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Field of Dreams! 2019 Vets Motocross of Nations – Preview and Team lists

Field of Dreams! 2019 Vets Motocross of Nations – Preview and Team lists


For the first time in its eleven-year history, a full line up of thirty teams have entered for the Vets Motocross des Nations which takes place at Farleigh Castle this weekend.

Images courtesy of Dave Rich

Split into two categories, Evo MXdN and Twinshock MXdN a new innovation for this year is a qualifying race in each class whereby, following individual Timed Qualifying, Team start positions will be decided in the five lap encounter which takes place shortly after lunch on Saturday. It will be vital for teams to qualify in the top ten in this race as it will decide their starting positions in the four main races, which will then take place over the weekend.

Once again, the USA have sent a very strong team consisting of John Dowd, Ivan Tedesco, Doug Dubach and Mike Brown but they will face a strong challenge from Belgium who are fielding ex World Champion, Steve Ramon, Ken De Dycker, Sven Breugelmans and Filip Van Dijck. Kurt Nicoll will lead the British challenge in the Evo class, backed up by Stephen Sword, Phil Mercer and Mark Eastwood. In the Twinshock category fans will have a strong team of Wayne Butt, Terry House, Alex Rach and Rick Du Feu to cheer on around the sixteen-hundred-meter course. Teams from Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Finland, Holland, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Wales could be the ones to upset the favourites with three out of the four riders needing to score points in every race.

Everybody’s favourite rider from Wales Mark Jones will be looking to do well for Team Wales in the Evo Team Event

The Team events will be backed up with supporting races with around one hundred foreign entries challenging for individual honours against Britain’s best from the seventies, eighties and nineties.

A course change on the exit to the woods this year has been forced upon the organisers due to local restrictions, which means a new entry in the main spectator area, but of course this will be after the riders have tacked the famous Farleigh Steps, up and down.

The action starts at 9am on both days and Farleigh Castle is on the Somerset Wiltshire border with the postcode BA2 7RR.

Gates open at Noon on Thursday.

Admission charges are as follows;
Adult weekend pass – £30,. Child weekend pass – £10
Adult Sunday only ticket – £25. Child Sunday ticket £10.
Camping from Thursday onwards (includes Sunday if required) £40 per pitch.
Camping from Friday onwards £35
Camping from Saturday £30.
Camping charges are in addition to individual entrance tickets.

Kurt Nicoll returns to Farleigh and as with other years will have plenty of support from the British fans.

The bands booked this year are COLT 45 for Friday evening and AUDIO ALL STARS for Saturday evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance gate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 7.30am each day.

Entry lists

Vets MXDN Evo

Riding Number First Name Surname Machine Home Town/Country
1 Mike Brown USA
2 Ivan Tedesco USA
3 Doug Dubach USA
4 John Dowd USA
Manager Tricia Dowd USA

5 Phil Mercer Team England
6 Stephen Sword Team England
7 Kurt Nicoll Team England
8 Mark Eastwood Team England
Manager Dave King Team England

9 Ken De Dyker Belgium
10 Sven Breugeumans Belgium
11 Steven Ramon Belgium
12 Filip Van Dijck Belgium
Manager Danny Scheers Belgium

17 Mark Jones Team Wales
18 Jamie Lewis Team Wales
19 Gary Davies Team Wales
20 Neil Prince Team Wales
Manager Shaun Copeman Team Wales

25 Hardy Schadenberg Team Germany
26 Michael Roth Team Germany
27 Steffan Meininger Team Germany
28 Sebastian Paasch Team Germany
Manager Hardy Schadenberg Team Germany

21 Neil Thompson Team Northern Ireland
22 Gordon Crockard Team Northern Ireland
23 Neville Bradshaw Team Northern Ireland
24 Thomas Merton Team Northern Ireland
Manager Gordon Crockard Team Northern Ireland

29 Paul Johnston Team Louden Scotland
30 Tom Grant Team Louden Scotland
31 David Campbell Team Louden Scotland
32 Kevin Rosie Team Louden Scotland
Manager Calum Louden Team Louden Scotland

33 Joe Moran Team Munster Ireland
34 James Sinnott Team Munster Ireland
35 George Radley Team Munster Ireland
36 Garry Sullivan Team Munster Ireland
Manager Garry Sullivan Team Munster Ireland

38 John Egholm Team Denmark
39 Neils Degn Arildtoft Team Denmark
40 Ove Hansen Team Denmark
41 Peter Skov Larsen Team Denmark
Manager Per Pederson Team Denmark

