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Harry’s the Tough Guy! Enduroland Tough Guy Enduro – Race Report & Results

Harry’s the Tough Guy! Enduroland Tough Guy Enduro – Race Report & Results

by adminDecember 5, 2017

After a week of technical track building Enduroland finally got the Tough Guy event started at 9.30am on Sunday. The quarry had been mega dry all week up until Saturday at around midday when the rain came although not very heavy, it was enough to turn the quarry surface sloppy, especially the newly stoned paddock which, in all fairness was the worst part -the track was actually better with the rain apart from the obvious slippy rocks.

Images and Feature Video courtesy of Dizzychoonz

Off first the Experts and Clubman plus who all got away unscathed from the tricky first climb, followed by the Clubman, the vets and Masters, then the 125cc and 85cc BW classes.  Finally the Sportsman and novice class got a little help, with the climb widened and an easier line opened, although this was nearly immediately blocked with a fallen rider.

As the riders progressed around the first section of the quarry the latter classes got held up on the rock return which proved to be the biggest stopper of the day and the near 360° tight turn couldn’t be mastered by many. The Marshalls kept it in place and did so with every section that would normally be changed at XC events when causing that many issues. It’s Tough Guy for a reason and Boss was adamant these areas wouldn’t be opened up and made ‘easier’.

Lots of further sections caused issues for the whole race but overall most riders coped well and embraced the slower more technical race which now looks set to be a regular annual event.

Nearly 100 riders attacked the Q1 venue and although usually a marmite event most finished with a big smile, and steaming heads after removing their helmets ………

Young Harry Edmondson led the Experts and took the overall win followed by Richard Heslop and Toby Hall in 3rd.

The Clubman saw James Palmer get an outstanding 3rd overall and top the Clubman class with Rob Simpson in 2nd and Josh Kirby in 3rd.

The Vets was mastered by Darren Bedford with Jason Clarke 2nd and Michael Reece in 3rd.

Masters maestro Mick Belcher won this class with Darren Carter close behind and Lewie Davis 3rd.

James Thompson won the 125cc Open class with Brighton based Kyle Saunders in second and Jadyn Giles on his new steed in 3rd.

The 85cc BW Harvey Ward won by one lap, with Joe Cornelius in 2nd and Zach Ward in 3rd.

The Sportsman/Novice class had Tom Goddard at the front, Gary Curtis took a gritty 2nd and ever smiling Tony Chawner in 3rd.

Laps ranged from 9 minutes (Harry) up to 20/40 minutes so a true test of technical ability and not speed on this occasion.

Tougher than usual and well received look out for Tough Guy 2018.

Everyone that entered was a Tough Guy !

The club would like to thank everyone that raced and to the practice guys that also supported the event, to all the staff and volunteers on the day and to the landowner who stays enthusiastic with us on our quarry adventures.Thank you.

In the meantime if you fancy some Tough Guy practice at the same venue on a similar track at Q1, look out for “A day in the dirt” on the 17th December which is an open pay and play day for riders 12 years old plus.  Visit www.enduroland.co.uk or the clubs social media sites to book.


Position No Rider Laps Class
1st 1 Harry Edmondson 14 Clubman Plus/Expert
2nd 251 Rich Heslop 13 Clubman Plus/Expert
3rd 44 James Palmer 13 Clubman
4th 500 Toby Hall 13 Clubman Plus/Expert
5th 230 Rob Simpson 13 Clubman
6th 345 Darren Bedford 13 Vets
7th 26 Ben Wolfe 12 Clubman Plus/Expert
8th 59 Josh Kirby 12 Clubman
9th 69 Harry Neal 12 Clubman
10th 179 Jason Clarke 12 Vets
11th 171 Dan Hunt 12 Clubman
12th 204 Kirk Giles 12 Clubman Plus/Expert
13th 78 Steve Norbury 12 Clubman
14th 199 Luke Evans 12 Clubman
15th 7 Michael Reece 12 Vets
16th 178 Dean Hancox 11 Clubman
17th 298 James Gill 11 Clubman
18th 28 Adam Shelton 11 Clubman
19th 797 Matt Sinclair 11 Vets
20th 196 Tom Goddard 11 Sportsman/Novice
21st 2 Amos Rowell 11 Clubman
22nd 32 Sam Cherry 11 Clubman
23rd 327 Mick Belcher 11 Masters
24th 66 Darren Carter 11 Masters
25th 223 Gary Curtis 11 Sportsman/Novice
26th 35 Tony Chawner 10 Sportsman/Novice
27th 157 Unnamed Racer 10 Masters
28th 123 Mark Glover 10 Masters
29th 777 George Dennison 10 Masters
30th 36 Greg Rademeyer 10 Vets
31st 312 Chris Bailey 10 Clubman
32nd 14 Paul Grewcock 10 Sportsman/Novice
33rd 222 Ross Higgins 10 Sportsman/Novice
34th 916 Matt Wyatt 10 Clubman
35th 76 Karolis Tvaronas 10 Clubman
36th 6 Andrew Brown 10 Masters
37th 74 Ben Humphrey 10 Clubman
38th 10 James Thompson 10 125cc Open
39th 77 Mindaugus Juska 10 Clubman
40th 918 Joe Pratt 10 Clubman
41st 211 Mark Goddard 10 Vets
42nd 117 Reilly Dennison 9 Sportsman/Novice
43rd 666 Richard Davies 9 Sportsman/Novice
44th 124 Mick Dyson 9 Masters
45th 27 Jamie Reece 9 Sportsman/Novice
46th 197 Steven Szmigielski 9 Vets
47th 54 Oliver Douglass 9 Clubman
48th 126 Jack Kew 9 Clubman
49th 50 Graham Ayliff 9 Sportsman/Novice
50th 55 Jonny Panter 9 Sportsman/Novice
51st 57 Robert Montrose 8 Clubman
52nd 210 Andrew Newland 8 Vets
53rd 73 Glen Varden 8 Vets
54th 193 Kyle Saunders 7 125cc Open
55th 115 Harvey Ward 7 85cc BW
56th 15 Ewan Mcintyre 7 Sportsman/Novice
57th 203 Jadyn Giles 7 125cc Open
58th 19 James Dover 7 Clubman
59th 16 John Cross 7 Sportsman/Novice
60th 311 Joe Cornelius 6 85cc BW
61st 114 Zac Ward 6 85cc BW
62nd 237 Flynn Dennison 6 Sportsman/Novice
63rd 259 James Carnegie 6 Sportsman/Novice
64th 95 William Gorringe 6 Sportsman/Novice
65th 457 Dylan Watt 5 Sportsman/Novice
66th 101 Bryan Moore 4 Sportsman/Novice
67th 22 Olly Newland 3 85cc Sw
68th 24 Andrew Simmonds 2 Sportsman/Novice
69th 4 Lee Broughton 2 Sportsman/Novice
70th 919 Rob Pratt 2 Masters
71st 11 Ross Dover 1 Masters
72nd 168 Neil Varden 1 Sportsman/Novice