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FIM Track Racing Update – “Now more than ever we need to act as a family”

FIM Track Racing Update – “Now more than ever we need to act as a family”


The Coronavirus disease pandemic has significantly influenced the activities of all the FIM Commissions. In the “Commissions Update” series Commission Directors will explain how they have modified their working methods during the extraordinary times and how they foresee the future. In this article the director of the FIM Track Racing Commission CCP, Armando Castagna explains how the CCP has been able to overcome challenges caused by the pandemic.

Feature Image courtesy of Nuno Laranjeira

Corona has influenced greatly the CCP commission’s activities and as a result the commission has worked hard to find a solution how to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the racing calendar.

“Of course, we have been affected a lot, it has been a shock that came very quickly and hit everyone strongly. We had many events planned in Track Racing for the season in each discipline so it was very sad to deal every day with the cancellation of events” says Armando Castagna.

“The Track Racing Commission realised soon that they had to adapt to the new situation and find new working methods. The main challenge for them like for all the sporting commissions has been the possibility to save most of the Championships.”

“We had to change in every aspect in order to follow the different ministerial decisions coming out every day in relation to the COVID-19 situation, trying to save somehow as many events as possible in the scheduled calendar and to try to adapt to the different local regulations. At the moment we are working to still run most SGP’s, SoN Final, some Long Track events, most of the Flat Track events, and Speedway U21 Individual and Team. We are trying to make the best possible plan for the last months of the year.”

The plan for the next year is clear.

“To come back as strong as possible, to improve every discipline and definitely not to cry about what happened this year. I feel that this is the time where we must show the strength of the FIM, of the National Federations, of our promoters and the local organisers in each country, to all stick together and to try to make 2021 successful sporting wise. It is important that we are positive and all work together. We are the FIM Family and now more than ever we need to act as a family” Armando Castagna highlights.