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Final Destination! British Minibike Championships Rounds 7 & 8 – Preview

Final Destination! British Minibike Championships Rounds 7 & 8 – Preview

by adminJuly 19, 2018

It’s destination Apex Motoparc for the British Minibike Championships as the Worcester circuit hosts the final two rounds of the series this weekend on the 21st and 22nd July.

Images courtesy of Harry Lessman – Picturebike

With all of the titles still to be decided there will certainly be some nerves jangling, and some super focused racers when the gate drops, but who will it be standing on top of the podium come Sunday evening…

Here’s a rundown of the title contenders in each class..

Robbie Daly has come of age in 2018 and the little lad has certainly show great speed as he holds the lead in the Kids 50cc class.  He mastered Kierdan Park and went through the weekend there unbeaten but he missed the last two rounds at Route 34 so he only holds a 2 point lead over Maddie Banks.  Banks has had a solid season and the Route 34 rounds were by far her best, so if she could build on that the title could be hers. Otto Hookam is not out of the running though, neither is Ethan Georgiou so its all to race for in this class.

Its going to take more than an Iron bar to prise the Youth 125 Junior title off of Leo Vowles.  He has been unstoppable all season, literally. He has lost just one race the whole season long. If he can keep his cool and ride smooth the title is his.  If Vowles is to slip up though the dualling duo of Jack Perry and Jake Speller will be ready to pounce, although they will be embroiled in their own battle as they duke it out for the runners up spot in the championships.

Ewan Goddard is in the hot seat for the Youth Senior title, but after three winning rounds he slipped down the order at Route 34 and Harry Streeter closed in. In fact with only 41 points between them and 150 points still up for grabs this one is far from settled. Throw Freddy Hills, James Lee and the rejuvenated Senna Ace Summers into the mix this will be an intriguing contest for both the Win and the podium places.

Holding the lead in the 110cc class is Piers Skinner. Skinner was third in 2017 and will super pumped to land the title this time round, and with a 64 gap between him and second placed Oscar Stearn you could say he has one hand on the trophy. Two riders who could throw a spanner in the works are last years runner up Jack Titterall and the in form Matthew Pocock who, even if the title is beyond their reach will be looking to get round wins under their belt.

The battle for the 140cc title fizzled out at the Route 34 rounds with two challengers Kris Ayres and Blaine Blackwell succumbing to the heat and sat out to concentrate on the Pro class. That’s taking nothing away from reigning champion Ash Gorman who was starting to take control of the title anyway, and now he is only a couple of good races from taking back to back British titles.  Emerging in this class in second place is Adult rookie Louis Dutton, and the fight is on between him and Chris Hopkins for the runner up spot.

Lee Mitchell is still hurting from losing the Masters title at the last hurdle in 2017 and he is making no mistake on his mission to conquer all before him in 2018.  Mitchell has won every round and is only a whisker away from victory with a whopping 121 point lead over Dave Goldsmith who holds second by a slender 9 point margin over Russell Jepson.

In the Vets class Chris Rose is in no mood to relinquish the title he won in 2017. Rose has been in phenomenal form and has won each and every one of his last 11 races, and with 77 points to play with his experience should see him through.  MBC Stalwart Colin Blackwell is looking good to take a step higher on the podium holding second going into the weekend, after coming third in 2017. Russell Mason may have something to say about that though, but he will need a big weekend to jump into the number 2 spot.

A massive 98 riders have completed in the 160 Expert class in 2018 and looking down over this vast amount of super hungry minibike racers is Tyrone Tugwell. Tyrone has had a tremendous season but with 600 points available over the weekend his 34 point lead leaves him with no room for mistakes. Daniel Fisher has shown huge improvement this year and will be Tugwells biggest challenger, and with so many points up for grabs don’t discount Michael Willekens and Matt Chamberlain.

The Pro class has been like an episode of Eastenders on steroids with so much drama its difficult to know where to begin.  After the first few rounds it looked like it was going to be a huge uphill struggle for Bradley Pocock to retain his title, as he had a complete disaster, and to top it off the World Champion Mike Valade had rocked up to make his stand and blitzed all before him in round 1 at the fantastic Mildenhall circuit.  It all unraveled in round 2 for Valade though as a hefty crash and no points scored diminished his chances.  Stepping forward into the top spots were Kris Ayres, who was back after an injury hit 2017, and former top liner Troy Beck.  Beck was to flounder at Kieradan Park where Ayres emerged as the sole leader. At Route 34 it was Ayres’s turn to have a mare, and with Pocock in outstanding form the lead now sits with the reigning champ. While everyone else was suffering the ups and downs Sebastian Kaergaard has been steadily doing his job and racking up points in each and every round and has emerged as Pocock’s biggest threat to the throne just 31 points adrift, with Ayres a further 18 points behind him in third.  With so many twists and turns already in 2018 don’t count anyone in or out this weekend when the 2018 Pro British Champion will be crowned.

The meeting is free to watch and you can keep up to date on the action via