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Liam, the Knight of Swanmore! Portsmouth MXC Charity Two Dayer – Race Report and Results

Liam, the Knight of Swanmore! Portsmouth MXC Charity Two Dayer – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 11, 2018

With the circuit looking the best it’s ever been, a great turnout of riders arrived at the freshly prepped Swanmore circuit, all looking forward to two days of fun, money raising and scoring championship points!

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Ray Smith  @ Action Sports Photography 

The weekend was dedicated to raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support and the Countess Mountbatten Hospice, in memory of Event Secretary Kay Kennedy’s parents and also for all those who have loved and lost, and who are still battling the evil disease. Kay braved the shave Saturday afternoon, Debbie Upton doing the honours of shaving Kay’s hair off, and so far she has managed to raise over £2700! Well done to Kay, and thank you to everyone for being so generous and supportive!!

Saturday was all about having a bit of fun, and with holeshot prizes awaiting for the riders in the first block, the 15 second board dropped with all riders charging to the first corner. Race two gave the riders the opportunity to dress up in whatever they fancied, as well as trying to be Usain Bolt as a Le Mans start was thrown in for an extra bit of fun! Never seen so many Ronnie Mac’s in one meeting! A lot of feminine riders out there too, not sure if they’d pinched their mum’s dresses! But Jack Dugmore kept the paddock safe as he blasted around the track as Batman and won the fancy dress prize. Unfortunately the last block was cancelled after a nasty leg injury forced an early end to the day, but not without enjoying the parent races! The most comical race was the Auto & Junior parents, such fun watch a 6ft 4” giant riding a 50cc around the track, and even funnier was the pee wee pilot who spent most of his time pushing the bike around the track. But it was heartwarming to hear the laughter and cheering from all the families as the riders tried to last 8 minutes on the track, and well done to Luke Kennett, James Kirby and Mark Morris for winning the trophies.

Sunday morning arrived and the atmosphere turned serious as championship points were at stake throughout the day, with only two championship rounds to go, every point was valuable.

With a full line up of Autos without a gate spare, it didn’t take Fabian Junior Morrison to get into the lead and carried on where he left off the day before, romping home to victory in each moto to take the overall. Marley Alder and Jack Dugmore battled it out for the runner up spot, with Arash Deering making a gallant effort to get into the mix too. But Alder was on fire, taking two seconds and a third to take second overall. Dugmore rode superbly and went 4-2-4 to take home third overall.

Charlie Richmond rode as though there were no other bikes on the track, taking such a huge lead from the off, he comfortably rode home to victory in each moto to take the overall win. Kieran Paget was hot on the leader’s heels, not putting a wheel wrong all day, and brilliant performance from him reward him second overall, going 2-2-2. Mitchell Woodward was set for three comfortable third places, but was just pipped at the post by Alfie Payne in the last moto and had to settle for fourth place. But hunting down the leading duo in the first two races, going 3-3-4 rewarded him with third overall.

Another full gate of small wheeled 85s were next, and Tyler Kirby was back to winning ways, flying out the start and remaining ahead of everyone for most of the day. Two brilliant wins rewarded him the overall. Max Brazier wasn’t far behind, and did a remarkable job of working his way through the field, after not getting out the gate in the first and crashing in the last. But with talent oozing out of him, he sped to victory in race two from the start and 2-1-3 to finish second overall. Aidan Brooks was at the top of his game, pushing himself to the limit to try to catch the leading duo. He managed to grab second place in the final moto, and going 3-3-2 he secured an impressive third overall.

The bigger wheeled machines were out next, and it looked like another clean sweep of race wins for the talented Jamie Watson, but Charlie Nightingale had other ideas. Watson did his usual and took the first and lace race win, but Nightingale was out the gate like a scalded cat and get hold of the lead for the entire moto. Watson went on to the take the overall, with Nightingale in a close second, going 2-1-4 for second overall. Domonic Newbury was back to his best and wasn’t giving up his positions, staying on the gas each moto. Going 4-3-3, he secured third overall.

The big guns out were out next, the MX1. Totalling wowing the crowds with his speed and distance achieved flying over the jumps, Liam Knight was unbeatable, and comfortably took the overall victory with a clean sweep of race wins. Nicky Watts did an impressive job of keeping up with Knight, not letting him out of sight throughout the day, three easy second places to take second overall. George Purchase put up a fight to snatch second away from Watts, but Watts was having none of it, and Purchase was soon pushed back into third spot where he stayed, going 3-3-3 for third overall.

