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Freeman joins Holcombe with a Beta Factory ride!

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Freeman joins Holcombe with a Beta Factory ride!


Duck Smart

Three years and four titles… This is called a perfect collaboration between Beta Boano and Brad FREEMAN (GB). But like all the beautiful stories, this one has an end too since Beta Factory has just announced that the EnduroGP World Champion 2019 joined HOLCOMBE (GB) in 2020!

Feature Image courtesy of EnduroGP

In addition to the announcement of this transfer to the factory team, we learn in the release of Beta that FREEMAN will line up in E3 after two titles won in E1…

What about Steve HOLCOMBE then? The five-time World Champion has decided to challenge Loïc LARRIEU (F – TM) and the stars of the E2 category!

Changing frames for the two fastest riders on the planet Enduro in the last three years.

Steve HOLCOMBE: “Having the two best paddock riders on the same team should be very interesting. I am really looking forward to returning to 100% of my abilities after a difficult 2019 year… “

Brad FREEMAN: “I’m really excited about joining Beta Factory. This is a team recognized in the paddock’s thanks in part to the success of Steve in recent years now. I think our collaboration is interesting and we will look for other titles… “

Beta Factory has very clearly built a “dream team” for 2020 and will be very clearly the team and the brand to beat… HOLCOMBE and FREEMAN both change categories but remain clearly the favorites in their respective categories as well as for the title EnduroGP!