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High Fives at Kilburn! Motul Long Edge Series 5 Hour Round 3 – Race Report and Results

High Fives at Kilburn! Motul Long Edge Series 5 Hour Round 3 – Race Report and Results

by adminJuly 4, 2018

Sunshine was the order of the day on Sunday at the awesome Kilburn XC venue for Edge Offroad hosting the Motul 5 Hour Solo/Team event. The conditions were remarkable, a new graded course plotted by the Edge crew was laid on to give the venue a completely different feel for the third round of this new Series. With the temperature around 24 degrees, the track rode perfectly albeit dusty, yet in the woodlands it was warm but shaded, just what the riders needed!

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of AF Photography

The first action of the day was for the Youth riders who were in for a two hour long battle. With a quiet entry for the 2 Hour event, it was still going to be a challenge for the Juniors. With Ailbe Oconnell taking an early bath, top spot went to little Sam Thompson who completely two laps on his little Auto. It was tough going for the little wheels, but none the less he still won! Billy Haigh suffered a puncture late on into his event but limped around on his last lap to make sure he secured the winning spot in the Youth category completing 12 laps. NEXC rider Sam Boyd loved the track and grabbed a solid second spot equalling Billy’s lap tally, and Edge rider Alex Leadbetter took the final step on the podium on nine laps.

Sam Thompson

The Motul sponsored 5 Hour Adult Ironman and 2 Man Tag Team event had a poor turnout of riders again but none the less, the Edge crew still put on a professional event regardless. The Expert/Clubman team class ended up with a good bunch of riders competing. Having the live timing certainly created a massive buzz for all riders and their pit crews alike.

John Steeples teamed up with Edge Course Designer Dan Bewlay; John got giddy and grabbed the holeshot! But it didn’t take long before Edge rider Joe Deakin got in front followed by Acklams Spike Gilby. Joe is in training for Sea to Sky so the hot, dusty conditions were perfect! In the end Will Hoare and Gav Houson both had a blinding ride, absolutely awesome to watch, and took the overall win on 26 laps, it was fantastic to see these two riding at Edge again. Joe Deakin and Dan Leadbetter had a steady result taking second just over a minute up on third place team Harrison Utley and Declan Halliwell. Harrison certainly is starting to shine this season, keep up the good work kid! The Team Vets class was better supported this time round, and Tim Reynolds and team mate Simon Nutter took a brilliant win a lap up on second place Nick Thompson and Dave Trenholme. David Barrett and Ian Shingler were chuffed to bits to take third place. Team Downs/Balfour took the win in the Team Sportsman class with Edge riders Jade Gordon and Sam Gregory in second and Ian McMahon and Dave Askham rounding out the podium all finishing on 21 laps. In the Team Novice class it was a family affair with Morgan Gilby and her dad taking the winners trophies home – Morgan has never won a trophy before so she was ecstatic! Team Beadle/Greave finished in second and Colin Pearson and Tony Harvey won their first ever trophies in third place!

Will Hoare

The Ironman Solo 5 Hour riders are always the brave ones! Ste Presland was shocked to win the Solo Novice class a lap up on second place Stevie Fitzsimmons, and Daniel Allan has been working hard all year to finally get on the podium and secured third. After another hard week at work, Steve Butterfield took a well deserved and easy win in the Solo Sportsman class on 20 laps, with Paul Freeman in second on 19 laps and Steven Buckthorpe in third place on 18 laps. In the Solo Vets class, a very happy Martin Allen took a solid win, with Paul McKie in second and Jason Clarke happily took third place home. The Solo Clubman class was won by a determined Chris Davis who has returned to form after going back to a two stroke! Darren Cousins made a return to XC riding and took the second spot, and Jetson Racing supported Alistair Griffin also returning from retirement took third – all finishing on 22 laps.

Mick Gilby

Regardless of the hot conditions, the event ran like clockwork and it was fantastic to see many smiling faces with such a great atmosphere. With 2018 being the first season for the  Long Edge series, we’re hoping next year it will take off. Riders were surprised at how much fun is had, not having to ride for too long as you can swap with your team amte whenever you want, so therefore keeping quite fresh for the day meaning you are able to put in better laps without the tiredness setting in!

Many thanks to everyone involved, especially to all the Edge marshals and staff for helping out all weekend. The next event weekend is the Play Day & Protect My Income Round 6 at Tong Parkwood Offroad Centre, BD4 0RR on Saturday and Sunday July 14th & 15th – Please book ASAP to secure your entry – Event Mobile is 07557 447084 or via the website www.edgeoffroad.events – all details are on the websites “Contact Us” page.

