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Get Fitter, Faster and Stronger with Motofit as they launch their new Race Ready Training Programmes!

Get Fitter, Faster and Stronger with Motofit as they launch their new Race Ready Training Programmes!


In two short years, Motofit has gained a tremendous reputation for its strength and conditioning training programmes for Enduro and Motocross racers with the likes of Danny and Jamie McCanney, Dan Mundell and Jed Etchells all reaping the benefits of being part of it.

Founded by former Scarlets and Ospreys professional Rugby player Tom James, Motofit is now spreading its wings to a wider circle of riders by introducing the Motolab and their brand new online Race Ready Programme.

We caught up with Tom just as he launches his new online portal and find out more about him, his programmes and how he works with his riders…

Dirt Hub: Hi Tom, first up, could you tell us how Motofit began and a bit about your background?

Tom: I started off riding motocross on 65’s’s and 85’s and did Welsh Schoolboy and British Schoolboy stuff as well. When I got to 16, I had to make a decision on the way I was going with my sport. I happened to be relatively good at Rugby, and ok on the motorbikes and I chose a Rugby career, and that’s how the fitness side of it started. It was my job then, I played full-time Rugby and was a professional for eight years. As well as motocross and enduro, Rugby is a physical sport and its inevitable along the line that you are going to pick a nasty bump or a career-threatening injury, and I have had a couple of them; a few ACLS, a few shoulder reconstructions and I just thought it’s going to be a short career whichever way you look at it. I was fortunate I could do my Strength and conditioning when I was still playing when I was 18/19 and really never used it. After a few nasty injuries, I soon realised I would have to set something else up in the background, So I ended up setting up my own gym in Aberystwyth. It was more of a strength and conditioning based rough and ready thing, and that was back in 2012.

Since then I have had a few gyms all over wales and last year built my latest gym which I’m very proud of Atomic Health and Fitness. So when I finished playing fulltime and went semi-professional, I thought It was time to get back on a bike. I had never done an Enduro
before, so I started doing enduros, and that was it really, and I started working with Jamie Lewis about five years ago after he broke his
neck. I went through his rehab with him after we met through a mutual friend and he is a good mate of mine now, and he does a lot of the
coaching side of it with our schools and our training weekends. What I have found is that word gets around. Wales is a small place and people were coming up to me in the paddock at events saying what should I do for this? What should I be eating, what supplements should I be taking. And I thought I could really help people here and that’s when we started.

DH: So how do your programmes work?

Tom: With the lockdown and the whole pandemic thing it has put a bit of a spanner in the works, but in usual circumstances, riders will come on board, and we will identify strengths and weaknesses. Its really difficult to work on specific areas, like arm pump or race fitness without us going through a rigorous testing procedure, in terms of testing a rider’s mobility, their range of motion, their aerobic capacity their Strength and any imbalances they have. So for my high profile riders, we have charts that we gauge people off. So we can say this is where we are at, this is what we need to work on. From there, we build a specific programme for each individual. They then check in once a week with our private support group, which is invaluable really in terms of adding that support and accountability. You have got your normal weekend riders who are competing in your local championships and in the same group, you have got your professional riders who are riding in the world championships. So it’s good for everyone. There is a good mix of riders, and everyone gets on, and the main part of that is the accountability within the group.

DH: Do you do a combination of track work and fitness?

Tom: I specialise in the Strength and conditioning, but the fundamental element is riding the bike, and you need to be as efficient as possible, that is why we work really closely with Jamie Lewis. We do intake weekends, and there we identify strengths and weakness and then Jamie is on hand then to pick up on anything I have missed out on with the strength testing with regards to the riding and eradicate that out on the track or out in the woods.

A lot of People think that the Motofit programmes are for your Expert and Elite riders when it’s the complete opposite really. Beginners and Clubman can gain so much from it in terms of working that little bit on their fitness because they are not as efficient in terms of their riding as some of the top guys. When you couple that with working on your technique and improving fitness that’s where the intermediate riders get a massive response from it and make massive steps with their overall riding and fitness.

DH: For a lot of people with lockdown has found it hard to be motivating. Have you found yourself becoming a bit of a motivator to keep people going as well?

Tom: Yeah, with our professional riders as they knew they were going to have a bit of time off they were like “we are not racing, we are not riding” there was that lack of motivation. But when you put things across to them, that this is where you can really set yourself apart and really work on your weaknesses it helps. We work on the mental side of things as well as the fitness as obviously motocross and enduro are physical sports, but the mindset has got to be right in terms of the long game. Anyone can train for four or five weeks going flat out, it’s about that consistency and variants, and I always go back to accountability. One thing our online group does give you is accountability.

