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Hallowed Hawkstone next up for the Bridgestone British Masters – Preview

Hallowed Hawkstone next up for the Bridgestone British Masters – Preview

by adminAugust 2, 2019

This weekend the Bridgestone British Masters is heading to the world-famous Hawkstone Park for Round 5 of their 2019 series. With 360 riders taking to the concrete start, we can guarantee this is going to be a brilliant weekend of bar-to-bar action!

Report by Rebecca Hambridge – Images by Lee Ashby

In the Junior 65cc class, Freddie Gardiner is leading the way with 524 points. Charlie Richmond is not far behind with Brandon Buckley in third. This group has provided battles at every round with these three runners along with Archie-Jay Girdham, Jamie Keith, Blake Ward-Clarke and Riley Ingram battling it out in every race at every round. Freddie will be looking to extend his lead even further but we can guarantee Charlie will not be going down without a fight for that top spot, especially as the championship is nearing a close.

Tyla Hooley took the overall at Whitby in the Small Wheel 85cc group and also left with the 2019 Bridgestone Cup! He will be looking to claw back some valuable points from Mckenzie Marshall who is sitting in first place. But this round could be a crucial point in the championship for this group as only 1 point separates Tyla Hooley and Warren Clarke for second and third place so the battle will most defiantly be on.

Arai Elcock took the win at Whitby in the Big Wheel 85cc group and managed to pull back some valuable points from the series leader, Sam Atkinson. Arai will be looking to close that gap for first place again this weekend but the top six in this group are extremely competitive with Tye Jones, Reece Ross, Kayde Rayns and Jude Turton all chasing not far behind.

Ike Carter still remains victorious in the MXY2 Youth class. Ike will be wearing the official Bridgestone British Masters GoPro this weekend to show everyone how to take on Hawkstone Park – this footage will be available for viewing after the event via the official Bridgestone British Masters Facebook Page. We can guarantee Kyle McNicholl and Kurt Griffiths will be charging Ike down for the lead. Aaron Patstone and Jacob Russel who have been improving week in and week out over the course of the 2019 series and are definitely ones to watch this weekend.

The 125cc class is arguable one of the most competitive classes with a different leader in the championship after each round. It is Jordan Bachelor who is currently reigning victorious but Troy Willerton will be looking to pull back some extremely valuable points this weekend. Dylan Spencer, Chuck Davies, Patrick Jackson and Jude Morris are also ones to keep an eye on! This race is packed with extremely quick and talented riders so make sure you are watching this group over the weekend.

Gareth Artus took the maximum home from Whitby which has pulled him up to 8th in the championship. Gareth will be one to watch as he will be battling it out with Adam Day, Harry Bradley and Luke Houghton for the podium finish.

The Amateur MX2 class is a very quick group with Oliver Benton currently leading the way. Jack Rowland, Rory Jones and Ben Burridge are ones to keep an eye on along with Mitchell Warhurst who was flying at Whitby.


The boys in the Pro MX1 / Pro MX2 group are guaranteed to put on a show. Jake Shipton managed to extend his lead on Jake Millward after Millward had a disappointing second race at Whitby. Millward however is extremely quick in the sand and therefore will be looking to take on Shipton for the podium. However, these boys also need to contend with Elliott Banks-Browne, James Dunn, Luke Smith and Robbie Dowson for the podium as these boys are always in the top standings. As Taylor Hammal is sadly out of the championship due to injury, the door has opened for Martin Barr who currently leads the way for the Pro MX2 group. Ben Franklin has been extremely consistent this year and now sits in second place but Ashton Dickinson and Robert Yates are right on his tail.

Why not pop along to the world-famous Hawkstone Park circuit this weekend and watch some of the countries top riders battle it out. Spectators are welcome at a price of £10 per adult; £5 per child; £5 per senior citizen; and under 5’s are free. Camping is free of charge and entrance is permitted from 11:30am on Friday. A live band will be performing on Saturday evening with some rock n roll and blues music.

Follow the Bridgestone British Masters official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date on the weekends live action as and when it happens.

Hawkstone Park Postcode: SY4 4NA

Order of Racing:

Amateur MX2
MXY2 Youth
Junior 65cc
Small Wheel 85cc
Big Wheel 85cc
Pro MX1 / Pro MX2 (Sunday only)
Amateur MX1