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Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 50 Sam Thompson Junior 2 02:00:11.50
9 Ailbe Oconnell Junior DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
252 Billy Haigh Youth 12 02:05:17.88
21 Sam Boyd Youth 12 02:09:38.93
20 Alex Leadbetter Youth 9 02:01:08.61
3 Emily Tropman Youth 7 02:01:45.35
15 Kane Atkinson Youth 4 02:11:28.55
19 Leon Bailey Youth 1 02:01:54.06
282 Ellie Poole Youth 1 02:02:49.71
451 Tom Slater Youth DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 52 Ste Presland Solo Novice 17 05:13:22.76
2 147 Stevie Fitzsimmons Solo Novice 16 05:06:36.16
3 59 Daniel Allan Solo Novice 13 05:02:03.06
4 58 Simon Cardis Solo Novice 12 05:11:26.36
5 1 Jason Sharpe Solo Novice 9 05:00:58.53
247 Carl Meredith Solo Novice DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 22 Steve Butterfield Solo Sportsman 20 05:15:07.04
2 167 Paul Freeman Solo Sportsman 19 05:01:58.21
3 619 Steven Buckthorpe Solo Sportsman 18 05:15:07.25
4 545 Jake Smith Solo Sportsman 9 05:01:44.56
5 95 Dan Hart Solo Sportsman 6 05:01:41.00
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 214 Martin Allen Solo Vets 21 05:08:39.62
2 127 Paul McKie Solo Vets 18 05:01:44.77
3 188 Jason Clarke Solo Vets 17 05:11:43.39
4 47 Lee Hutsby Solo Vets 16 05:01:06.45
5 257 Steven Epworth Solo Vets 13 05:04:14.04
20 Mark Kershaw Solo Vets DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 637 Chris Davis Solo Clubman 22 05:00:12.63
2 43 Darren Cousins Solo Clubman 22 05:00:21.97
3 23 Alistair Griffin Solo Clubman 22 05:15:00.35
6 Ben Brierley Solo Clubman DNF
12 George England Solo Clubman DNF
143 Philip Ball Solo Clubman DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 30 Morgan Gilby/Mick Gilby Team Novice 18 05:09:46.90
2 888 Jimmy Beadle/Kris Greaves Team Novice 17 05:08:23.77
3 8 Colin Pearson/Tony Harvey Team Novice 16 05:10:25.70
77 Andy Booth/Brody Harris Team Novice DNF
280 Rikki Brough/ Andrew Davis Team Novice DNF
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 169 Ricky Downs/Jonny Balfour Team Sportsman 21 05:00:47.99
2 35 Jade EDGE Gordon/Stu Gordon Team Sportsman 21 05:11:51.21
3 105 Ian McMahon/Dave Askham Team Sportsman 21 05:14:21.45
4 517 David Peel/Jamie Peel Team Sportsman 20 05:02:22.82
5 555 Jordan Maxwell/Bobby Dazler Team Sportsman 19 05:00:10.83
6 119 Will Howe/Bill Howe Team Sportsman 18 05:02:47.72
7 199 Michael Mcguinn/Billy Lumb Team Sportsman 17 05:08:52.50
8 89 Ryan Freeman/Ben Sharman Team Sportsman 15 05:00:05.61
9 194 Peter Kaye/Richard Holdsworth Team Sportsman 12 05:06:59.59
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 198 Tim Reynolds/Simon Nutter Team Vets 21 05:09:22.27
2 98 Nick Thompson/Dave Trenholme Team Vets 20 05:11:38.60
3 46 David Barrett/Ian Shingler Team Vets 18 05:00:56.25
4 9 Matt Baldwin/Scott Cocker Team Vets 17 05:01:08.57
5 60 Andy Taylor/Steve Johnson Team Vets 17 05:07:34.11
Position Number Rider Name Class Laps Time
1 80 Will Hoare/Gav Houson Team Expert/Clubman 26 05:11:10.01
2 94 Joe EDGE Deakin/Dan EDGE Leadbetter Team Expert/Clubman 24 05:00:52.20
3 489 Harrison Utley/Declan Halliwell Team Expert/Clubman 24 05:02:04.47
4 971 John Steeples/Dan EDGE Bewlay Team Expert/Clubman 24 05:05:07.33
5 70 Dan Harrison/Spike Gilby Team Expert/Clubman 24 05:07:02.95
6 4 James RG Racing Gamble/Luke Owen Team Expert/Clubman 23 05:06:27.58