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EMX125 debutant, Joe Brookes impresses in Italy!

EMX125 debutant, Joe Brookes impresses in Italy!


Duck Smart

The EMX125 Championship is a fiercely contested series; it has a pedigree to it and internationally it is recognised for churning out some truly spectacular racing. A stepping stone into the World Championships, the series is the perfect opportunity for aspiring professionals to test their mettle against some of the world’s rising stars and even gain some attention from the biggest teams in the process!

Images courtesy of Cab Screens Crescent Yamaha | Architech Media

Cab Screens Crescent Yamaha’s very own Joe Brookes has impressed many people this year in the British Paddock, his results have steadily improved throughout the season and his pace has come on exponentially since the 85s. Fortunately for us, the young Brit has also made the trip to Trentino to compete in the triple header at one of the most scenic venues on the planet!

Joe managed to qualify for the races and go on to complete both motos in an impressive EMX125 debut! Here’s what Joe had to say:

“Really happy to be in Italy for my first emx125 races, it’s really competitive and close racing. I’m happy to have qualified with a solid time and looking forward to the challenge of the next two rounds, they can’t come soon enough now!”

Joe secured 28th and 25th place finishes in his opening EMX125 races, running competitive lap times that could have placed him in the points, we’re sure Joe and the team will be looking to slot into the top 20 in Tuesday’s racing!

Team Principal, Lee Webber gave us his thoughts on Joe’s performances:

“I’m so pleased that Joe has got his first EMX round done, it’s such a tough class and with nearly 80 riders the hardest step, and first step is going to be qualifying. His fastest time was 12th place, but the FIM penalised him for an infringement.

“After an appeal, he was allowed his second quickest time, which was good enough for 15th place. Really good start and race one placing as high as 14th at one stage, but fading towards the end.

“Not such a good start in race two, but with one race under his belt he started to move forwards quite quickly and at one stage was almost into the points, but towards the end when he got lapped by the leaders, he lost momentum and as a result finished just outside the points.

“The key for this round was to qualify and get some race time and he has done exactly that, the next goal has to be grabbing a point or two, and he’ll get two more chances at that on Tuesday and Saturday. I’ve no doubt under the watchful eye and guidance of Ash Wilde he’ll progress even further in the next week, but right now he’s doing everything that’s asked of him and more!”

We look forward to seeing Joe having another go at it in tomorrow’s races!