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Ellwood takes Enduro World Open 4-Stroke title – Race Report

Ellwood takes Enduro World Open 4-Stroke title – Race Report


The 6th Grand Prix of the season saw the last category of the Champion Lubricants Enduro Open World Cup crown a winner. While everything could have gone down to the final in France, Tom ELLWOOD (GB – Kawasaki) decided otherwise, going all out and leaving Uhlirske Janovice with the Open 4-stroke title…

The Kawasaki rider left no chance to his nearest rival: Robert RIEDEL (D – KTM)! ELLWOOD dominated head and shoulders above the rest to leave the Czech Republic with his 5th and 6th wins of the season and the title of the first ever winner in the history of the Open 4-Stroke class. During the weekend, RIEDEL looked a long way from the Brit as he finished only 3rd on both days, also unable to keep pace with Fraser FLOCKHART (GB – Yamaha), who took two 2nd places. Belgium’s Mathias VAN HOOF (B – Beta) went for two solid fourth places, while Nick EMMRICH (D – Sherco) completes the Top 5.

KNIGHT Heading for a Clean Sweep?

In Open 2-Stroke, the absence of the Champion Gonçalo REIS (P – Gas Gas) allowed Slovakia’s Patrik HALGAS (Beta) to stand out and climb on the highest step of the podium at the expense of Benet GOMEZ (E – Gas Gas). In spite of this, the Spaniard ensured his position as Vice-Champion since his direct competitor Nico RAMBOW (D – KTM) could not do better than 4th on Saturday and did not finish on Sunday. Poland’s Rafal BRACIK (Gas Gas), back in business after a convincing podium in Germany at the opening round, shone with two new podiums (3rd) in Uhlirske Janovice.

Finally on the side of the Open Senior, while we were initially unsure if David KNIGHT (GB – TM) would be present in the Czech Republic after taking the title in Italy, to the chagrin of his competitors the giant from the Isle of Man showed up! The TM rider continued his perfect season with two new victories and left no chance for local rider Vita KUKLIK (CZ – KTM)! The Czech still took 2nd on both days in front of Andrea BELOTTI (I – KTM) on Saturday, and Werner MÜLLER (AUT – KTM) on Sunday … With a 4th and 3rd, MÜLLER is on course to be Vice Champion of the Open Senior class.

The Champion Lubricants Enduro Open World Cup was a great success in the Czech Republic with more than 35 riders entered in all three categories. With the three cups already awarded to Gonçalo REIS (Open 2-Stroke), Tom ELLWOOD (Open 4-Stroke) and David KNIGHT (Open Senior), the last round of the season should allow all participants to have a lot of fun on the route prepared by the Moto Club Livradois. See you soon for the very last stages of the inaugural Champion Lubricants Enduro Open World Cup!

What They Said:

Tom ELLWOOD: “I’m very happy to win this Open 4-Stroke Cup! I’ve said it before, but this has been a really nice and successful initiative from ABC and FIM to create these World Cups. It allows riders like me to compete on world-class tracks without having to go against with professional riders like FREEMAN or HOLCOMBE. I hope to be back next season to defend my title!”

David KNIGHT: “I’m really happy for ELLWOOD, he’s a great guy and he deserves it! For my part, I was really not sure if I would be here after my liver surgery in the summer, but I’m happy to keep this victory streak intact.”

Werner MÜLLER: “I’m pleased to finish up as Vice-Champion of this new Open Senior category. For enthusiasts like me, these world cups allow us to live a dream while riding the World Championship! This year KNIGHT was untouchable for sure. and my main objective was this Vice-Champion position… job done!”

Provisional Classification:

Open 2-Stroke: 1. Gonçalo REIS 160pts; 2. Benet GOMEZ 120pts; 3. Nico RAMBOW 75pts; 4. Maik SCHUBERT 67pts; 5. Richard TUCKER 63pts…

Open 4-Stroke: 1. Tom ELLWOOD 156pts; 2. Fraser FLOCKHART 126pts; 3. Robert RIEDEL 104pts; 4. Mathias VAN HOOF 96pts; 5. Rene SCHILLING 58pts…

Open Senior: 1. David KNIGHT 160pts; 2. Werner MÜLLER 130pts; 3. Andrea BELOTTI 114pts; 4. Patrik ANDERSSON 93pts; 5. Fernando FERREIRA 88pts