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Grasstrack Banters “Bantasia 1” is Go!

Grasstrack Banters “Bantasia 1” is Go!

Despite all the doom and gloom that has been affecting the world at the moment, Grasstrack Banter Promotions are pleased to announce that our first staging of ‘Bantasia 1’ is still set to run this year, albeit behind closed doors. The event will be held on Sunday 18th April at the popular Whaddon Farm Venue, near Winchester.

Feature images courtesy of Amanda Morrison

Obviously, this past year has been hard for so many reasons, and of course we have considered cancelling the event for this year, but with the situation improving we feel its important for us to keep the event alive for this year if we can. We will be following all the necessary guidelines set out and making it as safe as we can for all involved as per the government guidance and ACU risk assessment.
As a club we are unanimous in making the decision to run the event and we are looking forward to seeing everyone who enters out on track enjoying their racing again.

Obviously, there is a lot of additional information we need to get out about this event, and we will be announcing them in more detail over the coming weeks, but for us we really wanted to try and spread some positivity at this time and let everyone know our plans, because 2020 was not a year to remember.

Please bear in mind that the restrictions may include limiting number of non-riding people with each rider. If you are planning on riding in this meeting, please ensure that you have considered this in your arrangements. More details on this are to follow.

Although the plan of restrictions being eased in April as Step 3 of the government exit roadmap does unfortunately mean we are unable to have spectators at our event. The original plan was all about letting our followers and fans see Europe’s top solo riders in action and contracts were signed with some of the world’s elite.

Without spectators this format is just simply not viable. We are not forgetting our spectators and we are currently in talks with our media partners to try and provide a professional live stream across our social media pages of the action.

As a club we are going to try and do all we can to get this meeting on. What this will mean is an increase in entry fees to cover the additional expenses, but we must emphasis this is a one off and hopefully understood given the circumstances.

For now, we are focusing on the future and something positive, putting on an event for riders to get out on their bikes and having a blast. That is our aim, because that is what riding Grasstrack is about.

Classes Running:
• Youth Autos
• Youth Cadets
• Youth Juniors
• Youth Intermediates
• GT140’s
• 250cc Solo
• 350cc Solo
• 500cc Solo
• Upright Solo
• Right Hand Sidecars
• 500cc Sidecars
• Old & New Sidecars

Entries are limited and are on a first come first served and to be made through our website

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