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Endurofest ends with Endurofest. Endurofest 10 – Race Report & Results

Endurofest ends with Endurofest. Endurofest 10 – Race Report & Results

by adminOctober 19, 2017

Enduroland hosted the 10th and final Endurofest event at their popular Chacombe venue which also saw round 7 of the Acerbis RaceXC Championships.

Images Courtesy of Dizzychoonz (Get well soon Steve)

Endurofest is Endurolands festival of off road and previously had 500 plus attendees hitting the tracks at Adstone, Daventry and now Seals Hill Farm.  Although still a great weekend with up to 300 riders at the superb Chacombe venue the event entries have dwindled with Boss now calling time out on this particular event with 10 years proving sufficient and leaving a legacy of great memories. There will be similar future events, possibly at different venues but not under the festival guise.

The festival is packed with loads of bike time and different events starting with the Acerbis Youth RaceXC Round 7 which is also the Endurofest Trophy. (opening the race to all comers)

Great battles have ensued all season in all the classes with R7 proving no exception. In the 50cc/Auto class Eddie Belton took the win and a 2nd overall for the year. Riley Hill took 2nd on the day giving him the 2017 championship by just 1 point, with Kieran Maunder 3rd on the day.

The 65cc class saw Jayden Westcott take the top podium with Jack Sandland in 2nd (overall 2017 winner) and Lucas Travers in 3rd.

The 85cc SW class had John Stanley leader of the page once again with the season championship also in the bag and a cracking 2nd overall on the day. As ever Joe Cornelius wasn’t far behind in 2nd and very much up for rider of the season (attitude and personality) and Kit Szabo in 3rd .

The big wheel class saw the battle of Chacombe youth and battles at every round this year between Kyle Saunders (on the day winner and overall 2017 champion) and Max Brown 2nd on the day and 2nd overall for the year.  In 3rd place was Jayden Giles also having a very consistent season.

The 125cc class saw Robert Wilson take the win with Olivia Knight in 2nd and a superb 2nd overall for the year, with Reilly Dennison in 3rd .

A big lap was promised and delivered a cracking 90 minute race in almost perfect conditions.

Whilst the adult and youth practice got underway at just after 11am the team looked now to the clubs Youth Endurocross X youth sprint which began at 1pm .

The young guns got underway after a few laps practice on the X special test with noteable ‘big’ crash from auto pilot Kieran Maunder in the tricky tyre section. This sadly put Kieran out for the main 2 desperate sprint laps.

Here’s how the top youth got on :

50cc Auto 
Winner Riley Hill

Winner Jayden Westcott
Rhys Hill
Alfie B
Ryan Stoneley

85cc SW
Winner John Stanley
53.55 #
Henry Life
Kit Szabo
Josh Knight
Finley Dennison

85cc BW
Winner Archie Date
Max Brown
Joe Cornelius
Toby H
Jayden Giles

125cc youth
Winner Robert Wilson

Overall Endurocross X sprint Trophy Winner was John Stanley.

The riders had great fun over the man made arena, with this arena event format possibly going to all rounds in 2018.

On Sunday morning was the turn of the Adults riders in the 2 hour XC race and Adult Endurofest Trophy.

A superb start from Brendan Griffiths ended in disaster after leading the whole pack the infamous ‘Chacombe whoops’ caught Brendan out and ended his racing for the day.

The big adult lap included the far embankments (left out for Saturdays racing). Aaron Bloomfield took the lead and the overall Clubman Plus win with Aston Day in 2nd and Gavin Maggs 3rd .

The Clubman had Ashley Page take the win with Simon Wright 2nd and young gun James Dover in 3rd. Previous winner in the class Tim Hammond got a puncture early on and sat it out till the finish .

Chris Bailey took the youth win and William Gorringe came home 2nd with last minute entry Aiden Barnard a credible 3rd.

The Vets saw another Darren Bedford faultless display with Mark Lewis 2nd place and Marcus Humphrey on the podium again in 3rd.

Mark Glover showed no signs of missing his injured buddy Mick Dyson to take the Masters win with Antony Heatley 2nd and Mick ‘baldy’ Belcher in 3rd

In the Sportsman an elated Gary Curtis blitzed the race to take the win on the day with Ben Hovell and Carl Squire 2nd and 3rd .

Beer Holeshots
Clubman plus/Experts Chris Hill
Clubman James Dover
Vets/Masters Roger Griffiths
Youth Chris Bailey
Sportsman Ben Hovell

The Adult Endurocross X sprint Trophy results have already been posted with Darren Bedford taking the fastest lap -the vets Win and the superb SCOTT Sports holdall .

A fabulous finale that will be missed in the off road bike world .

Endurofest is dead ….long live Enduroland .


