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Gavin’s Got It! 90 Racing MXC Championships Rounds 9 & 10 – Race Report & Results

Gavin’s Got It! 90 Racing MXC Championships Rounds 9 & 10 – Race Report & Results

by adminOctober 5, 2017

Team 90 rolled into Preston Docks over the weekend and what a weekend it was! Rain was about on Friday night but

Nathan Dixon taking the outside line around Ryan Crowder in the Experts

soon cleared and made way for a weekend of excellent racing at a fantastic venue!  Every credit must go to Lee & crew at Preston Docks for their efforts in getting the track ready as it rode awesomely well.  Huge thanks to the riders who turned out as over 350 riders over the weekend came to ride, and they put on a fabulous show.

Race Report by Lyndsey Hamer – Images Courtesy of Gavin Ithell Photography

First out on the track on Saturday went the expert riders, and they were awesome to watch.  Gavin Stevenson went 1-1-1 with some fabulous riding and took first place overall with maximum points.  Nathan Dixon had the better of the chasing pack and took second place overall.  Ryan Crowder had an excellent first

Adam Wells and Jaygo Beasty showed some of the most exciting moments of the weekend in the Big Wheel 85s

race but was left in third place on the podium ahead of Andrew Wilson in fourth.

Last on track were the Expert A riders and again were simply breathtaking with the level of skill and speed over a rough track.   Gavin Stevenson again showed his dominance out on track with two from three well rode race wins.  Nathan Dixon was fabulous in the first race, winning that first moto.  He couldn’t get the better of Stevenson again and Dixon finished second overall.  Ryan Crowder had three consistent races and finished in third place overall, with Matt Lomas in fourth.

The Rookie riders were also fantastic to watch, with Andrew Pohlen out front.  Pohlen took maximum points with all three race wins, standing on top of the podium in first place.  Patrick Jackson had three excellent races, and finished in second place.  Luke Goodwin also battled through the pack and finished in third place overall with Aaron McLoughlin in fourth.

The Rookies were just brilliant on Sunday, mixing it up in every race.  Patrick Jackson didn’t win a race, but ended up first overall tied on points with Luke Goodwin.  Goodwin was beaten by Jackson in the last race so ended second overall.  Lewis Taylor won the first race but couldn’t get back to the front and finished third overall.  Andrew Pohlen recovered from a shocking finish in race one and won the last race to take fourth overall.

Next out were the Intermediate B riders and with the Championship going down to the wire these races were hotly contested.  Tom Craggs improved his races in each moto and took first place in the last race to give him first place overall, just ahead of Cameron Macro in second place.  Scott Rowbottom struggled in the last race but took enough points for overall third, just ahead of consistent Dan Edgar in fourth.

The Intermediate B races saw Adam Marsden pull his act together and win all three races in style, clearly dominating on Sunday to take overall first.  Tom Craggs has three good races but couldn’t get past Marsden leaving Craggs in second overall.  Cameron Macro had three consistent rides also to take overall third, leaving Cammy Gunn down in fourth.

Up next went the C groups, split into Under and Over 30s in the scores.  The Under 30s were great to see, with Mitch Armour winning the last two races to take first place overall.  Joe Buckley has three excellent races and took second overall, with Joe Campbell having an excellent days riding to finish on the last podium spot in third.  Ben Healey has a race win to his credit, but couldn’t finish higher than fourth.

On Sunday the Under 30 Cs were exciting again to watch.  Joe Buckley took first place overall after winning a race.  Jack Smith won two races but had a poor second race finish to take second place overall.  Joe Campbell recovered from the first race where he couldn’t get through the pack to finish in third overall, with Ben Healey getting cut off in the race dropping him into fourth place overall.

The Over 30s were close to watch in all the races.  Gavin Southward rode an excellent last race, winning it to take overall first.  David Wheatley won the first two races but couldn’t battle through in the last race and settled in second overall.  Mark Fox had a fierce last race to take third place overall, with Anton Faulkes just behind him in fourth.

The Over 30s were again closely fought.  Martyn Gregory had an excellent day winning two motos to finish overall first.  Mark Taylor won a race on his way to second place overall.  Martin Hancock was most consistent riding well to take third overall.  Warwick Hodgson struggled in the final moto and ended fourth overall.

The Big Wheel 85 riders were absolutely awesome to watch and had some fantastic battles all day.  Adam Wells had the best of the racing and took three race wins, going 1-1-1 to take overall first.  Jaygo Beasty never let up the pressure and took three second places and second overall.  Jay Clark had three consistent races to take third overall just ahead of Kyle Haddow in fourth.

Out went the Big Wheels on Sunday, and there was some of the closest racing of the weekend.  Adam Well won two from three races, and they were well ridden to take overall first place.  Jaygo Beasty won the first race then was neck and neck throughout the day with Wells but ended with Beasty in second.  Jake Sharkey was right in the mix, consistently riding to take third overall, with Jay Clark in fourth.

The Small Wheel 85s were also fabulous to watch, battling throughout the gate.   Jason Lee Bancroft took two from three race wins to take overall first place.  Braydon Ferguson won the first race but couldn’t get past Bancroft again and was second overall.  Cameron Box and Corey Hamilton battled through every race, with Hamilton getting the better results to take third place overall, leaving Box in fourth.

