it out of their comfort zone of racing indoors, especially by racing one of the roughest tracks in the world! Joe got eighth in the Expert MX1 class and Ben got 14th in the MXY2 class, so not too shabby at all. Corey Gordon found it really tough in the Small Wheeled 85cc class, but what I liked is that he kept plugging away and trying to improve and learn. It’s a massive step forward for Corey this year as he’s never raced UK Nationals before, but he’s keeping his head down and trying hard to get better every time. You’ve got to start somewhere and we’re more than happy to help him improve and become a better MX racer. Unfortunately his older brother Callum will be out for sometime with a broken ankle so we wish him well.”

Harrison Greenough #714 – Small Wheeled KX85

“I’m so happy to get my first win. I got a huge holeshot and tried really hard at just riding smooth and not worry about anything just like I’ve been talking about with Mum and Dad and all the team. Lewis (Hall) helped me a lot this weekend too. I didn’t as good starts in the other races but still rode pretty good to come through the pack. I didn’t make too many mistakes this weekend and I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to Lyng because it’s a rough sand track and I’ve never been there. Hopefully I can win some more races there.”

Raife Broadley #72 – Big Wheeled KX85

“It was good to be back racing. I was gutted when I found out I’d broken my foot. It was the last lap on the last session of a day’s practice so I was upset. I found it hard because my foot is still a bit sore and the track was rough. I just tried to keep going even though I knew I wasn’t 100% race fit. Hopefully I will be for Lyng and can try and get more in the mix at the sharp end.”

Kacey Hird #28 – MXY2

“The last two rounds have been good and bad. I feel good but I just can’t seem to get the results I want. I’m training hard, trying to do all the right things but I’m just off the pace at the races to where I know I should be. I’ve just got to keep grinding away and try and have fun. I’ll turn it around soon.”

Lewis Hall #9 – Pro MX2

“Finally! I’ve been so close to breaking the top 10 in the Maxxis British championship for a while now and have just had straight up bad luck, so it was good to finally do it. I had a good opening moto at the MX Nationals for sixth but then had a huge hit in the second moto and winded myself really bad so bad I nearly threw up, thankfully I didn’t injure myself. I was annoyed with myself with how I rode in the opening moto at Canada Heights. I got too much grip off the start and had to shut it off and was virtually last around the first corner. I charged up to 13th and then made a stupid mistake, probably still pushing too much because I was still angry and dropped back to 19th. The second moto was what we’ve been looking for though. I rode much more flowing and a made better start and I worked my up from about 15th to 8th, so it was nice to get it done. I need to get better starts though because I’m making it harder than it needs to be so I’ll be putting in some hours on that before the next round.”