Acerbis Race XC Round 7 Adults

Pos Number Name Laps Group
1st 56 Aaron Bloomfield 10 Clubman Plus
2nd 83 Aston Day 10 Clubman Plus
3rd 345 Darren Bedford 9 Vets
4th 225 Gavin Maggs 9 Clubman Plus
5th 204 Kirk Giles 9 Clubman Plus
6th 9 Ashley Page 9 Clubman
7th 149 Chris Hill 9 Clubman Plus
8th 123 Mark Glover 9 Masters
9th 37 Josh Buckley (joker) 9 Clubman Plus
10th 13 Lee Brinkworth 9 Clubman Plus
11th 28 Samuel Cave 9 Clubman Plus
12th 47 Toby Harper 9 Clubman Plus
13th 45 Antony Heatley 9 Masters
14th 46 Stewart Guilford 9 Clubman Plus
15th 969 Mark Lewis 9 Vets
16th 327 Mick Belcher 9 Masters
17th 174 Simon Wright 9 Clubman
18th 19 James Dover 9 Clubman
19th 23 Gary Curtis 8 Sportsman/Novice
20th 133 Jonathan Noble 8 Clubman
21st 11 Ross Dover 8 Masters
22nd 90 Ben Hovell 8 Sportsman/Novice
23rd 52 Chris Day 8 Masters
24th 197 Ray Otoka 8 Clubman
25th 55 Vernon Bloomfield 8 Masters
26th 77 Darren Hill 8 Masters
27th 312 Chris Bailey 8 Youth
28th 190 Matthew Lawson 8 Clubman
29th 78 Carl Squire 8 Sportsman/Novice
30th 7 Marcus Humphrey 8 Vets
31st 35 Tony Chawner 8 Sportsman/Novice
32nd 15 Jason Freiburg 8 Vets
33rd 160 Carl Williams 8 Sportsman/Novice
34th 221 Garth Meyer 8 Sportsman/Novice
35th 91 Andrew Graham 8 Clubman
36th 177 Gary Butler 8 Sportsman/Novice
37th 95 William Gorringe 8 Youth
38th 16 Alan King 8 Masters
39th 96 Tony Cave 8 Masters
40th 617 Ryan Davidson 8 Sportsman/Novice
41st 6 Warren Landman 8 Clubman
42nd 222 Ross Higgins 8 Sportsman/Novice
43rd 36 Simon Buckley (joker) 8 Vets
44th 224 Warren Brown 7 Vets
45th 125 Nathan Wells 7 Sportsman/Novice
46th 88 Jason Hayes 7 Clubman
47th 161 Malcolm Clack 7 Sportsman/Novice
48th 59 Gareth Roberts 7 Vets
49th 308 Oliver Shafer 7 Sportsman/Novice
50th 410 Danny Head 7 Sportsman/Novice
51st 292 Aiden Barnard 7 Youth
52nd 50 Peter Boas 6 Sportsman/Novice
53rd 457 Dylan Watt 6 Sportsman/Novice
54th 259 James Carnegie 6 Sportsman/Novice
55th 146 Mark Page 6 Vets
56th 278 Nick Conolley (joker) 5 Sportsman/Novice
57th 101 Andrew Simmonds 5 Sportsman/Novice
58th 14 Lee Broughton 4 Sportsman/Novice
59th 1 Tim Hammond 2 Clubman

Acerbis Race XC Round 7 Youth

Pos Number Name Laps Group
1st 19 Kyle Saunders 8 85cc BW
2nd 1 John Stanley 8 85cc Sw
3rd 22 Max Brown 8 85cc BW
4th 203 Jadyn Giles 8 85cc BW
5th 72 Jayden Westcott 8 65cc
6th 311 Joe Cornelius 8 85cc Sw
7th 133 Kit Szabo 8 85cc Sw
8th 199 Josh Knight 8 85cc Sw
9th 8 Henry Life 8 85cc Sw
10th 2 Robert Wilson 8 125cc Youth
11th 120 Jack Sandland 7 65cc
12th 204 Olivia Knight 7 125cc Youth
13th 3 Flynn Dennison 7 85cc BW
14th 11 Lucas Travers 7 65cc
15th 45 Ryan Stoneley 7 65cc
16th 46 Eddie Belton 6 50cc Auto
17th 111 Toby Hatfield 6 85cc BW
18th 71 Rhys Hill 6 65cc
19th 17 Riley Hill 6 50cc Auto
20th 7 Chris Meek 6 65cc
21st 158 Kieran Maunder 6 50cc Auto
22nd 117 Reilly Dennison 5 125cc Youth
23rd 202 Reece Giles 5 50cc Auto
24th 84 Archie Date 5 85cc BW
25th 48 Finlay Roper 5 50cc Auto
26th 49 Morgan Kent 1 85cc BW