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Hit for Six! Edge Offroad Long 6 Hour Enduro – Race Report and Results

Hit for Six! Edge Offroad Long 6 Hour Enduro – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 1, 2017

Another fun filled weekend was lined up for everyone attending Edge Offroads events over the Bank Holiday period. On Saturday the Practise Day got under way as planned, bang on 10am. The Crew had pulled an amazing 12 mile loop out of the bag at this stunning location near Ripon, North Yorkshire. A few rain showers early on just kept the dust down, though this didn’t last long.

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of CH Images/JW Forsyth/Allan Forsyth

Once the Practice Day had finished, and the track alterations had been done for the following day, Event Director Sonya Jarvis, held the first organised fun event for the club – based on the grass track format, 2 riders at a time competing in heats, to go through to the next stage, and finally a final. Plus the Losers Loser event, the kids had a go too, and then to finish the night off, there was a “Slow” event for all that took part. The field that was used wasn’t graded so no one was any better off than the next anyone, it was equal for all concerned. It was absolutely fantastic to see the fun being had yet and the laughter heard again at an Edge event, Sonya and her team really do know how to keep everyone happy! The winner of the Fun Event was British Grass Track Champion, Jamie Rodgers, taking the £115 pot of money home with him. Young Bert Boam won the Losers Loser Award and Josh Bailey, the most laid back lad in the paddock, won the “Slow” Event and gained himself one of the awesome, new Edge Snapbacks! This will be an event that’s going to be firmly marked on the Edge Calendar for years to come.

Sunday was another gorgeous day, and you could tell from early doors that it was going to be a warm one! Edge have never done a Kids 2 Hour or Adult 6 Hour Solo/Team event before so everyone was eager to see how it would turn out. Not following in the normal footsteps of tag teams, this was open to Solo’s, 2 Man and 3 Man Teams, whereby they could ride out for as long or as little as they wanted. The Edge crew saved this long one for their biggest venue to date, 600 acres of fast and flowing open going, with half a dozen small wooded sections just to break it up. It was good to see they had put in the effort and had a 6 mile loop for the Kids and a 12 mile loop for the Adults. With a Le Man style start and brilliant sunshine was the order of the day for everyone, the Youth class got started at 8.30am, followed shortly behind by the Juniors. Edge team rider, Jamie Williams, got a great start grabbing the holeshot, but having to pit every lap. At which point he waited for young John Stanley to catch up, and then would chase him down – it was great to see these two interacting. John is a fantastic little rider with such confidence and appreciates all the help that he can get. Jamie ended up crashing hard on his second to last lap, landing on his head and neck. Though it shook him up quite badly, he got himself over the line in first place, and in one piece thanks to his neck brace! Jamie took the overall win by nearly one minute – something he seems to do wherever he rides at the moment. John took second place on his Lee Walters Offroad KTM, and new to Enduro, Callum Halliday,  was chuffed to bits to settle for third. Bert Boam took the holeshot in the Junior line up, and led for most of the race, having a fantastic battle with RG Racing rider, Harry Walker. Harry crashed with about an hour to go, then had a nightmare as he couldn’t get his bike going again! But the determined young lad from Yorkshire, managed to rein Bert back in again, and took his first ever win with a three minute gap on Bert! With an emotional mum and dad on the finish line, there were smiles and tears all round! Bert was gutted obviously not to take the win, but was chuffed for Harry taking his first win ever! Archie Roberts took third, the fast going isn’t Archie’s favourite, so he was happy to settle with his finish.

