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Golden Godden! Pitbike Speedway Championships 2018/19 Round 1 – Race Report and Results

Golden Godden! Pitbike Speedway Championships 2018/19 Round 1 – Race Report and Results

by adminDecember 18, 2018

Motorcycle sport was the winner today as the “No Sponsor” PitBike speedway world champs flew from the tapes on a sun drenched Iwade for GP1.

Images courtesy of Amanda Morrison

Veteran Ex-Pro Mitchel Godden showed the youngsters exactly how’s it’s done in tricky conditions with a fault-less 16 point maximum + A final victory. Godden #140 mounted on a recently purchased Zircon M2R 2v machine from a Rochester council estate proved that if a bike can out run the fuzz from 3 post office robberies and a smash n grab it can win as standard (ish) at PitBike speedway.

Charley Powell also maxed out in heat points but watched his chances of GP victory all but disappear in the B final as Edward Kennett wrecked the ”onloan” Powell machine after his own bike dropped a valve in leg 4. Kennett obviously needs to realise preparing for a championship of this status can’t be done in a cafe.

Current world champion Rob Mear took the silver medal after a back row A final start. Mear progressed from the B final after only scoring 13/16. Poor by his usual high standards, but the relentless Mear pulled a result out of the bag passing newbie Rocket Rodney Mcdonald on the last lap for the second position.

Australian McDonald made it to the final podium spot after a solid display on his PitBike speedway debut similarly Martyn Sturgeon in his debut making the A final direct on a borrowed Benny Read works machine but having to give it back when going head to head in the grand final. Sturgeon will surely be looking to make a purchase as he now feels held back on #26 148cc machine of Read’s, maybe the nice people at BEN’s Bikes can help!!

The honeymoon however is over for Kennett who finally finished a lowly 13th overall and immediately demanded a meeting with the CEO of Natwest on Monday morning.
Connor Dugard balls quickly went AWOL after a practice spill, and we witnessed Some great rides from ever improving Josh Russell, Murrie Collins and Lydia Penfold.

Evergreen Godden now leads the “No Sponsor” world championship with a first round 41 point maximum followed by a 3 way tie for second between Mear, McDonald & Powell all on 37, them being closely chased by Read & Brennan on 35.

Speedway starlet Jason Edwards also made a fine debut on borrowed machinery from Essex (probably stolen) making the big A final from progressing from the C.

A good day was had by all and getting back on the bikes in the Kent sunshine was the tonic we all needed.

Next “No Sponsor” world championship round returns in January with an Xmas special scheduled at Iwade on December 30th

1. Mitchel Godden 25+16 (41)
2. Rob Mear 24+13 (37)
3. Rodney McDonald 23+14 (37)
4. Tom Brennan 22+13 (35)
5. Charley Powell 21+16 (37)
6. Benny Read 20+15 (35)
7. Jason Edwards 19+10 (29)
8. Martyn Sturgeon 18+13 (31)
9. Josh Russell 17+13 (30)
10. Charlie G Gates 16+13 (29)
11. Murrie Collins 15+10 (25)
12. Graeme Brown 14+9 (23)
13. Edward Kennett 13+12 (25)
14. Chris Shallcross 12+10 (22)
15. Paul Morfey 11+10 (21)
16. Barry Coates 10+9 (19)
17. Russell Little 9+7 (16)
18. Sam Heath 8+11 (19)
19. Ben Ilsley 7+9 (16)
20. Chad Wirtzfeld 6+9 (15)
21. Paul Smith 5+8 (13)
22. Simon Field 4+8 (12)
23. Lydia Penfold 3+9 (12)
24. Jake Gerring 2+9 (11)
25. Derek Keys 1+5 (6)
26. Garry Ram Dunn 0+5 (5)
27. Nigel Coates 0+7 (7)
28. Lester Denham 0+8 (8)
29. Darren Dyno-Sargeant 0+6 (6)
30. Luke Russell 0+4 (4)
31. Ron Steward 0+4 (4)
32. Andy Long 0+5 (5)
33. Patrick Holford 0+1 (1)
34. Connor Dugard DNS
35. Rob Heath DNS
36. Kayleigh Louise Booth DNS
37. Chris Stanton No-Show
38. Warren Atkinson No-Show
39. Ricky Pay DNS

Points allocated – 1st-25 + heat points, 2nd-24 + heat points, etc

Mega thanks to the excellent staff at Iwade Speedway, Georgina Joyce and GSP for helping making the whole day happen.

Next event – December 30th Xmas Special

*** No Sponsor could be replaced with your company or organisation name in all social and written media- please apply to Pitbike Speedway on Facebook to get involved.