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Minibike World Champs … The Build up continues as we interview Pro Class British hope Blaine Blackwell!

Minibike World Champs … The Build up continues as we interview Pro Class British hope Blaine Blackwell!

by adminAugust 4, 2017

Just 3 weeks separates us from the start of the epic Minibike World Championships which takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend (25th to 27th) so with that etched into our mind we continue to build up to the event by introducing you to some of the key racers of the championships!

Images Courtesy of Harry Lessman – Picturebike

Well we had to go with our very own Dirt Hub Feature racer Blaine Blackwell first up.  Blaine currently sits in 3rd spot of the Putoline Minibike British Championships Pro standings with just 2 rounds to go and will certainly be one of this countries biggest hopes when it comes to World Champs glory.  Blaine is understated, modest, smooth and stylish, and if mechanical gremlins can be kept at bay his consistently smooth racing style could mean he is a title contender.

We caught up with Blaine to assess his thoughts leading into the World Champs.

Hey Blaine how is your World Champs prep going?

Very slow to be honest with you. My bike blew up at the last round so iv’e been getting the parts to fix it, it’s quite a

Blaine grabs and MBC holeshot

slow process on your own back. 

Tell us about yourself,  Age, racing history..
I am 24 and have been racing Motocross for 15 years and Minibikes for 8 years. In 2011 I won the Stock 11o championships then in  2015  I won the MBC Pro 125 championship.
You have been involved in Minibike racing for quite a while, almost right back to the pioneer days, how has the sport changed? 
The sport is always changing, in a good way.  It always has new sponsors onboard for racing which keeps the interest up and also attracts newer riders. The bikes have come on a long way.  To be honest they are not far away from being a 85 with a 250f engine in, they absolutely fly and handle the same as a Mx bike now too.
Your MBC series has been going well but you suffered a couple of DNF’s  in the last round, have you solved the problem?
Yeah the track was graded and the deep sand just put so much strain on the bike. I wasn’t  the only one to suffer so I didn’t lose out on too many points.  The engine will be back together by the end of the week. 
You are renowned for getting the holeshot at the MBC. With such a stacked  field how important is it going to be for you to get out the starts fast?
Starts are probably one of the most important bits of MBC.  With a full gate it’s hard to pass if you get a bad jump, I played around with tyre choice and pressure combined with my gearing I think it’s working well.
You have raced abroad before so you know what to expect from the overseas Racers,  what sort of pace are you expecting them to set?
It all depends on how many overseas riders come over but the MBC is fast now anyway so I believe it’s going to be good racing. 
Apart from the Racers you already compete against,  do you know much about the overseas competition?
I know a handful from when I went to the World Cup in France. The majority are super trick and very fast, they race shorter races than us so I’m relying on my fitness a bit.
Series Leader Brad Pocock aside, your are the top Brit in the MBC standings and one of our countries top hopes, are you feeling the pressure?
Yea I suppose, I’m going to treat it like any other race so I  I don’t get as nervous. 
Have you set yourself any goals or is it just all out for the Championship win?
There is a few riders I can’t wait to race against, if I can run at the front I’ll be really happy 
What would it mean to you to be World Champion?
It would be a really good feeling and make 8 years well worth it. It’s not often you can say your best in the world at something.
The MBC team are building a brand new track at Fat Cats Moto Parc, what are you expecting from the build?
They run brilliant events so I know the track will be good
You have been labelled Mr Airtime for loving the big jumps, so the more big jumps the better then for you?
I like the bigger jumps but I also like the tight twisty technical tracks. 
With many big teams involved in Minibike racing do you revel in your  status as privateer?
I do find it hard with the cost of everything and bit stressful sometimes at the meetings when I mechanic for myself also, but I love what I do so there are some pros and cons.  Ducksmart and Rapid Moto have really helped me out though.
Racing is a real family affair for you is Pops Blackwell going to make a World Champs appearance?
He watched in France and regretted not riding so yea I think he’s up for it this year at fatcats 
Your Girlfriend Mollie Rabbits is also having a good season is she entered too?
She has been riding really well this year, but unfortunately the girls class isn’t running and she didn’t  want to enter the MB160 class but we have 3 weeks to change her mind.
Here’s your chance to thank those who help you out and your sponsors? 
I would like to thank Ducksmart, Bel-ray, Rapid Moto Distribution, Airheadz, Ray Wild, Mum, Dad and Mollie for the continued ongoing support in minibikes and also mx.

Where can people follow you on Social Media?

On Facebook and via Dirt Hub