Lee Rat Foyle proved why he had been handed the Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting award earlier in the day, a flawless and rapid performance from Rat to comfortably take home the overall victory with three straight wins. A ding dong battle went on behind, the remaining top six riders all fighting it out for supremacy. Charlie Razzell and Luke Kennett went head-to-head in the opening motos, each rider scoring a second and third, but then Olivier Cook barged his way through into second place in the final moto to stop their run. But Kennett still managed to secure second overall, ahead of Razzell in third.

The VMX boys were out next, and after a red flag stopped play, the re-run wasn’t stopping any rider from putting 100% in. Wildman Willis, despite a slight detour into the bushes, managed to work his way up into third spot, but then dominated the remaining motos to hold onto the lead and took away the overall victory. Tony Hale looked unstoppable in the opening moto, a great effort rewarding him with a race win. He succumbed his race win in the following motos, but going 1-2-2 he secured second overall. Robin Newland was on fire, and blasted out the gate to ensure he finished high up the leader board. Going 4-3-3 he took home third overall.

Last out were the Rookies, and what a blistering set of motos they provided! Fresh back from his Team GB to Australia, Preston Williams as usual found himself in first place, but he didn’t have it all his own way as he had to work his way into the lead in the first and last motos. But he soon settled into the lead and remained there all day, taking three wins and the overall. Travis Reynolds wasn’t holding back, and a brilliant start in the final moto pushed him straight into the lead, and brilliant riding all day secured him second overall, going 3-2-2. Thomas Casbeard gave Williams a run for his money in the opening moto, straight into the lead and keeping hot on Williams’ back wheel. Going 2-3-5, he secured third overall, just ahead of Liam Brosnan who was riding superbly.

Kay would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting, and to everyone who gave so generously!! Next year’s fun day already being planned …………….


Autos: 1 Fabian Junior Morrison, 2 Marley Alder, 3 Jack Dugmore, 4 Harry Gay, 5 Troy Kennett, 6 Archie Stapley.
Juniors: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Scott Harris, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Blu Kinch, 5 Tyler Jones, 6 Casey Kennett.
SW85: 1 Tyler Kirby, 2 Connor Williams, 3 Gino Taffurelli, 4 Jack Driver, 5 Seth Hopwood, 6 Taylor Walter.
BW85: 1 Jamie Watson, 2 Charlie Parrott, 3 Max Aspden, 4 Harrison Hopwood, 5 Jacob Ball, 6 Rhys Neal.
Rookies: 1 Preston Williams, 2 Liam Brosnan, 3 Alfie Rickwood, 4 Joe Leyland, 5 Travis Reynolds, 6 Finn Eady.
MX1: 1 Liam Knight, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 Craig Daffin, 4 George Purchase, 5 Callum Allison, 6 Dale Lyons.
MX2: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Anthony Twidle, 3 Ryan Turner, 4 Joe Blundell, 5 Joe Allaway, 6 Lewis Smith.
VMX: 1 Brad Aspden, 2 Brook Alder, 3 Paul Dunford, 4 Steve Lyons, 5 Martin Bradbury, 6 Jamie Wingate.

Autos: 1 Fabian Junior Morrison, 2 Marley Alder, 3 Jack Dugmore, 4 Arash Deering, 5 Toby Bond, 6 Troy Kennett.
Juniors: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Kieran Paget, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Alfie Payne, 5 Scott Harris, 6 Finley Yorke-Williams.
SW85: 1 Tyler Kirby, 2 Max Brazier, 3 Aidan Brooks, 4 Riley Saunders, 5 Connor Williams, 6 Callum Jones.
BW85: 1 Jamie Watson, 2 Charlie Nightingale, 3 Domonic Newbury, 4 Robert Storer, 5 Harrison Hopwood, 6 James O’Mara.
Rookies: 1 Preston Williams, 2 Travis Reynolds, 3 Thomas Casbeard, 4 Liam Brosnan, 5 Alfie Rickwood, 6 Callum Allison.
MX1: 1 Liam Knight, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 George Purchase, 4 Andrew Walker, 5 Riley Lowe, 6 Craig Daffin.
MX2: 1 Lee Rat Foyle, 2 Luke Kennett, 3 Charlie Razzell, 4 Olivier Cook, 5 Anthony Twidle, 6 Ryan Turner.
VMX: 1 Paul Wildman Willis, 2 Tony Hale, 3 Robin Newland, 4 Paul Dunford, 5 David Freestone, 6 Tom Lowe.