DH: It must be a good thing for your weekend riders to be part of something with the Pro riders?

Tom: 100% so we have got some of our Pro riders who are over in Europe who are riding enduro and motocross and then you have your weekend riders logging into their accounts and doing the same online workouts does give them motivational a factor 100%.

DH: With more capability online, you will now have a bigger capacity to work with more riders?

Tom: To be honest, we have grown considerably over the lockdown period. There are other services out there. Anyone can go online and download a programme. You can go online today and download Ricky Carmichael’s old programme but what we find is the main aspect is obviously coaching so when you come out to our facility you get coached on your ability. Going online is the only way we can now grow ourselves, as I like to be personal with our clients, drop them messages, get them to our facility, run the intake weekends… So the only way we can grow now is by building our Motolab and by doing our memberships services where people can have access to programmes, nutritional plans, video demonstrations and everything will be available through the click of a button on their phones.

DH: So with that in mind you have just launched your online Race Ready Programmes, tell us about that?

Tom: We have just finished building our Motolab. So I have documented more or less everything through trial and error over the last two years through working with my Motofit clients and practising with it in my own training with Arm Pump and different bits and bobs, so we are building this lab which has just gone live. It’s a huge bank of information which people can have access to in terms of the movements, the workouts, the PDF’s’s, supplementation, the nutritional side of it, carbohydrate loading, fluid replacement. Everything you can think of is banked within our Motolab, and all of our members will have access to it. Basically, we prescribe people with their programmes. I check in with them once or twice a week, depending on the client. Some people need more attention than others. They are either performing their workouts in their own gyms or their own local areas, as I have clients in Spain, in Italy and I have guys over in Northern Ireland. I track their data; they fill out their work out sheets and send them back to me. 

The Motolab will be constantly updated. It’s going to be a bank of absolute goal dust. On the nutritional side of things, we work with a guy called Chris Lowe Nutrition, who is one of the leading nutritionists in the UK and he is the head nutritionists for London Wasps Rugby and Wigan Rugby league. All of the supplementation, nutritional, carbohydrate loading, fluid retention side of things we work with Chris, so all of those resources will be in the Motolab. We will also have different workouts, spreadsheets, little challenge PDF’s, everything you can possibly think of like rehab, mobility, injury prevention all will be available via a click of a button on our members mobile.

DH: You seem to be really enjoying working with Enduro and Motocross riders…

Tom: Yeah, I have stepped back from working in my gyms now as I want to concentrate on Motofit stuff because you can genuinely help people. Within the fitness industry at the moment there a lot of fads and gimmicks and 5-minute abs or whatever it might be. People forget it’s the consistency and hard work they put in, and the proof is in the pudding at the moment with some of the riders on our programme, especially some of our Vets riders who are fitter now at 40/50 than they have ever been.

The new programme is going live in August, here are the details…

With Motofit’s new system, there are simply no more excuses for your training and being accountable. They have looked at all potential hurdles that get in the way of people training and built a one of a kind system so their clients can maximise their training and ultimately get fitter, faster and stronger.

They have built an online system where everything is at the click of a button from your mobile, tablet or laptop, from nutritional plans, video demo’s, seminars/webinars, programmes and live classes.

Online Classes 
With their new online training platform, they will be running virtual classes which have been hugely beneficial to many riders during the lockdown. It provides accountability, support, coaching and the social aspect. These classes can be done in your garage using a rear wheel and a stand.

Gym Workouts

If you are looking to maximise your training then having a structured programme to work on your weaknesses is key, and by having access to tips, demos and your programme on your phone means you can get the most out of you gym session.

Home Bodyweight Workouts

No time for the gym or working late? No problem click onto one of their home workout plans and videos and do it in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to Nutrition, Motofit works with one of the best in the Industry, Chris Lowe Nutrition. Whatever your goal, increase Strength, reduce body fat, fuel for a race weekend…  you will have access to all the nutritional plans and support you need all at a click of a button.

There will be a range of videos/ programmes to help with range of motion, recovery and rehabilitation.


Motofit will have a range of experts in doing live webinars and seminars from bike set up, riding tips, nutrition, training, etc. These can be watched live or afterwards.

For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/motofit19