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Last chance saloon! Supercross Digest – Salt Lake City Preview

Last chance saloon! Supercross Digest – Salt Lake City Preview

So here we are!

We’re going into the final couple of rounds of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross FIM World Championship… Jesus, it’s just flown by. At this stage, it would appear to be quite obvious what the likely outcome will be (at least in the 450s).

Words by Marc Carter – Images courtesy of Supercross Live

The Atlanta Trilogy has all but obliterated the hope that Roczen fans were holding on to. I mean, mathematically it’s possible for Kenny to still take this thing… but after Saturday’s performance, it’s hard to see how the #94 can pull it off. We all know he’s not got it in him to put Webb down for what would have potentially been the biggest Championship Title of his career.

But let’s look at the points. Webb now sits 16 points ahead of his closest rival whilst gaps the 2020 Champion Eli Tomac by a staggering 40 points coming into the last couple of rounds of the series. This is Cooper Webb’s Championship to lose at this stage.

For a Championship that has been so stacked, Cooper has just proved his grit round after round, even after setbacks the 2019 Champ seems to just want it more.

But let’s move on to the 250s before I put in my predictions for Salt Lake!

250 West has definitely been interesting over Atlanta… well more specifically, McAdoo has been interesting to watch for sure! I shouldn’t make a point of calling his misfortune ‘entertaining’. But let’s be brutally honest… it has spiced things up a bit in the class!

I’ve certainly been impressed with Thrasher over the last few 250 Main Events, the kid definitely has some potential in the sport and I look forward to seeing what he can do in years to come. However, this year currently belongs to Justin Cooper! 20 points up on Hunter Lawrence, Justin will more than likely bring the title home for Yamaha. That being said, with the break in the calendar and the East – West Showdown approaching, will it throw a spanner in the works as he tries to face off against his Star Racing Colleagues? Only time will tell.

How about a look at the East Class? Hard to remember what was even going on over there really! Colt Nichols still remains at the helm of the Championship battle, 8 points ahead of Christian Craig. It very much depends on which version we get of each rider coming into these final two mains. Colt is quite clearly the fastest East Coast rider in contention, but his starts haven’t always been where they need to be and his luck hasn’t been too much to boast about either (otherwise we’d have seen a bigger gap in the standings that much is obvious!).

But, we return to a conventional SX track in Salt Lake, and if last year is anything to go off of we’re likely to see a few guys aiming high at the end of the series (like Osbourne and Anderson).

Regardless, I don’t think we are going to see a shift in the standings, I can see Cooper Webb taking a win this coming Saturday Evening with the likes of Roczen and Tomac once again following our predicted Champ across the line.

I think the East Coast will see Jett Lawrence looking to take a win as he no doubt will have had some time to recover properly in the East Coast hiatus. But, if Colt gets the start he will more than likely check out at the head of the pack. So my pick for Saturday Night in the 250s will be Jett, Colt and Christian Craig (I’d like to see Shimoda in the mix also, hopefully, the Pro Circuit rider will show some good speed and mix things up a little this weekend!)

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