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Introducing our new Feature Grasstrack Racer James Shanes

Introducing our new Feature Grasstrack Racer James Shanes

by adminJanuary 5, 2019

As we power headlong into year three of Dirt Hub’s existence, we are working with more feature racers for 2019, with one of the latest being British Grasstrack, Longtrack and Speedway racer James Shanes.

Feature image courtesy of Darren Nokes

James hails from Dirt Hub’s home county of Dorset, and out of all of our Feature Racer’s there is no doubting he racks up the most amount of miles as he races over 100 meetings a year all over Europe.

We look forward to following his progress and adventures throughout the season….

here is more about him..

Age: 21

Occupation: British Speedway, Grasstrack and European Longtrack rider

What type of Offroad do you race? Grasstrack, Longtrack and Speedway

Your machine? Grasstrack/Longtrack: RTS Tornado JAWA
Speedway: JHR Tornado JAWA

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? 3x British Masters Champion, 2x European Champion and Silver medalist with Team GB in the World Longtrack Team Cup

What are your future goals? Become a permanent top flight speedway rider and win a World title

Where are you racing this season? Birmingham and Swindon in speedway and all over Europe on Grasstrack

Who is your biggest racing idol? Simon Wigg

Who is your biggest on track rival? Martin Smolinski

What’s your pre race routine? Gloves on, Helmet, 3 deep breaths then Goggles, fist pump mechanic then go

Any superstitions? Too many to list hahaha…. but biggest is have to race in smiley underwear

Who has been your biggest inspiration? My dad

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? My Mum ( Sam) and Dad (Jon) both my sisters (Emma and Jo) and soon to be wife (Lauren) and all my sponsors and amazing fans

Where can we follow you? I’m on everything follow us at smiley-racing

Or my website