With a swift turnaround, nearly all the Adults were on the line ready for the off. Only a couple had decided to let their team mates start. Few had a strategy, most didn’t! The one’s that did, soon decided to change strategies after about the hour mark!! All Solos were on the same line, with a good 25 metres to run to their bikes. Solo Expert rider Luke Smith never let off the gas from start to finish, and took a very impressive overall solo win on 13 laps. Paul Daley Smith was over the moon with his second place on 12 laps, though these longer events do suit Paul more than your standard Hare and Hound type. It was good to see Steve Gardham back out riding Cross Country again and getting the final spot on the podium. Steve and Luke had a good battle for the first hour, along with Sportsman Solo rider Paul Baxter. Young D3 rider Robert Crayston, took a very, very happy Solo Sportsman win from a disappointed Liam Crowe on his Manchester Extreme Yamaha in second. Max Dent was chuffed to bits to get third place in the Solo Sportsman class which was nice to see. In the Solo Novices, Chris Davis took the win which actually placed him second overall in the Solo category as a whole! Chris has only started riding this year, and totally surprised himself with his result. David Marwood decided to throw himself in at the deep end with his first ever event and finished second in class, excellent result! And another newcomer to enduro, Kyle Walton, was well happy with his third place trophy.

The 2 and 3 Man Teams surprised many by actually spending the majority of the six hours on the track, each! Les Mudie got the holeshot in the 2 Man Teams, but had to finish at the half way point due to severe blisters! Once everyone settled down and got into a steady rhythm, it wasn’t too bad. Jamie Williams decided to have a gentle ride round from the three hour mark, having settled down from his earlier crash in the morning, he couldn’t just sit back and watch!

Having only received interest for the Novice 3 Man Team – Richard Sutcliffe, Kyle Burgess and Damen Ward took the win, with The Heatherington brothers and Ricki Taylor second and Team Armstrong taking third. A very happy but tired, Adrian and Finlay Horsley took the win in the Novice 2 Man team, followed in by Matt Holmes and Simon Challoner, and then Jake Southcoat and Lewis Hobin – this was their second enduro to date! Levi Walters and Ben Potts took the win in the 2 Man Sportsman team, Olly Clark and Steve Butterfield were second, and The Harris Brothers were third. Josh Bailey and Jamie Rodgers took the win in the Expert/Clubman 2 Man category, followed by father and son Mark and Chris Raynor respectively in second – neither of the Raynors like the faster tracks yet always do well at them, with Mark Barrow and D3 Owner Neil Crayston in third – Mark was not happy with Mr Crayston for entering into this category, but perseverance always pays off!

A massive well done has to go to everyone – even if you didn’t finish! A massive thank you to all the Edge Marshals that helped out all weekend to make sure that the event was a success again, without you Sonya wouldn’t be able to do this! And a huge thank you to all the families and friends of all the riders that continue to support all of us!

Looking forward to see you all again soon – next event weekend is 16th and 17th September, at yet ANOTHER new venue – Clayton, Nr Pontefract. Event mobile is 07557 447084 so get booked in – all info on Facebook so keep up to date with everything on there.


Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 25 Harry Walker RG Racing Juniors 02:00:55:712 7
2 210 Bert Boam Juniors 02:04:08:870 7
3 64 Archie Roberts Juniors 02:10:17:054 7
4 122 Charlie Page RG Racing Juniors 02:22:57:573 7
5 278 Caitlin Winn Juniors 02:18:23:078 5
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 222 Jamie Madhead EDGE Williams Youth 02:11:22:408 9
2 301 John Stanley Youth 02:12:13:071 9
3 510 Callum Halliday Youth 02:00:48:311 7
4 1 Tommy Shevels Youth 02:18:57:237 7
2 Tommy Tate Youth NS
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 106 Burgess/Sutcliffe/Ward 3 Man Novice 06:00:50:658 21
2 313 Heatherington/Heatherington/Taylor 3 Man Novice 06:13:26:340 21
3 444 Beckley/Waistell/Armstrong 3 Man Novice 06:14:37:592 21
4 1 Morris/Glass/Kehoe 3 Man Novice 06:28:50:544 21
5 Flavin/Dawes/Nason 3 Man Novice 02:55:23:481 DNF 12
9 Berry/Beaty/Beatty 3 Man Novice 03:50:38:624 DNF 10
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 27 Horsley/Horsley 2 Man Novice 06:24:10:051 21
2 90 Holmes/Challoner 2 Man Novice 06:30:42:064 19
3 666 Southcoat/Hobin 2 Man Novice 06:07:17:274 16
323 Baldry/Baldry 2 Man Novice 01:45:18:335 DNF 2
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 49 Walters/Potts 2 Man Sportsman 06:30:27:674 23
2 117 Clark/Butterfield 2 Man Sportsman 06:07:28:741 21
3 105 Harris/Harris 2 Man Sportsman 06:28:29:113 21
4 411 Gregory/Gordon 2 Man Sportsman 06:14:18:555 20
5 73 Leith/Mason 2 Man Sportsman 06:30:30:538 20
6 134 Hill/Cocker 2 Man Sportsman 06:37:16:286 20
7 4 Riddler/Riddler 2 Man Sportsman 06:20:51:896 19
8 888 Beadle/Beadle 2 Man Sportsman 06:00:34:104 14
9 285 Dungworth/Banham 2 Man Sportsman 06:06:25:750 14
10 50 Mudie/Winn 2 Man Sportsman 06:10:12:991 14
11 6 Wharton/Lightfoot 2 Man Sportsman 06:01:25:588 13
333 Brook/Coucom 2 Man Sportsman NS
85/285 Hetherington/Tate 2 Man Sportsman NS
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 363 Bailey/Rodgers 2 Man Exp/Club 06:13:56:974 25
2 18 Raynor/Raynor RG Racing 2 Man Exp/Club 06:23:06:459 24
3 19 Barrow/Crayston 2 Man Exp/Club 06:24:15:909 24
4 67 Bradford/Crowe 2 Man Exp/Club 06:03:23:057 22
5 62 Walker/Gamble RG Racing 2 Man Exp/Club 06:05:15:139 22
6 182 Marshall/Heyworth 2 Man Exp/Club 06:10:33:227 18
7 40 Little/Watson 2 Man Exp/Club 06:17:30:434 18
8 44 Kidd/Clayborn 2 Man Exp/Club 06:00:41:445 17
153 Hamilton/Hamilton 2 Man Exp/Club 02:53:05:934 DNF 11
34 Teale/Flack 2 Man Exp/Club NS
119 Harper/Shuffe 2 Man Exp/Club NS
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 637 Chris Davis Solo Novice 06:11:36:572 12
2 95 David Marwood Solo Novice 06:35:01:893 9
3 75 Kyle Walton Solo Novice 06:00:31:310 8
4 59 Daniel Allan Solo Novice 06:02:01:781 6
139 Andrew Price Solo Novice 01:19:57:013 DNF 2
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 12 Robert Crayston Solo Sportsman 06:26:18:555 12
2 165 Liam Crowe RG Racing Solo Sportsman 06:02:46:555 11
3 128 Max Dent Solo Sportsman 06:29:13:267 10
4 159 Jon Malone Solo Sportsman 06:00:39:312 9
5 222 Jamie Madhead EDGE Williams Solo Sportsman 06:00:28:687 6
85 Paul Liam Baxter Solo Sportsman 04:27:49:748 DNF 7
28 Morgan James Solo Sportsman 02:45:16:840 DNF 5
23 Jord Townend Solo Sportsman NS
246 Tim Howe Solo Sportsman NS
239 Andrew Seymour Solo Sportsman NS
148 Molly Howe Solo Sportsman NS
77 Andrew Page Solo Sportsman NS
Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 80 Luke Smith Solo Exp/Club 06:12:54:925 13
2 15 Paul Daley Smith Solo Exp/Club 06:15:20:274 12
3 601 Steve Gardham Solo Exp/Club 06:24:47:334 12
4 65 Andy Dean Solo Exp/Club 06:25:26:180 11
122 Curt Reece Solo Exp/Club NS
94 Joe Deakin Solo Exp/Club NS