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Drama at Drayton! British Womens Motocross Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

Drama at Drayton! British Womens Motocross Championships Round 5 – Race Report and Results

Round 5 of the BWMA Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championship headed to Market Drayton and the Ollerton circuit for another drama-filled round of Womens Motocross action. This is the first round after the qualification and separation of the Adult class into the Pro-Ladies Championship where the top 10 girls in the country qualified on their results over the first 4 rounds with the remainder going into the National Championship.

Report and Images by Howard Marriott

The first upset of the day was current championship runaway leader Redline Hondas Chelsea Gowland losing her perfect season after picking up a puncture on the first lap of practice leaving the door open for Catherine King, Bethany Allison, Kayleigh Durston and Marni Saunders to fight it out to be the first girl to take a pole this season other than Gowland. In the end with a blistering performance, it was Cheddar MX’s Catherine King who took the pole position just 4/10ths quicker than Bethany Allison, closely followed by Kayleigh Durston who is clearly getting quicker by the round. Cheddar MX’s Marni Saunders was 4th followed in 5th by Gowland, one lap on a punctured rear tyre. The top two National Championship runners were next, Esme King followed by Hannah Stone, with Grace Bates, Jaymee Garrood and Vicky Marriott making the top 10.

Chelsea Gowland on the way to 3 wins

Race 1 didn’t get past the second corner until Grace Bates and Aaliyah Hulbert came together after a jump causing a red flag. Both were shaken but restarted. On the restart, it was Gowland who took the BelRay holeshot from Durston, King, Allison, Saunders and 15-year-olds Hannah Jones and Georgie Potter making one of the best starts of their series. Gowland again checked out, commanding a comfortable lead. Behind her though were the next four were so evenly matched that there was only half a second between their lap times. Redline Yamahas Vicky Marriott was pushing hard from a poor start just in front of Lily Moreland and Esme King, she got past a tiring Jones and was putting the pressure on Georgie Potter forcing her into a small mistake letting her through for 7th to chase Jaymee Garrood who by now was comfortably in front in 6th. Durston was taken by King for second and Saunders got the better of Bethany Allison for fourth.

Race 2 and again another red flag halted proceedings after young Jaymee Garrood took a heavy tumble after one of the tabletops. She restarted shaken and bruised. The restart saw Kayleigh Durston with a tank full of determination blast into the lead taking the BelRay Holeshot ahead of Gowland. Again Gowland took control and pulled out another commanding lead, but this time Durston was on top form, and with a free track she controlled 2nd place to the flag but again only half a second separated her lap times from King, Allison and Saunders who were unable to do anything about their positions being so evenly matched. Almost upsetting the form was Redline Yamaha’s Vicky Marriott who got a super start in 4th place and held it into the 2nd lap until she made a small mistake dropping her down to 10th place eventually finishing 9th. This left Hannah Jones to put in a super ride to hold on to 6th place ahead of the equally matched battle for the lower positions with Georgie Potter 7th followed closely by Lily Moreland, Vicky Marriott and Esme King in 10th. These 5 riders lap times were only separated by less than a second. Brave Jaymee Garrood finished in 11th wisely collecting championship points.

Kayleigh Durston leading Bethany Allison and Cath King for 2nd in the Pro Class

Race 3 and all was to race for. It was Bethany Allisons turn to take the BelRay holeshot again closely shadowed by Gowland but in 3rd place with her best start of the series was Marriott, despite racing her heart out the track was a little too tight for the chasing pack of King, Durston and Saunders to get by.  Marriott had her own championship to race for and this would help her climb up the table. First to get past was King, then as Durston went for the inside line into the first corner at the end of the flat out straight, she cross rutted and was hurled to the ground cutting her lip and shaking her up.  Nonetheless, she got up and within a lap was back in the race but was clearly shaken and took valuable championship points. Marriott continued to race hard and held Saunders for another two laps but was then taken by her rival. Potter was putting pressure on her Marriott again in the same corner as the first race, but Potter made an unforced error leaving Marriott to take a hard-fought 5th place, her best position of the season. Behind her Esme King just got by Potter after her remount but she held onto 7th in front of Lily Moreland, Hannah Jones and the rather second-hand pairing of Jaymee Garrood 10th and Kayleigh Durston bringing home 11th.

Westermans International Pro-Ladies Class Championship overalls
1st Chelsea Gowland 180pts
2nd Catherine King 151pts
3rd Bethany Allison 146pts
4th Marni Saunders 142pts
5th Kayleigh Durston 141pts
6th Vicky Marriott 125pts
7th Georgie Potter 123pts
8th Lily Moreland 121pts
9th Jaymee Garrood 119pts
10th Grace Bates 35pts

Westermans International National Ladies Championship overalls
1st Esme King 174pts
2nd Hannah Jones 168pts
3rd Hannah Stone 145pts
4th Ash Crouch 137pts
5th Abbie Walker 133pts
6th Terri Wallace 125pts
7th Aaliyah Hulbert 97pts

The Youth Championship is starting to see some great racing. Jaysi Austin continued to dominate with another pole position followed by Katie Morgan, with the great to have a back on form Autumn Jenkinson taking 3rd, Beanie Reece 4th Sophie Jones 5th, Poppy Banning 6th and Ellie Davidson 7th.

Jaysi Austin heading for another 3-3 in the youth

Race 1 and Jaysi Austin took a decisive BelRay Holeshot and like her counterpart in the adults controlled the race with ease. Behind her though Beanie Reece was still at the gate, she mistimed the count and dropped the bike, but her frustration spurred her on like a scolded cat, and she picked her way past Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson who was struggling on the bigger 85cc bike, then by lap 4 she was hounding an on form Autumn Jenkinson. Soon Beanie got the better of Autumn and having passed her she was chasing Katie Morgan but Morgan by now was in a comfortable 2nd. A remarkable race.

Race 2 and this time Reece almost got the BelRay holeshot, but again it was Jaysi Austin who pipped her to it, but now in such a strong position Reece could chase ahead of her rivals, and this time she maintained a healthy 15 second gap on Morgan, but a momentary lack of concentration led to an unforced error. Morgan and Jenkinson capitalised and got through, and by the time Reece remounted it was too much for her to do anything about it finishing in 4th ahead of Sophie Jones, Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson. Austin again put in another impressive performance this time taking the overall victory ahead of all the lads.

Race 3 and it had to come, she was close on too many occasions and Reece got her very first BelRay holeshot and enjoyed leading her first championship race even if it was briefly. Jaysi Austin soon got passed and went on to another overall win and now was the test to see if Reece could maintain her composure and bring it home in second. This time though it was the usually super smooth and consistent Morgan that made a mistake dropping out of 3rd and the pressure was off Reece who took her best ever result in 2nd. This allowed Autumn Jenkinson to take chase and managed to bring it home in 3rd giving her a huge confidence boost after her early season accident. Morgan remounted to take 4th ahead of Sophie Jones, Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson.

Westermans International Youth Girls Championship
1st Jaysi Austin 180pts
2nd Katie Morgan 155pts
3rd Beanie Reece 151pts
4th Autumn Jenkinson 147pts
5th Sophie Jones 135pts
6th Poppy Banning 129pts
7th Ellie Davidson 123pts

The British Team of Chelsea Gowland, Charlotte Hall, Kayleigh Durston, Marni Saunders and Jaymee Garrood with reserve Bethany Allison travel to Belgium on August 4th to compete in the 2nd round of the IMBA Ladies Championship where Chelsea Gowland will hopefully be taking another overall victory.

The 6th round of the BWMA Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championships is at Warmingham Lane on 18th August.

Beanie Reece grabs the Holeshot