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Five British 125 riders to watch out for at the Hawkstone International!

Five British 125 riders to watch out for at the Hawkstone International!


The super competitive EMX125 class at this weekends ASHBROOK – Hazport – Tysers – Hawkstone International is rammed full of young talent from all over Europe. Jeff Perrett reveals five British youngsters to watch out for on Sunday.

Feature Image of Joel Rizzi courtesy of Elliot Spencer

Jack Grayson – “It’s good to see Jack pushing on now and showing his potential. It was obvious on an 85 that he had that ‘something’ about him. Unfortunately he got badly injured in his last year on an 85 from what I remember and that took away all the momentum he had. So he’s effectively started from scratch again on a 125 but now he’s starting to show the form he had on an 85 before his injury. Dave Willet is helping him, not only with equipment through Apico and the 2 stroke festival but also with his riding, so Jack is in a good place for his second full year on a 125 and will be at the sharp end here at home for sure.”

Jack Grayshon – Image courtesy of Andrew Waghorne

Louie Kessell – “I’ve got to give props to Louie. He’s kept chipping away at it and towards the end of last year, in particular, it seemed to me he started to up his game. He’s always been a very smooth and calculated rider who doesn’t take too many risks and there’s nothing wrong with that, particularly if you want to build up some momentum and confidence. Having said that, from the outside looking in I think confidence is where Louie has been lacking a bit down the years. He’s a quiet young lad and I think now he’s starting to believe in his ability a little more, or at least that’s what it looks like to me when he’s out on track. I hope so, for his sake, because he’s a solid rider who can get up there and fight for podiums or wins if he believes in himself.”

Louie Kessell – Image courtesy of Dave Rich

Sam Atkinson – “Sam is quick. He was so dominant in the BW85 class last year, particularly at the Michelin MX Nationals. He’s already quite big so he should make the adaption to the 125 comfortably. He’s on a good programme with the Phoenix Tools team and they’ll make sure he has a good bike too. What Sam definitely has in his favour is he’s a really good starter too. I can’t think of many times last year he wasn’t in the top 5 in the first lap and now he’s on a 125 he may even be better because to be fair he was a big lad on an 85.”

Sam Atkinson – Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

Bobby Bruce – “Obviously I know a Bobby well from his stint on Team Green. He’s a good kid who I have a load of time for. He’s got the skill set to go far that’s for sure. He gets that from his old man Tom, or at least that’s what Tom will tell you! Bobby is smooth and calculated and can definitely run near the front in sand, as he proved in the Blue Cru Yamaha 125cc support race at last years MXON. Last year he didn’t really get any momentum going for varying reasons and injuries, but I reckon this year he will, now he has a full season of 125 racing under his belt and he’s a year older. He’s now physically stronger and putting it on the box at the MXON would’ve given him confidence throughout the offseason.”

Bobby Bruce – Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

Joel Rizzi – “I don’t think anyone who follows UK motocross on a national championship level will need me to tell them that Joel is one to watch! Again, Joel is another rider I’ve had the pleasure of working with and from those days on the small wheel 85 it was clearly apparent he has the desire and skill to go far in our sport. Like so many raw young talents, he needs some luck along the way but there’s no doubt he’ll be right at the sharp end this weekend at Hawkstone. He had some great rides in the EMX125 last year and now he’s got solid support in the form of the PAR Homes RFX Racing team and Neil Prince as his mentor he’s in a very good place to develop and further his career. I can see Joel as one of the UK’s top, top riders several years down the line. He works hard and he’s got a good team of people and family around him.”

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