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Maesteg’s “International Six Day Enduro” adventure.

Maesteg’s “International Six Day Enduro” adventure.

by adminSeptember 13, 2017

The Maesteg Motorcycle club ventured into France with their assembled team of Brett Hillman, Paul Davies, Mark Hillier-Rees to take on the ISDE or to give it the full name the International Six Days Enduro which is the oldest FIM Motorcycle event.

We hand over to them to tell us about their adventures….

“MMCC ISDE Team are back and what a result. The team set out on their journey with aspirations to finish the six days as a trio. The French never put on an easy enduro and with a renowned gruelling event in the shape of the ISDE our Team were in for a challenge to finish as a three.

The guys covered 160 miles on average a day over the first 5 days and were in the saddle for 8 hours a day in

The Team.. Brett Hillman, Paul Davies, Mark Hillier-Rees.

temperatures of up to 37 degrees. Day 1 and 2 saw tricky climbs and long challenging descents and Mark faltered in the heat narrowly making it back to service o Day 1. Day 2 saw the same track with a few small sections removed and the Team pushed on hoping for an easier Day 3 ahead. Mark was again problemed and smashed is foot badly against a rock resulting in two Smurf coloured toes. Day 3 and the Team saw some easier going with just one tricky climb for the day that was covered in ever exuberant French fans the trio made it through the day with Brett setting some brilliant times. Day 4 and it had rained during the night and here came Paul’s best day, he excelled in the damp and enjoyed his ride setting some brilliant times.

Day 4 also showed the Team how crazy the ISDE could be in the shape of a 40-50 foot high monster near vertical climb of which the last 15 foot was rock and undoubtedly vertical. After the three made it up unscathed they were told there was an easier route around the gargantuan obstacle. Day 5 saw the same course as Day 4 although some of the steepest steps known to man were put into the course in the town of Urzeche, if anyone ever visits please try and find the steps and attempt to scale them. The trio put in some good times and looked forward to Day 6 and the motocross.

Day 6 and first up was Brett in C2 where he qualified for the second of the heat races in the large C2 class. Brett put in a brilliant performance and won his race performing his famous stampdowns at every opportunity. Next up was the 52 year old former trials rider Paul. He struggled with the motocross however with it being his first ever attempt we think he did pretty well. Last up was Mark who found himself in the main C3 race as the last qualifier. Pretty daunted by his world class opposition he took Wayne Lewis’s pre race speech to heart, “they s#@t from the same hole as you” and managed to make it through a third of the pack to the finish.

The support for us and the country at the event was epic. The sound of the air horns filled the air every time a Welsh rider burbled into eyesight. The streets lined with spectators waving, bowing and clapping was a sight to behold. At the end of an exhausting week MMCC’s Team saw themselves finish 39th out of 176 club teams from around the world. For a group of guys that turned up in a van from a little Welsh Town 800 miles away, from a club set up not even a year ago was a great achievement. Brett gained a gold medal and Paul and Mark gained silver’s.

The club didn’t just finish they finished as the 5th best British Club Team with 3 out of the 4 in front of them being countries. The Team however was more than just the three riders, Marks wife Emily kept the riders up to date with their times, check boxes, supplies, pitting and cleaning of filters. Alun Hicks the Team Manager travelled to the checks and attended the daily ACU meetings. Steve Hillman provided mechanical assistance to the riders during the event within the strict rulings of riders self maintenance and also done the monotonous task of filter cleaning. Wayne Roberts provided the hydration and medical support for the boys. This was a Team effort and one that will hopefully shine Measteg and the sport of off-road motorcycling in a good light. The whole team would like to thank everyone involved along this journey and urge even more to come and support this great club. Thanks MMCC.”