The Small Wheel 85s were again cracking to watch.  Jason Lee Bancroft went 1-1-1 to take the overall first place with maximum points.  Braydon Ferguson had three fierce chases to finish in overall second.  Corey Hamilton recovered well from a poor first race to take overall third, with Cameron Box again in fourth.

The Junior 65 riders lined up and were clearly dominated by Kalvin Kelly.  Three race wins saw him going first overall with maximum points from 1-1-1.  Joshua Vail was most consistent of the chasing pack and took a well fought second place overall.  Brandon Buckley had a super off, but battled back and took third place overall just ahead of Jake Walker in fourth.

The Junior 65s were out second on Sunday and again saw a big gate with fierce racing.  Kalvin Kelly showed the field a clean pair of wheels again and streaked ahead for 1-1-1 finishing, taking maximum points for first place.  Joshua Vail chased hard all day and battled through the crowd to take second overall.  Jake Walker also fought hard in each race and finished third place overall, just ahead of consistent Brandon Buckley in fourth.

The Autos went to the gate last on Saturday with an excellent gate of riders ready to race.  Joel Winstanley had a win in the last race which put him into first place overall.  Jorge Parkin also had a great last race, and took the points to take second place overall.  Third place Finley Pickering was consistent in each race.  Austin Beasty had a mechanical failure in the last race, but after winning the first two races took enough points for fourth overall.

On Sunday the Autos were out first and Austin Beasty won two from three races to take first place overall.  Finley Pickering had three consistently smooth races again to take second overall.  Joel Winstanley won the first race but came off in the last leaving him in third overall with Jorge Parkin recovering from a poor first race finish to the fourth overall.

There were two injuries over the weekend where the riders went to hospital.  Get well soon from the club to Paul Reeves and John Balmain!  However almost everyone had a fantastic weekend at one of the North West premier racing venues.   Nearing the end of the season the racing always seems that little bit more finely balanced, with Championship riders giving their all.  Several of the Championships are still to be settled, and the last meeting of the season for the club takes place at Korc MX on Sunday 8th October and look set for some fierce racing yet again to end the year in style.


Saturday –  Round 9


  1. Gavin Stevenson 2. Nathan Dixon 3. Ryan Crowder
  2. Andrew Wilson 5. Matt Lomas 6. Ben Burridge

Inter B:

  1. Tom Craggs 2. Cameron Macro 3. Scott Rowbottom
  2. Dan Edgar 5. Adam Marsden 6. Wayne Currie

Under 30s:

  1. Mitch Armour 2. Joe Buckley 3. Joe Campbell
  2. Ben Healey 5. Ashley Stitt 6. Jack Smith

Over 30s:

  1. Gavin Southward 2. David Wheatley 3. Mark Fox
  2. Anton Faulkes 5. Martin Hancock 6. Matthew Hendry


  1. Andrew Pohlen 2. Patrick Jackson 3. Luke Goodwin
  2. Aaron McLoughlin 5. Ethan Tollet 6. Connor Fish

Big Wheels 85:

  1. Adam Wells 2. Jaygo Beasty 3. Jay Clark
  2. Kyle Haddow 5. Samuel Jackson 6. Leon Travis

Small Wheel 85:

  1. Jason Lee Bancroft 2. Braydon Ferguson 3. Corey Hamilton
  2. Cameron Box 5. Ronnie Reeves 6. Hudson Roper

Junior 65:

  1. Kalvin Kelly 2. Joshua Vail 3. Brandon Buckley
  2. Jake Walker 5. Max Harris 6. Dan Chafer


  1. Joel Winstanley 2. Jorge Parkin 3. Finley Pickering
  2. Austin Beasty 5. Lucas Lee 6. Leo Self

Sunday – Round 10


  1. Gavin Stevenson 2. Nathan Dixon 3. Ryan Crowder
  2. Matt Lomas 5. Ben Burridge 6. Declan Hunter

Inter B:

  1. Adam Marsden 2. Jack Craggs 3. Cameron Macro
  2. Cammy Gunn 5. Scott Rowbottom 6. Dan Edgar

Under 30s:

  1. Joe Buckley 2. Jack Smith 3. Joe Campbell
  2. Ben Healey 5. Lewis Willoughby 6. Tom Fisher

Over 30s:

  1. Martyn Gregory 2. Mark Taylor 3. Martin Hancock
  2. Warwick Hodgson 5. Mark Fox 6. Anton Faulkes


  1. Patrick Jackson 2. Luke Goodwin 3. Lewis Taylor
  2. Andrew Pohlen 5. Aaron McLoughlin 6. Sam Doonan

Big Wheel 85:

  1. Adam Wells 2. Jaygo Beasty 3. Jake Sharkey
  2. Jay Clark 5. Samuel Jackson 6. Brad Knowles

Small Wheel 85:

  1. Jason Lee Bancroft 2. Braydon Ferguson 3. Corey Hamilton
  2. Cameron Box 5. Grace Richards                 6. Ronnie Reeves

Junior 65:

  1. Kalvin Kelly 2. Joshua Vail 3. Jake Walker
  2. Brandon Buckley 5. Max Harris 6. Lewis Proud


  1. Austin Beasty 2. Finley Pickering 3. Joel Winstanley
  2. Jorge Parkin 5. Lucas Moncrieff 6. Harrison Hooley