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Kilgour rules at Glenochil! Scottish Twinshock Championships Round 8 – Race Report and Results

Kilgour rules at Glenochil! Scottish Twinshock Championships Round 8 – Race Report and Results


Onto the penultimate round of racing and Round 8 of the Scottish Twinshock Championship at the beautiful setting of Glenochil, with the backdrop of the lovely Glen Ochil hills.

Report by Jim Grieve – Images courtesy of by Barry Gordon B&M photography and Peter Greenwood

It was pleasing to see a nice dry event, on a great track laid out the previous day by Hoppy and the boys. It was also nice to see more women taking part in today’s races as well.

So onto the racing and the Pre-125cc class would rocket out of the gate and the usual two protagonists at the head of the field, with Peter o Neil and William Penrice, throwing their rapid machines around the track. In the end it would be Peter o Neil taking the win from William Penrice and a much deserved third place for Jonathan Young.

The pre-77 class was another amazing class as we witnessed these bikes of yesteryear flying up and down this fast stubble field. In the end it would be a very solid three races and the overall for John Fullerton on the big Yamaha, followed home by Gary Britton in second, and first race winner Grant McClure would take the third race step on the podium after what appeared to be bike troubles.

The youth class was as exciting as ever, it was to be solid rides from Jordan Graham to take the overall prize and superb riding from Connel Allardyce would take second, with Rory Oxland in third, a notable mention for young Harrison Grossett throwing the KTM around for 2 superb wins and the fastest times in his class but a third race problem would leave him in 4th.

The four strokes were on song next, throwing their thunderous machines around, it was Sam Sibbald taking the overall honours, in fine style, with James Mclean finishing a strong 2nd and Ricky Caldwell taking third on the podium.

The over 50’s were up next and it would be two sensational wins for this year’s champion John Lamont, although he would not complete one race due to technical difficulties, so it was a terrific first overall for Michael van der Merwe, riding out of his skin, with David Watson in second and a very steady ride for Keith ‘I never fell off’ Birse in third.
In the twin shock under 300cc class it would be a great result for Calum Kilgour throwing the 250cc Yamaha around the Alloa countryside, with Gordon Petersen taking second and Alex Joiner flying to a great third overall.

The Twin shock open class was as enthralling as ever, with John Crawford, Gordon Morrison, Craig Smith all flying, making this a terrific event to watch, in the end it would be John Crawford for the win with Gordon Morrison in second and Craig Smith taking third.

In the Clubman class it would be a superb set of battles between Callum Laird, Lewis Munro and Dean Rutherford with only a few seconds or less in these battles, in the end it would be Callum Laird with a deserved win from Lewis Munro and Adam Curran in third.

The Evolution class had Tom Grant firing three straight wins in for the overall, with Mathew Harper showing some great form for second and Roy Potts took the bronze award…

The 2-stroke class saw Robert Bell dicing with Allan Shields, Paul Benham and Barry Gillian but at the final flag it was a clear victory for Robert bell beating Allan Shields into second with Paul Benham in another rare appearance taking third.

The Monoshock class was a resounding success for tommy Fenwick with three straight victories in all three races, with Shaun Robertson taking second overall due to good consistent finishes and Greg Maxwell, hopped onto the third step.

Well done to everyone, and I hope to see you all at the last round in Glenfarg, all of the very best
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Pre-77 1 John Fullerton 2 Gary Britton 3 Grant Mcclure

Youth 1 Jordan Graham 2 Connel Allerdyce 3 Rory Oxland 4 Harrison Grosset 5 Stewart Bagen 6 James Forrest

Pre 90 125cc 1 Peter o Neil 2 Willian Penrice 3 Jonathan Young 4 Damian Carter 5 Kevin Rosie

Four stroke 1 Sam Sibbald 2 James Mclean 3 Ricky Caldwell 4 Andy Malloch 5 Joe Mclean 6 John Hopton

Twinshock under 300cc 1 Calum Kilgour 2 Gordon Peterson 3 Alex Joiner 4 Jim Grieve 5 Richie Mcfadden 6 Mike Dobie

Over 50’s 1 Mike van der Merwe 2 David Watcon 3 Keith Birse 4 John Lamont 5 Johnny Rutherford 6 Pat Mcshane

Twin-shock open 1 John Crawford 2 Gordon Morrison 3 Craig Smith 4 Paul Chiappa 5 Robert Smith jnr 6 Barry Smith

Clubmen 1 Callum Laird 2 Lewis Munro 3 Adam Curran 4 Kyle McClure 5 Craig Scott 6 Peter Rennie

Evolution 1 Tom Grant 2 Mathew Harper 3 Roy Potts 4 Craig Donaldson 5 Simon Graham 6 Barry Gillian

Two stroke open 1 Robert Bell 2 Allan Shields 3 Paul Benham 4 Bryan Golligan 5 Liam Smart 6 Christopher Smith

Monoshock 1 Tommy Fenwick 2 Shaun Robertson 3 Greg Maxwell 4 Jordan Mcdonald 5 Karl Livingstone 6 John Kenny

Team Points
1) Team Louden =1869 2) Team Dial-a-tow=1488 3) Team Argyll =1417 4) Team One-stop=951