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Mabo is back for its 50th year! Mablethorpe Sand Racing – Get Beach Race Ready

Mabo is back for its 50th year! Mablethorpe Sand Racing – Get Beach Race Ready


Mablethorpe Sand Racing is in its 50th year and it’s back for a winter long festival of off-road racing of epic proportions with events staged every other weekend during the winter months.

Images courtesy of Dave Stewart Photography

Just 6 miles along the coast from Skegness, Mablethorpe has become a mecca for a whole host of off-roaders (and some on) who ply their trade on a myriad of weird and wonderful machinery, racing on oval circuits of around 600 metres.

These events cater for everyone… yep everyone… so you can chuck your motocrosser in the back of the van and race… or your minibike, Quad, Grasstracker, Sidecar or your Road going machine as long time Mablethorpe stalwart Guy Martin does, with his latest steed being an Africa Twin.  Road bikes just need a set of knobbly tyres, a lanyard cut out and your on the sand.

If you are into quirkiness, ie Dirtquake, and the Inappropriate class at Scunthorpe Speedway… and you won’t be disappointed here either as a whole host of man-made contraptions will be seen on track with a Calor Gas petrol tank being one of our favourites.

Events take place every fortnight during from October until March with the next being this Sunday 10th November. Signing on starts at 8am with the racing taking place aprox 2 hours later.  As a private club entries fees are low with your first meeting costing £50 which includes your membership with all of the following meetings being £35.

Mablethorpe Sand Racing

Guy Martin on his Africa Twin

Riders get a 4 lap practice then 5 four lap races with Trophies for the top 3 in each class and then trophies for the overall’s at the end of the season. Food
and hot drink’s are available at the events.

The full list of classes are:

Grasstrack Solo
Grasstrack Sidecars
Kids Classes ages 9 up
125cc Adult Motocross
250 2T Motocross
250 4T Motocross
Open over 250 Motocross

Road Bike upto 200cc
Road Bike 250cc to 400cc
Road Bike Unlimited

So get involved guys, soak up the atmosphere, and be part of what is a British Off-Road institution.

For more info visit http://sand-race.co.uk/ or the clubs new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mablethorpe-sandracing-club-1952113508391088/

Mablethorpe Sand Racing