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Fast Eddy to bring World Enduro Super Series to Hawkstone.

Fast Eddy to bring World Enduro Super Series to Hawkstone.

by adminMay 31, 2018

Speculation has been rife in the Enduro fraternity since Paul Edmondson aka Fast Eddy, pulled the Enduro Gp of Great Britain from the calendar, which was set to be run at Hawkstone in the summer as it did in 2017.

Feature image courtesy of Matthew Rudd Photography

Rumblings of discontent were heard after the 2017 round but it was still scheduled into the series for 2018, but a few weeks back it was announced the 2018 event would not be happening in the UK, with little information other than that coming from both parties.

Now Edmondson has released his intention to run the Hawkstone event as part of the newly formed World Enduro Super Series which has it’s second round this weekend at Erzberg.

The full statement from Edmondson reads as such:

“So finally I want to personally give you my reasons into why a new change of direction and why we are now a part of the WESS for Hawkstone Park for this year and indeed the next 3 years!!!! I have to say and be honest that I have not liked or agreed with what’s been happening in the enduro world at the mo so as me being me I and the great team of people, friends and family have chosen a new route . The reasons and FACTS are simple!!! Last year at hawkstone we ran a great event, however we did not make any money and simply broke even …… this year with limited riders I know we would not make and would simply loose which ain’t going to happen… Entry fees at 285 euros oh and extra 50 euros if your late !!!! for this race for uk or international riders simply puts riders off entering hence why only a few extras rode last season. This year now we are running on our own the costs for the same two days are £120 !!! This and like I kept saying to others involved in the sport is priority to keep racing affordable and accessible to everyone… by simply taking it back to being The original Fast Eddy event and being part of the WESS means we can keep the event open to everyone and keep it going for many many more years . I’ve had a fair bit of pressure from people recently however if they had put or done what I’ve done for the sport they would or should understand why I’ve written this post . I now hope to see you all at hawkstone this September for what promises to be a bigger and better event than we ever could have planned ?finally I think it’s time for the current promoter of the sport to step aside finally !!! Hard but true words I’m afraid!!! Onwards and forwards for me and my team though.”

Fast Eddy run’s an amazing Enduro event and a WESS round in the UK would be fantastic for the sport in this country so we look forward to hearing more about it.  As yet there has been no statement from WESS but with the Erzberg Rodeo beginning today, it is doubtful we will hear anything from them until after this weekend.

Watch this space!