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Feature Pro Motocross Team Rob Hooper Racing – Taylor Hammal Profile

Feature Pro Motocross Team Rob Hooper Racing – Taylor Hammal Profile

by adminJanuary 9, 2019

Our Feature Pro Motocross Team Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha recently announced the signing of MX2 racer Taylor Hammal for the 2019 season…

Feature image courtesy of Hampshire MX

Read his profile via the below..

Name: Taylor Hammal

Age: 18

Occupation: I work part time just doing the odd jobs at a lady’s house with loads of land, and also just help my grandad out around the farm (we don’t have any animals)

What’s your biggest racing achievement to date? 8th overall at junior World 85cc in 2014

What are your future goals? To be a champion

Where are you racing this season? Maxxis (British), MX Nationals, Bridgestone British Masters and a few Europeans EMX 250 rounds

Who is your biggest racing idol? Jeffrey Herlings currently, all time Ricky Carmichael

Who is your biggest on track rival? aha not going to name them, I think they know who they are, (it’s nothing serious) I treat every rider out there the same no matter if we are friends or not.

What’s your pre race routine? Normal, just get up have porridge and go for a warm up and stretch.

Any superstitions? I always put the left glove on first, the same with my knee braces and things like that.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? I would say Conner McGregor just because how he came from nothing to what he’s got now through hard work.

Is there anyone you like to thank for their support? My family especially my Grandad and Nan, Mum and Dad, aswell as other friends such as Pete Day for training me, mechanicing now and again and being a riding friend, Nick Hammal my uncle, and just everyone who’s around me at practice and race days. And of course the sponsors I’ve had over the years.

Where can we follow you?
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