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H20 calling! British Extreme Enduro Championships Round 3 – Preview

H20 calling! British Extreme Enduro Championships Round 3 – Preview

by adminMarch 22, 2019

It’s the third round of the British Extreme Enduro Championships this Sunday 24th March which takes place at the awe-inspiring H20 venue SY10 7PA.

Feature image courtesy of Matthew Rudd Photography

Due to the length of the lap, Fast Eddy has made the decision to run one race rather than the Am and Pm format used for the previous rounds, with the event starting at 11am and running for 2 and a half hours.

The great news is that hard and easy options will be open for  ALL RIDERS, as yet again Fast Eddy are doing something a little bit different… it’s going to be some course with the steepest hill in the woods! Yes there’s a easy-ish way around but it’s over one minute.  The course has a huge mixture of terrain with some open going, motocross tracks and then some super extreme sections which will certainly test the best of them.

Johnny Walker will be going all out to extend his lead at the head of the Championship, but he will have stiff competition from South African Travis Teasdale, veteran Paul Bolton, and Super Enduro Junior World Champ William Hoare.  You can’t count out the in-form Jono Richardson either as he has been superb in 2019, and our Feature Racer Charlie Frost will also be looking to push further up the standings

Riders can walk the course from 9.00 am Saturday.

Spectator entry is free as well for this event.

