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Haigh on a High! Coventry Junior MX & YSMA MX – Race Report and Results

Haigh on a High! Coventry Junior MX & YSMA MX – Race Report and Results

by adminSeptember 4, 2018
CJMX and YMSA held a joint meeting at the newly revamped Mildenhall. As usual Cliff had prepped the track to perfection and all the riders were keen to get on the line.

Report by Rebecca Stock – Images courtesy of Picturebike

Out first were the MX1 & MX2 class. Calum Mitchell was consistent and took all 3 wins, Ryan Bruce 2nd and Dan Whitehead 3rd in the first 2 races. Race 3 saw Daryl Wallis take 2nd and Harry Clark 3rd.

Next to the line were the Clubman. James Thompson pushed hard and managed to take the chequered flag in race 1 with Andy Hollingsworth coming in 2nd and Karl Jenkinson 3rd. Race 2 and this time Jenkinson finished 1st with Thompson taking a well deserved 2nd and Reece Gill 3rd. Race 3 and it was Leo Shaws turn to be out front, JJ Fearn took 2nd and Gill 3rd.

Up next were the hungry youth group. Patrick Jackson showed supreme riding skills all day taking all 3 wins. Ethan Etheridge pushed hard to go 2-2-3 and Casey Lambley 3-3-2.

Unleashed next were the Vet and Evo classes. John Cooper took the win in race 1, Stuart Scott showed great determination pushing for 2nd with Richard Brown taking 3rd. Race 2 and Cooper was back out front again, Jamie Thomas took 2nd and Sid Richardson 3rd. Race 3 and Scott pushed hard took take the win, followed by Cooper and Richardson.

On the line next were the Junior riders. Warren Clarke put in a solid performance to take the win, Rocco Hands came in 2nd and Blake Ward-Clarke 3rd. Race 2 and Clarke was back out front, Declan Wright pushed hard for 2nd and Chester Hyde showed great determination and took 3rd. Race 3 and this time Kayden Smith was on great form and took the final win, Clarke pushed for 2nd and Wright 3rd.

Perry Galloway

The Autos were ready to race next. There were some great battles between Archie Britton and Alfie Geddes-Green in all 3 races. Britton went 1-1-2 with Geddes-Green 2-2-1. Bailey Williams, Cassidy Brand and Jack Leese managed to get into the top 3 throughout the day.

Next up were the Small wheel 85’s. Kiean Boughen took all 3 wins, but was under pressure from Kayde Rayns who was pushing hard for 2nd position in all 3 races. Travis Webster took 3rd in races 1 and 2, Layton Sulley in race 3.

Last out to race were the Big wheel 85’s. Harrison Ford took the win in race 1, followed by Jayden Haigh and Alfie Barnes. Race 2 and this time Haigh was determined to take the win, leaving Ford 2nd and Barnes 3rd. Race 3 and Haigh was back out front, closely followed by Ford and Jack Raybould taking 3rd.

Autos: 1st Archie Britton, 2nd Alfie Geddes-Green, 3rd Cassidy Brand, 4th Jack Leese, 5th Bailey Williams, 6th Riley-Ray Barrow
Juniors: 1st Warren Clarke, 2nd Declan Wright, 3rd Chester Hyde, 4th Rocco Hands, 5th Kayden Smith, 6th Blake Ward-Clarke
S/W 85’s: 1st Kiean Boughen, 2nd Kayde Rayns, 3rd Layton Sulley, 4th Harvey Antrobus, 5th Jake Brown, 6th Haydon Harris
B/W 85’s: 1st Jayden Haigh, 2nd Harrison Ford, 3rd Tommy Petchell, 4th Jack Raybould, 5th Ethan Plummer, 6th Tommy Gilbert
Youth: 1st Patrick Jackson, 2nd Ethan Etheridge, 3rd Casey Lambley, 4th Dan Fisher, 5th Laney Monoghan, 6th Charlie Boiston
Clubman: 1st James Thompson, 2nd Leo Shaw, 3rd Karl Jenkinson, 4th Reece Gill, 5th JJ Fearn, 6th Connor Barnett
MX1 & MX2: 1st Calum Mitchell, 2nd Ryan Bruce, 3rd Bradley Doyle, 4th Dan Whitehead, 5th Daryl Wallis, 6th Harry Clark
Vets & Evos: 1st John Cooper, 2nd Stephen Sparrow, 3rd Ashley Brown, 4th Sid Richardson, 5th Trevor Buckley, 6th Richard Brown