42 Tom Hemmelder Team Holland
43 Paul Dijkstra Team Holland
44 Kees Sep Team Holland
45 Mart Hink Team Holland
Manager Bart Van Dulman Team Holland

46 Bernie Den Hertog Team Kawasaki Intern
47 Danny Blakeley Team Kawasaki Intern
48 Michael Sekor Team Kawasaki Intern
49 Mark Dudley Team Kawasaki Intern
Manager Nigel Fern Team Kawasaki Intern

58 Martin Astwood Team Western Australia
59 Morgan Parsons Team Western Australia
60 Greg Bartlett Team Western Australia
61 Ian Wilkins Team Western Australia
Manager Morgan Parsons Team Western Australia

62 Bernd Eckenbach Team Classic Germany
63 Laurent Lacasse Team Classic Germany
64 Jurgen Kuppers Team Classic Germany
65 Josef Dobes Team Classic Germany
Manager Maik Kaltenberg Team Classic Germany

70 Kurt Ljungqvist Team Finland
71 Emmanual Leschaeve Team Finland
72 Gareth Clements Team Finland
73 TBA Team Finland
Manager Gareth Clements Team Finland

110 Rob Stringer Team Int Air Hammer
111 Rory Oneill Team Int Air Hammer
112 Lee Jackson Team Int Air Hammer
113 Mossey Drennan Team Int Air Hammer
Manager Nick Saunby Team Int Air Hammer

Vets MXDN Twinshock

Riding Number First Name Surname Machine Home Town/Country
1 Mike Brown USA
2 Ivan Tedesco USA
3 Doug Dubach USA
4 John Dowd USA
Manager Tricia Dowd USA

9 Didier Stommen Team Luxembourg
10 Daniel Thomas Team Luxembourg
11 Mikael Despontin Team Luxembourg
12 Edmond Nattermann Team Luxembourg
Manager Francis Stempien Team Luxembourg

14 Wayne Butt Team England
15 Terry House Team England
16 Alex Rach Team England
17 Rick De Feu Team England
Manager John Marsh Team England

18 Ryan Voase Team North of England
19 Lance Marshall Team North of England
20 Lee Holland Team North of England
21 Danny Blakeley Team North of England
Manager Andrew Cleaver Team North of England

22 Tim Grindrod Team Isle of Man
23 David Salkeld Team Isle of Man
24 Robert Sadler Team Isle of Man
25 John Davis Team Isle of Man
Manager Sue Grindrod Team Isle of Man

26 Vince Crawley Team Jersey
27 Wayne Le Marquand Team Jersey
28 Paul Kirby Team Jersey
29 Dean Warren Team Jersey
Manager Vince Crawley Team Jersey

30 Norm Emery Team South of England
31 Kristian Marshall Team South of England
32 Tom Lowe Team South of England
33 Patrick Rowe Team South of England
Manager Kev Marshall Team South of England

34 Chris Neesam Team Midland UK
35 Paul Lippitt Team Midland UK
36 Tim Sabine Team Midland UK
37 Andrew Holland Team Midland UK
Manager Neil Davies Team Midland UK

38 David Ponting Team Hampshire
39 Ben Milward Team Hampshire
40 Gary Lutring Team Hampshire
41 Ivor Guilford Team Hampshire
Manager Nigel Milward Team Hampshire

42 Per Pedersen Team Denmark
43 Finn Wagner Jensen Team Denmark
44 Jorgen Jens Pedersen Team Denmark
45 Niels Jorgen Thomsen Team Denmark
Manager Per Pedersen Team Denmark

49 Paul Chiappa Team Scotland
50 James Grieve Team Scotland
51 Craig Smith Team Scotland
52 Brian Alexander Team Scotland
Manager Craig Smith Team Scotland

53 Pat Jackson Team Oxon
54 Mike Wheeler Team Oxon
55 Robert Snell Team Oxon
56 Neil Aldridge Team Oxon
Manager Pat Jackson Team Oxon

58 Michael McBride Team Northern Ireland
59 Andrew McAlpine Team Northern Ireland
60 Adrian Lappin Team Northern Ireland
61 TBA Team Northern Ireland
Manager Adrian Lappin Team Northern Ireland

62 Bernd Eckenbach MX Classic Germany
63 Laurent Lacasse MX Classic Germany
64 Jurgen Kuppers MX Classic Germany
65 TBA MX Classic Germany
Manager Reinhold Kaltenberg MX Classic Germany

66 Mark Slade Team South West
67 Shane Sargood Team South West
68 Matt Holcombe Team South West
69 Matt Milsom Team South West
Manager Matthew Milson Team South West

Local rider in the South West Jamie Skuse will be looking to do well in the Evo 250 class