Entry list

2 James Dent Championship Sherco 250 2T MRS Racing, Dent Dog Massive
3 Keelan Hancock Championship Husqvarna 250 St Blazey MX
4 Sam Winterburn Championship KTM 300 TPi Eurotek KTM
5 Charlie Frost Championship Eurotek KTM 300 EXC Optimum Access, MotoKing, Crystal Locksmiths
6 Travis Teesdale Championship KTM Eurotek
13 Paul Bolton Championship KTM 300 EXC
22 Jonny Walker Championship KTM Red Bull KTM
23 Gethin Humphreys Championship GasGas 300 Gas Gas UK
72 Jonathan Richardson Championship Husqvarna 300
80 William Hoare Championship Husqvarna Craig Motorcycles, Parkwood Off-Road Centre
94 Joe Deakin Championship KTM 300 Eurotek KTM
41 Richard Hawes Clubman Beta
43 Dean Williamson Clubman Gas Gas 300 GP
46 Luke Owen Clubman Husqvarna 250 Edge Off Road
48 Robert Taylor Clubman KTM 300 Eurotek
49 Lee Durrant Clubman Beta 300 RR
50 Marcus Morgan Clubman KTM 300
55 Chloe Richardson Clubman KTM 300 TPi
57 Jamie Williams Clubman KTM 150 Team Family Racing
58 Jamie Black Clubman KTM 300 EXC J B Racing
59 Josh Kirby Clubman KTM 250 EXC F K&N Surfacing/EuroTek
60 Jason Hirst Clubman KTM 300 EXC Redline Trackdays
61 Tim Woodhouse Clubman Husqvarna TE 300
63 Cameron McCann Clubman Beta 300 RR Racing Brough MOT Centre, Allison Racing
64 Ben Martindale Clubman Husqvarna FE 250
67 Ryan Crayston Clubman D3 KTM 250 Tpi D3 Racing
68 Ross Mailer Clubman KTM SX 250 RMR
70 John Robb Clubman Husqvarna Team Army RLC
75 Jack Winn Clubman KTM 150 Jetson Racing, Race Off Road
88 Chris Brown Clubman Beta
111 Lee Hattersley Clubman KTM 350 Syd Smith Sheffield
10 Grant Churchwood Elite Vets KTM 300 Wayne Mounter Motorcycles, Brynstore.com
12 Jason Pierce Elite Vets Husqvarna Tpi 300 Tricks in the sticks
14 Gareth Leonard Elite Vets
16 Harold Crawford Elite Vets Husqvarna 300
28 Colin Blunt Elite Vets KTM 300 Proseal KTM
36 James Brown Elite Vets Beta 300
7 Ben Wibberley Expert Husqvarna TE 300 Freestyle
11 Gavin Houson Expert KTM EXC 250 Craigs Motorcycles
15 Aled Price Expert KTM 300 Adventure Spec
18 Ashley Maller Expert KTM 300 TPi
19 Hayden Maller Expert Beta 300 RR
24 Craig Roper Expert KTM 250 EXC
26 Josh Bailey Expert Beta 300 RR Leisure Trail
27 Jack Spencer Expert Beta Beta UK
30 Robert Crayston Expert Baydale D3 Racing KTM Baydale Control Systems
31 Michael (Spike) Gilby Expert Beta 300 RR Acklams Beta, Harrogate Van Centre, W Metcalfe & Sons
32 Stuart Mack Expert Beta Team Army RLC, Acklams Beta
34 Jack Barwick Expert KTM 300 Desert Rose Racing
35 Dave Wood Expert KTM 300 D3 Racing
37 Matthew Thompson Expert KTM 300 EXC
38 John Battensby Expert Sherco 300 MRS Racing
39 Jordan Scott Expert Husqvarna
40 David Dudley Expert Husqvarna TE 250
44 Barry Donaghy Expert Husqvarna 300
47 Suff Sella Expert KTM 150 Sella Racing
66 Dawson Marriott Expert Gas Gas EC 250 Gas Gas UK, Mansfield Motorcycles
157 Max Diment Expert KTM 300 EXC
198 Mathias Salin Expert Beta Whitgift
62 Scott Booth Sportsman Husqvarna 250 F
65 Kaylin Mchale Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
78 Josh Gilroy Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
81 Gage Whyte Sportsman Husqvarna TE 250 Tpi Whytes Decorators
87 Daniel Dicker Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
92 Ricky Ford Sportsman KTM 300 EXC MJMX
99 Mindaugas Juska Sportsman KTM 200 EXC
100 Karolis Tvaronas Sportsman Husqvarna 250 Tei
102 Ben Hall Sportsman KTM 300
103 Steven Horgan Sportsman KTM
104 James Rogers Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
105 James Hart Sportsman KTM 300 EXC
112 Brodie Heyes Sportsman Husqvarna 250 Tpi
114 Joshua Flora Sportsman KTM
115 Will Nearn Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300i
118 Liam Crisp Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300 i STS Off Road
119 Jamie Berry Sportsman Beta 300 RR
120 Alex Hatherall Sportsman KTM 300
121 David Blackburn Sportsman Husqvarna 300 Blackburn Motor Bodies
122 Matthew Blackburn Sportsman Gas Gas 300 Blackburn Motor Bodies
123 Daniel Wheat Sportsman KTM 250 2T
124 Luke Ames Sportsman Husqvarna 250i
125 Matthew Redpath Sportsman KTM 300
126 Lee Hutsby Sportsman Gas Gas 250
130 Robert Graham Sportsman Husqvarna TE 300
134 Ben Tennant Sportsman Beta 300 RR 2T CJT Off Road
135 Chris Tennant Sportsman Beta 350 RR CJT Off Road
139 Matthew Streeter Sportsman Sherco 250 SER
142 Michael Smith Sportsman KTM 250 EXC F
144 Andrew Barker Sportsman Husqvarna 250 AKB Loft Conversions
145 Jason Clarke Sportsman KTM 300 TPi
146 Lewis Moore Sportsman Husqvarna 300 RAW Enduro
154 Oliver Hobson sportsman KTM 250 EXC
159 Alexander Watt Sportsman KTM 250 Watermatic
163 James Taylor Sportsman Husqvarna 250 4T
165 Jobe Urqhart Sportsman KTM 250 EXC
173 Mat LLewellyn Sportsman KTM 250 EXC 2T MHM Plant Ltd
77 Stephan Parry Sportsman Vets KTM 300 EXC
113 Christian Pearson Sportsman Vets Beta X-trainer Rally Industrial Services
137 Colin Taylor Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 4T
141 Saxon Nel Sportsman Vets
150 Dave Cooper Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 450 Freestyle
152 Peter Urqhart Sportsman Vets Husqvarna TE 300
153 Murray Shotter Sportsman Vets Sherco 300 2T
156 Mark Lodge Sportsman Vets Octane KTM Octane KTM
161 Stevie Hanna Sportsman Vets Beta 300 The Long Haired General
169 Alex Owen Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 250 Motorcycle Goodies
172 Peter Whiteside Sportsman Vets KTM 300 Bob’s Bar
175 Paul McKie Sportsman Vets KTM 250 EXC F
176 Paul Jefferson Sportsman Vets KTM 300 Jefferson Electrical Services
177 Nigel Lynn Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 300 Tpi Protect My Income
179 Lewie Davis Sportsman Vets Husqvarna 125
184 Ricky Tropman Sportsman Vets KTM 250 EXC
84 Doug Lote Youth Yamaha 125
190 Richard Moorhouse Youth Sherco 125 SE-R MRS Sport
194 Cynan Jones Youth Beta 125 cc AB Motorcycles/ RGW Plant Ltd
196 Will Cawte Youth KTM BW 85 cc