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Hands down win for Rocco! Coventry JMX and YSMA Two Dayer – Race Report and Results

Hands down win for Rocco! Coventry JMX and YSMA Two Dayer – Race Report and Results


CJMX and YMSA joined forces this weekend to run a joint 2 day meeting at the mighty Culham.

Report by Rebecca Stock – Images courtesy of Roy Edwards

The track was ripped up and watered well and the weather held out all weekend with lots of lovely sunny spells. Over the weekend each class would take part in 5 races, 3 Saturday and 2 Sunday.


First out for the day were the mixed group of MX1 & MX2 classes. Corey Nemeth took all 3 wins of the day. Daniel Ashmore, Ross Kersey and Daryl Wallis were left battling it out for the remaining podium spots. Ashmore 2-3-2, Kersey 3-2-4 and Wallis taking a third in race 3.

The Evo/Twinshocks and YMSA C group were next to the line. Neil Price dominated this group taking all 3 wins; Kieran Price came 2nd in each race followed by Nathan Jacobs in 3rd.

Seth Manners – Small Wheel 85’s

Scrambling off the start next was the Clubman class. Leo Shaw was on form and took all 3 race wins of the day; James Thompson was hot on his heels coming in 2nd. Tom King bagged himself 3rd in races 1 and 2 and Andy Salt took the final 3rd in race 3.

Next up was the Vets. John Cooper was victorious with 3 wins. Richard Dawson worked hard to finish 2-2-3. Andy Philpott came home in 3rd for race 1 and Mickey Firth finished up with 4-3-2.

The hungry youth class were eager to get going next. Alfie Jones made light work of the track taking all 3 wins with an impressive lead. Travis Reynolds worked hard to finish with 2-2-3, Ben White pushed in race 2 and finished with 3rd and Jacob Russell grabbed 2nd in race 2.

The Big Wheel 85 class was a battle from start to finish. Oliver Ruddock and Kayde Rayns played cat and mouse in races 1 and 2. Ruddock 1-2 and Rayns 2-1. Jaysi Austin took 3rd position. Race 3 and it was Rayns who was back out front, this time Austin bagged himself a 2nd spot followed by Harvey Sambridge in 3rd.

Rocco Hands took all 3 wins in the Small Wheel 85 class showing some supreme riding. Seth Manners was consistent taking all the 2nd positions. Declan Wright, Harlow Green and Jack Parker each took a 3rd position.

The Auto class took to the line next. Olivia Reynolds showed the boys her winning ways taking all 3 race wins. Caiden Brand came in 2nd each race with Tyler Harris taking 3rd in races 1 and 2, Sonny Burton pushed for 3rd in race 3.

The last group on the line were the hungry junior group. Blake Ward-Clarke took each race win of the day by some margin. Ethan Jordan took 2nd in race 1 and Drew Stock 3rd. Race 2 and 3 Lee Simkiss pushed for 2nd and Alfie Payne 3rd.


Out first again were the MX1 & MX2 classes. Corey Nemeth took the win in race 1 followed by Ross Kersey 2nd and Daryl Wallis 3rd. Race 2 Wallis pushed for 1st position, Mitch Warhurst put in a determined ride for 2nd and Kersey 3rd.

Next up were the Evo/Twinshock and YMSA C group. Neil Price was back out front in both races; Kieran Price 2nd and Michael Dancer and Joe Webster each took a 3rd.

Clubman class took to the line next. Leo Shaw was consistent again taking both wins, James Thompson didn’t give up pushing all the way to come in 2nd. Aaron Minter and Ashton Cox both took a 3rd each.

Blake Ward-Clarke -65’s

The Vets class were next. Billy Hazell took the win in race 1, closely followed by Mickey Firth and John Gauntlett. Race 2 and Firth stormed away to take the win. Gauntlett 2nd and Andy Philpott 3rd.

Ready to race next were the Youth class. Alfie Jones didn’t disappoint in race 1 of the day taking the chequered flag once again followed by Travis Reynolds and Jacob Russell. Race 2 Russell took the win, Reynolds 2nd and Jacob Bell 3rd.

Raife Broadley joined in the Big wheel 85 class for today and took both the wins. Kayde Rayns pushed for 2nd and Oliver Ruddock 3rd.

The Small Wheel 85 class were next out. Rocco Hands dominated the racing once again taking both wins of the day. Harlow Green both 2nd and Declan Wright 3rd.

Fenton Rayns – Small Wheel 85’s

Back out on the line were the Auto group of riders. Today Caiden Brand took both the wins but Olivia Reynolds wasn’t letting him have it easy pushing him all the way round to take 2nd. Tyler Harris was consistent with both the 3rd positions.

The last group of the weekend were the Junior class. Blake Ward-Clarke was on great form again and took both the wins of the day. Alfie Payne battled it out with Drew Stock for 2nd in race 1. Ethan Jordan pushed all the way round for 2nd in race 3 with Payne coming in 3rd.

CJMX and YMSA would like to thank the medics, timing, marshals, track prep, start crew and officials for all the help over the weekend. To all the riders that took a tumble we wish you a speedy recovery. The next meeting is being held at Gale Common 20/21 July. Book in through


Auto: 1st Olivia Reynolds, 2nd Caiden Brand, 3rd Tyler Harris, 4th Sonny Burton, 5th Harley Pastoor, 6th Tyler Kearton

Junior: 1st Blake Ward-Clarke, 2nd Alfie Payne, 3rd Ethan Jordan, 4th Drew Stock, 5th Lee Simkiss, 6th Jenson Severn

S/W 85:1st Rocco Hands, 2nd Declan Wright, 3rd Harlow Green, 4th Jack Parker, 5th Harvey Haslam, 6th Bayley Ward-Clarke

B/W 85: 1st Kayde Rayns, 2nd Oliver Ruddock, 3rd Jaysi Austin, 4th George Elsden, 5th Cory Alridge, 6th Jake Evans

Youth: 1st Travis Reynolds, 2nd Jacob Russell, 3rd Jacob Bell, 4th Alfie Jones, 5th Charlie Sellick, 6th Louis Smith

Vets: 1st Mickey Firth, 2nd John Gauntlett, 3rd Andy Philpott, 4th Warren Clifton, 5th Stephen Hodder, 6th Chris Loyd

Clubman: 1st Leo Shaw, 2nd James Thompson, 3rd Andy Salt, 4th Dan Grimshaw, 5th Ashton Cox, 6th Gian Rizkalla

Evo/Twinshock: 1st Neil Price, 2nd John Holmes, 3rd Mark Russell, 4th Simon Rogers, 5th Lee Hayward, 6th Mark Finn

YMSA C class: 1st Kieran Price, 2nd Joe Webster, 3rd Pete Neville, 4th Matthew Lowe, 5th David Price, 6th Duane Baines

MX1 and MX2: 1st Ross Kersey, 2nd Corey Nemeth, 3rd Daryl Wallis, 4th Mitch Warhurst, 5th Shane Holmes, 6th Jake Marsh